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Sekirei 69

Sekirei 69

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 11, 2008 23:01 | Go to Sekirei

-> RTS Page for Sekirei 69

I know, I know... I said I wasn't going 2 do more of this series when I translated the last chptr... but that was 2 months ago and nothing of Sekirei since then. From what I saw, the anime stopped when Minato helped Shigi escape from Tokyo because he didn't want 2 fight... well lemme stop talking, here's your sekirei:

page 1

title) An old legend

page 2

b1) The final single wing has opened its wings of light and took flight.
panel) The one who knows the begining of the sekirei is the 'game master'. A new spin on the 'legend' leads us to...
b2) And the 2nd stage has come to an end.
b3) The Sekirei plan has finally reached,
b3/5) the world of the gods! The sweet annals of war!!

page 3

b1) 108 winged sekirei have been set free.

page 4

b1) 21 years ago.
b2) What we found that day was without a doubt, a door to another world.
b3) The forgotten ship of the gods that wasn't in any records, also...

page 5

b1) 1 to -
b1/5) 107 little chicks.
b2) It was so exciting! I was so excited!!
b2/5) A mysterious uncharted island! A mysterious giant ship!!
b3) And what came out was naked girls!!
b3/5) This story would make any man's chest leap!!
b4) Everything starts from that day.
b5) Even the M.B.I. is here because of it.
b5/5) And the Sekirei plan will unravel the shroud surrounding it.

page 6

b1) The wild 3rd stage is beginging!
b2) Now!
b2/5) Who will be the one to survive through it all?

page 7

b1) Okay, Kagari-san,
b2) I'll go back to my room now.

page 8

b1) Why are they sleeping in the hallway?
b2) munyuu...
b3) ah.
b4) Minato-san.
b5) Ehehe, we were all worried about Kagari-san,
b6) so we waited out here, but fell asleep.
b7) I think Kagari-san will be alright.
b8) That's good to hear.
b8/5) You got him fresh right.
*note- like fresh fruit/vegetables
b9) MI - NA - TO

page 9

b1) You didn't do anything dirty when you were alone with Homura did you?
b2) O-of course not.
b3) What? You didn't?
b4) Matsu-san!!
b5) Not you guys too...
b5/5) I get called a beast enough by the landlady.
b6) Because I saw when Kagari-tan
b6/5) gave you a full view of her tits.

page 10

b1) Gihyah!
b2) Y-you could've said something instead of toasting me.
b3) But, Mina-tan,
b3.5) I'm really pleased.
b4) It looks like Kagari... Homura has stabilized.
b5) Like I said before, Homura is a special sekirei.
b5/5) If she had remained like that any longer, both mind and body would've been in danger.
b6) But she's fine now that you've winged her.

page 11

b1) And now everything is as you planned.
b2) With Homura as his, Minato has augmented his sekirei force.
b3) Just like how it was with me, you wanted to strengthen his party right?
b4) Because of what Musubi heard from #4...
b4/5) " The 3rd stage is about to start"
b5) You wanted more battle power becuase of that right?
b6) Now that you've had Minato wing Homura, you can't avoid the me any more.
b6/5) Answer me! How much of the sekirei plan do you know?

page 12

b1) Matsu-san.
b2) I don't think I'll be of any use like this.
b3) I
b4) Don't know anything.
b5) What's an ashikabi? What exactly is a sekirei?
b5/5) And what's the M.B.I.?

page 13

b1) Like the time when we helped Shigi-san escape...
b1/5) because I knew nothing, I brought
b2) danger upon the entire group that went.
b3) This time too.
b4) When we went after Kagari-san, there were some unknown sekirei there,
b5) and a brawl started.
b6) I'm tired of knowing nothing, understanding nothing!
b7) Letting you guys fight while i know nothing!?
b8) That's why I want you to tell me, Matsu-san.
b9) About the sekirei plan, about you sekirei,
b9/5) and about what's going to happen from here on out.

page 14

b1) hmm...
b1/5) Mina-tan it seems like you finally understand how to use me.
b2) No.2 'Wisdom' sekirei Matsu,
b2/5) will answer her ashikabi's request.
b3) So?
b4) What would you like to hear first?

page 15

b1) Hey!
b2) Open this door!!
b3) You wont get off easily
b4) for locking me up like this!!
b5) Dammit!

page 16

b1) tsk... // ugh
b2) What should I do? // Shiina.
b3) Onii-chan..
panel) Somewhere out there is the captured Yukari!! What on earth happened!?

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#1. by boredom ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
kmts did release upto ch72 you know
#2. by Dantrag ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thanks for the translation, does this mean Rockstar will continue scanlating Sekirei and hopefully do the chapters KMTS did as well?
#3. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Oct 12, 2008
Quote by boredom;1064473:
kmts did release upto ch72 you know

Really? its not on onemanga... and if that's the case, i wasted my time doing this... oh well
#4. by Dantrag ()
Posted on Oct 12, 2008
It's not on Onemanga, because KMTS doesn't want our site to host their releases anymore :/ So if you were to continue translating and scanlating, it would be much appreciated.
#5. by Assymilum ()
Posted on Oct 12, 2008
#6. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2008
its up to 73, but kmts wants others to wait 24 hours before uploading it to their sites or online readers.
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