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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Beelzebub 77

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 19, 2010 17:12 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 77

A little late... not my fault this time, but here nonetheless.
This is for keishou's use only.

page 1

b1) dah dah dah!
b2) dah dah daah
b3) dah bih deh bu-boo!
panel) It's morning! Let's sing!
b4) What's with you? // You're quite happy this morning.
b5) Adah!!
b6) adah dah dah buh!!
b7) Huh? You want me to sing too?
b8) dah bah!
b9) Like hell I will.
b0) dah dah dahh!!
panel2) Damn that HIlda...
b1) Is that The Flintstones?

page 2

panel1) I never did find out anything about that Izuma guy. // She said nothing about him and disappeared.
b1) Here's a little warning,
b2) you shouldn't go around parading your demon powers like that.
panel2) And what about your job as wet nurse !? // You left me alone to take care of all of baby Beel's needs this morning!!
b3) dah bah dah bah duh dah dah!!
b4) Dah Bah!!

page 3

left of panel) I'll put send you to the depths of hell!! The homerun king of the thug world!!
title) A new ____ yo!
shirt) Homerun (Funeral march)

page 4

b1) Beel-chan
b2) Good morning.
b3) HUH!?
b4) nyo?
b5) Oh, it's the child raising badass.
b6) He's so cute!
b7) Beel-chan.
b8) Do you want some Pocky?
b9) -bubble letters- A ha ha // You're naked today too? -small print- How do you stay healthy?
b0) Can I hold him?
b1) I saw yesterday's match.
b2) No fair! Me too!

page 5

panel1) What... // the hell is this? // Pocky.
panel2) Maybe I'm just imagining things, but everyone seems so nice to me today...
box) A little afraid right now, that's why there's no movement.
b1) W-we're Beel-chan's fan club!
b2) Would you allow us to take a picture?
panel3) They already... // have a fan club!
b3) You girls,

pgae 6

b1) What are you doing? The morning bell has rung.
b2) R-right, sorry.
b3) Seriously...
b4) Miki...
b5) MAH!
b6) We've already told them not to come to this building...
b7) But I guess they're still in festival mode...
b8) The same could be said for you,
b9) hasn't the 6 horsemen lost their authority?
b0) Good morning.
b1) Yeah.

page 7

b1) Big foot!
b2) OWW!
b3) Don't stare a hole into her ass, Oga!
b4) I DIDN'T!!
b5) If you ever make her cry, you're dead meat!
b6) Damn, they're merciless...
b7) What a bastard... using a kid to reel her in like that...
panel) Douche
b8) Loser.
b0) Dammit...
b1) What was that about?

page 8

b1) Oga...
b2) huh?
b3) T-t-t...today, could we....
b4) Could we go home together!?
b6) FUCK NO!!
b7) MAH!!
b8) Man,
b9) this is something else!!
b0) While coming to class, a few girls called out to me saying they saw yesterday's match.
b1) They saw all the fine plays I made!
b2) Fine plays!? -small print- Like you had any.

page 9

b1) Hm? Hilda-san didn't come to school today?
b2) Dunno
b3) Man, things have gotten really peaceful here...
b4) Seriously.
b5) I don't feel like doing anything.
b6) This is pretty rare.
b7) For you to be the one to come talk to me.
b8) I thought for sure you'd keep pretending we were strangers,

page 10

b1) Tora.
b2) Shizuka, please tell me his room number.
b3) His?

page 11

b1) Four-eyes.
b2) My fight with him hasn't ended yet.
b3) What a sight...
sign) Teacher's lounge.

page 12

b1) I've been around the world,
b2) but this is really good...
b3) Japanese schools, I mean.
b4) I especially like the uniforms.
b5) Excuse me,
b6) but you can't smoke in here.
b7) Oh, I'm sorry about that.

page 13

b1) Who is that?
b2) Apparently, he's a friend of the principal's.
panel1) So we can't just kick him out.
b4) There's an Ishiyama student on the roof...
b5) picking a fight with Izuma-kun again!!
b6) Again?
panel2) What on earth is he thinking? // Should we call the police?
b7) It was only yesterday that they were heroes.
b8) hah hah.
b9) The roof,
b0) is just over us, right?
b1) Sigh...
b2) I was thinking it was about time that you showed up...
b3) But you picked the best possible time to get here.

page 14

b1) Or maybe the worst time...?

page 15

b1) Toujou, back off,
b2) I need to talk with this guy.
b3) Save it.
b4) If you get it my way, I'll get rid of you first!
b5) Stop fighting over something so silly.
b6) The both of you can attack me together for all I care.
b7) hah...

page 17

b1) Yo, punks...
b2) it's time for homeroom.
b3) You're...

page 18

b1) So,
b2) now that I've explained it all,

page 19

board) Saotome Zenjuurou
b1) From today on, I'm going to be your homeroom teacher,
b2) my name is Mr.Saotome.
panel) Oga, Toujou, and Izuma, all 3 were beaten in an instant!! I ridiculously powerful teacher makes his entrance!!

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