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Kurogane no Linebarrel 5

Kurogane no Line Barrel chptr.5

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jun 24, 2008 02:02 | Go to Kurogane no Linebarrel

-> RTS Page for Kurogane no Linebarrel 5

Here's chptr. 5

page 157

title) The price of justice is life.
b1) Destroy Line Barrel!
b2) Remove the factor!!
b3) Destroy Line Barrel!
b4) Remove the factor!!
b5) Destroy Line Barrel!
b6) Remove the factor!!

page 158

title) The price of justice is life

page 159

b1, 2) Ha, ha
b3) What are you trying to pull Yajima?
b4) Like I said, you can't beat me as I am now!
b5) And I said, that I came here to check that...

page 160

b1) Whether or not I'm still needed by you.

page 161

b1) Fine, I'll grant your wish.
b2) I'll beat the difference into you.

page 162

b1) Here's the plan Yamashita,
b2) If we push him past a certain point, he'll jump into survival mode and his Machina will come to protect him.
b3) So before he has a chance to board, we capture him.
b4) Right, a Machina on its own is made so it wont put humans in danger.
b5) As long as he doesn't get on, its the same as no factor, so he can't attack us.
b6) It takes about 17 seconds for him to get in the Machina.

page 163

b1) Moritsugu-san and I are the one's hunting right?
b1/5) That's kinda overkill!
b2) Its no use, you can't beat me.
b3) oh...ugh

page 164

b1) furaa!
b2) Dammit!
b2/5) Why do I feel like this?
b3) Didn't I want to beat him?
b3/5) Didn't I want to be stronger than him?
b4) Then why?
b4/5) Why do I feel bad each time I hit him?

page 165

b1) Enough already! You can't win!
b2) There's something I realized after you went off on me before... my disgusting self.
b3) I wanted a certain someone to praise me...
b3/5) I wanted a certain someone's attention and that's why I stood up for you.
b4) Without caring how you felt.

page 166

b1) I'm such a douche.
b2) And that's probably why Risako never paid any attention to me.
b3) Why are you bringing that up now?
b3/5) I had always thought of you as...
b4) A "Hero of Justice"?
b5) Which is why you couldn't stand me right?
b6) Don't worry Koichi,
b6/5) I'm nothing like that.

page 167

b1) I just wanted to show off to the girl I liked, just like any other guy out there.
b2) Yajima...
b2/5) you...
b3) My bad Koichi.

page 169

b1) Ohhh!
b2) It's just as you reported Kizaki-kun, if Line Barrel moves,
b3) the other Machina will start their move as well.
b4) Yes sir.
b5) I believe their objective is him and Line Barrel.
b6) Well, their gathering on their own accord,
b7) saves us the trouble of having to find them.

page 170

b1) Another new
b2) Machina?
b3) Destroy Line Barrel!
b4) Remove the factor!!
b5) Destroy Line Barrel!
b6) Remove the factor!!

page 171

b1) I decided not to get involved with them...
b2) Why is this happening!!?
b3) Dammit! What am i supposed to do!!!?
b4) Koichi...
b5) Yajima...
b5/5) Where are you?
b6) Listen,
b6/5) Koichi.
b7) "What am I supposed to do" isn't what's important.
b8) Ya...

page 172

b1) What's important is
b2) "What do I want to do"
b3) Ya...
b3/5) jima.

page 173

b1) Why did it have to interfere right before our plans started?
b2) Is that a stray Machina?
b3) There's no proof, but they're probably after the same thing we are, so there should be a factor.
b4) You mean Hayase Koichi and Line Barrel?
b5) The chief was also keeping a special watch on them, so there must be something right?
panel) Is the reason the chief sent Yamashita because he thought this would happen?
b6) I wanted to go about this intelligently, but oh well.
b6/5) We're going to capture both of them Yamashita.
b7) Understood.

page 174

b1) gah
b1/5) hah
b2) Yajima!!
b3) This can't be happening, Yajima!!
b4, 5) Remove the factor!!!
b6) You finally obtained some strength right?
b7) Then... use it properly...

page 175

b1) Please recall
b2) what you said to me that day.
b3) Don't mind me

page 176

b1) I've always been like this right?

page 178

bubble sfx.) gushaaa
b1, 2) Factor removal failed!!

page 179

b1) Don't go apologizing now.
b2) Don't say that now.
b3) Now...

page 180

b1) Future aspirations?
-the sign is back wards, but i think it says: 2days till school restarts.
b2) Well, at my house, its just my mom my little sister and I. So I want to get rich and get a bigger house.
b3) What about you?
b4) I want to...
b5) get strong like Yajima-kun.
b6) What will you do after you get stronger?
b7) Like what you and Risako-chan did for me,
b8) I'll help weak and down-trodden people.
b9) So that's your future goal?

page 181

b1) That's sounds like a hero of justice.
b2) For a 4th grader, that sounds very childish right?
*note 4th graders aren't kids n e more???
b3) No, I think that's fine for you.
b4) Really?
b5) Yeah
panel) Hey Yajima...

page 182

panel) After all that, I still wanted to be like you.

page 186

b1) What was that!? The factor's not riding
b1/5) but it still attacked!!

page 187

panel) "What am I supposed to do" isn't important.

page 188

panel) What's important is "What do I want to do"
b1) I want to
b2) Kill him!!

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#1. by Alan Smithee ()
Posted on Jun 24, 2008
I like this series loads... I wonder what's going on with sosexy's scanlations of it!? Either way it's cool to see a translator doing series that are something different.
#2. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Jun 24, 2008
Thanks for the translation, ch4 is nearly ready for release. Will get started on ch5 soon ^_^
#3. by  ()
Posted on Jul 17, 2008
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