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Kurogane no Linebarrel 4

Kurogane no Line Barrel chptr.4

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jun 11, 2008 22:38 | Go to Kurogane no Linebarrel

-> RTS Page for Kurogane no Linebarrel 4

Since there was no constructive criticism in my last post, I'll assume that things were done correctly, and now here's something 'new'

page 125

title) Their different decisions

page 126

b1) And that's all the government sent us.
b2) Okay.
b3) Sorry for calling you out so early in the morning, would you like some too?
b3/5) Moritsugu-kun?
b4) I'm fine thanks.

page 127

b1) The government simply wants JUDA to become one of its branches.
b2) They're convinced that Machina and Factors will shape the future.
b2/5) Always asking for our cooperation in making a special team, when they're really just too scared to do or say anything else.
small print- Chief, that's nasty.
b3) Well, our immediate objective has not changed.
b4) Recovery or capture of all the Machina's... but
b5) We've only recovered 4, so
b6) if we get Line Barrel, there will only be 7 left.
b7) ...about that Line Barrel,

page 128

b1) Wont you go recover that please? Today if possible.
b1/5) I thought he'd come to play with us, but he hasn't made any moves.
b2) ...well,
b3) I understand why not.
b4) You scared the shit out of him that time.
b5) Putting a scar on the poor child's little heart, Moritsugu-kun.
panel) Wahahaha, how mean of you!
b6) For the past few days, Kizaki-kun's reports show no signs of change. small print- sigh, so boring.

page 129

b1) In other words, he's not even at an amateur's level.
b2) So, there's no need to bother with him a second time.
b2/5) sorry could you take care of it.
b3) Understood.
b4) Oh yeah.
b4/5) Since we don't know what can happen,

page 130

b1) Take Yamashita's Hind Kind with you.

page 131

b1) We will now begin testing the anti-Machina equipment. Is everyone ready?
b2-4) Yes sir!
b5) Annoying...
small print- a-annoying?
b6) Ahh, shut up! annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying! Just begin already!
b7) Wh-what? Even if its just a test, its not a game...
b8) And that's...

page 132

b1) what makes it annoying
b2) ...stupid kid... just because you're a 'factor' don't treat us like that!
b3) This coming from the guy who was beaten to a pulp.
b3/5) Come on, don't hold back, and think of it as an actual fight.
b4) ...there's no need to hold back right?
b5) Didn't I just say that?
b5/5) Don't tell me your scared?

page 133

b1) wha?
b2) Haaahahaha! How's that!?
b3) Did you like the taste of this anti-machina rail gun?
b4) N-no way!? You actually shot me!
b5) What happened to all your pomp! Wasn't it you who said to treat this like an actually fight?
b6) Don't' worry, Machina can regenerate right?
b6/5) Le--ets make this into survival test.
b7) No... wait, if I take too many of those...

page 134

b1) All units take aim!
b2) Wai... wait a second!

page 135

b1) Psyyyke
small print- 3 yakisoba pan right away

page 136

b1) I'm such a fool.

page 137

panel) The special ones who can move machina are referred to as factors.
b1) Without even trying to understand what that was, I piloted that robot.
b2) Factor's and Machina, just what are they...
b2/5) What am I supposed to do from here on out?

page 138

b1) Wassup Koichi.
b2) Oh, its Furuya's gang...
b3) When we were kids, a lot happened, but lately I was starting to think differently of you...
b4) I even thought of you as a friend...
b5) But you've gotten too full of yourself!!!

page 139

b1) No matter how strong you've gotten, against this many people...

page 140

b1) ugh
b2) No matter how much trash you pile up,
b3) it'll always be trash!
b4) Da-dammit!!

page 141

b1) guah
b2) ugh
b3) s-s-s
b4) Sorry! I wont ever do it again, so please stop! Koichi!
b4/5) Aren't we friends?
b5) Argh
b6) kaha
b7) uuhhh
b8) that hurts aarrhhh
b9) yes
b10) yes,
b10/5) there's no problems at all.

page 142

b1) Its just a fight.
b2) Subjectively, I'd have to say
b3) ...that's right.

page 143

b1) I'm really
b2) Strong!!
b3) There's no need for me to get involved with that group or robot!
b4) Machina and Factor aren't any of my business!
b5) higuii

page 144

b1) That's right, if I stick to a normal life,
panel) I'm the

page 145

panel) absolute best!!!

page 146

b1) that he's
b2) a total ass.
b3) What was all that talk about anti-machina equipment?
b3/5) It didn't do anything.

page 147

b1) Do...do you really think you'll get away with doing this?
b2) You guys are the ones at fault here!
b2/5) You actually intended to kill me with those attacks, so I returned the favor.
b3) Damn...
b4) cold-blooded MURDERER!
b5) That's true!
b5/5) A Factor's existence
b6) amounts to just that.

page 148

b1) To the Machina, we're

page 149

b1) the factor needed for killing.

page 150

b1) However,
b2) even if that's all factors are,
b3) don't go around labeling people as murderers.
box1) ...captain, do you know what happened?
box2) unit 3 is malfunctioning, anymore action is impossible.
box3) Are you okay captain?
box4) Captain, please respond.
b4) ...No way...
b5) After all that happened, the pilots are unharmed!?
b6) You fought like a maniac and didn't hit any of the pilots!?

page 151

b1) Are all factors beasts!?
b2) You shouldn't get worked up like that, it IS a test after all.
b3) What do YOU mean "it IS a test after all"?
b3/5) After I warned you NOT to go overboard.
b4) Ah!
b4/5) Moritsugu-san!
b5) That's not true, they came after me like that!
b6) Probably because you pushed them into it.
b7) How mean, I was behaving this time.
b8) ...I'll deal with this later,
b9) right now,

page 152

b1) a job came in for us.
b2) Yes sir!
b3) You don't seem to be in good spirits lately Yashima
b4) Do you understand!?
b4/5) The sadness of watching someone else protect someone you like?
b5) Also having that someone else protect you too!?
b5/5) Could you possibly understand!?

page 153

b1) You haven't been speaking with Koichi lately either.
b2) Just when i thought we could get along like we used to...
b3) RISAKO!!
b4) ...Yashima?
b5) I'm going home.
b5/5) If I'm too late, my little sister gets mad at me.
b6) Huh? O-okay.

page 154

b1) Lets all 3 of us eat lunch together tomorrow.
b2) I wont say anything out of place again...

page 155

b1) Dammit. small print- I'm soaked
b2) I even checked the weather report.

page 156

b1) Yashima...
b2) We need to end this
b2/5) Koichi...

If the raws 4 this chptr. r needed, say so, I have them

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