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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Teppu 10

There's only one way to sharpen your fangs.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 21, 2010 16:55 | Go to Teppu

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page 1

panel) Welcome. // It's hard to find what you're looking for when so many are lined up. It's even worse when it's something you don't usually buy.

page 2

b1) I didn't know there so many doing martial arts...
b2) They all look so strong.
b3) Where's the females' page?

page 3

title) There's only one way to sharpen your fangs.

page 4

b1) It's been a while since I've had these, but man are they good! -small print- I should've put some ketchup on them.
b2) NACCHAN!!!
panel) Kei? // You let your hair down.

page 5

panel1) Sparks fly!!
b1) This is so cool!!
b2) They have your picture in the magazine!!
panel2) Oh... it's really small though.
b3) It looks like I'm such a bitch.
b4) Is this from the time you had your debut match?
b5) NO, this happened before that...

page 6

b1) Mawatari-san, and Ringi-chan are here too. // Even Kontani-san!
b2) Ringi-chan's father is a famous fighter, right?
panel) That's hot! // What is?
b3) What a poser...
paper1) The former "King's" champion, Takenaka Risuke, is making a comeback.
paper2) He was used for publicity.
paper3) But wasn't good enough.

page 7

b1) Takenaka-san is getting beaten down everywhere...
panel1) And it's become common knowledge that that match was setup.
panel2) She's letting her hair grow out.
b2) Nacchan, are you going to enter this 'G-girl' thing that they're talking about here?
b3) You're a good fighter, right?
b4) No way!!
b5) I'm not good enough.

page 8

b1) Besides, I've only recently started MMA.
b2) The girls that will be entering that are those at the top of the class.
b3) Is that so...
b4) I guess you're right. Kontani-san is going to be part of it.
b5) Then that means that Ringi-chan is something special.
b6) Because she's going to enter it, right?
b7) I'm in the same class as Mawatari-san,
b8) and Ringi-chan comes over to visit quite often, but she doesn't look like anything special.

page 9

panel1) I want to fight Ringi // in an official match.
b1) btw, when is your next match?
panel2) What movie are you going to watch? // A Wesley Snipes film.
b2) Hm? I have no idea.
b3) Next time I'll be there to cheer for you!! -small print- Although it's really scary.
panel3) He hasn't been in any recently!!

page 10

sign) Takenaka gym
b1) Thanks for today.
b2) Hello.
b3) How are you guys.

page 11

b1) Nice to see you again.
b2) sup.
panel) It's been a really long time. // Nice to see you too.

page 12

b1) There's a lot of really strong looking guys wandering in...
b2) Plus a ton that I've never seen before...
b3) You seem deeply interested.
panel) Could you please stop looking at me like that?
b4) Is this the practice time for the pro's?
b5) Well, there are some pro's here, but it's free practice.

page 13

b1) For people who don't feel satisfied with what they've done, they can practice against anyone they choose.
b2) There's no charge for using our gym at this time, so people from other gyms come here too.
b3) hmmm...
b4) fYi,
b5) that man is the current world feather weight fight champion.
b7) His name is Shimoda-san, he's defended his belt 3 times.

page 14

b1) That girl is Shitoshi Sawa. She won the Subdabi(???) combat tournament last year.
b2) Subdabi?
b3) ...It's a grappling tournament that takes place all over the world.
b4) There are lots more, but I doubt you'd know them if I told you.
b5) You know... // It was the same with you, but there are a lot of pretty amazing people everywhere.
panel) The people who are going to strike, to this side of the room please.

page 15

b1) But they all have their normal jobs too.
b2) Shimoda-san is your everyday office worker.
b3) WHAAAT!!?
b4) But, isn't he the world champion!?
b5) He does a 40 hour week like the rest of us, and practices everyday when work is done. He gets almost no rest.
b6) Not too long ago, I was also doing the corporate grind.
b7) But my work as in instructor has increased, so I'm doing that now.

page 16

b1) You know...
b2) unless you love it, you wouldn't be able to keep doing this.
b3) Then you're the same...?
b4) You have fun doing MMA?

page 17

b1) Hmm... I can't honestly say that this is fun.
b2) In fact, there are plenty of times when I ask myself, why on earth are you doing this? -small print- the practice is hard enough to make you cry.
panel) I get it... // This is the other spectrum from those 2.

pga 18

b1) Oh, but it's a whole lot of fun to punch and kick someone!!
panel1) Masochist.
b2) It's even better when you put the whooping on them AND win!!
b3) So, are you going to take part in the free practice?
b4) Um...
b5) I've stayed back for that very purpose!
panel2) You were here? // You didn't notice!?
b6) What's with that look?

page 20

b1) She's really working him over.
b2) And it's a man of a higher class that she's with too.
box1) During the free practice, you can spar with either striking or grappling.
box2) You can change partners as you wish, and rest whenever you feel like.
box3) When you're done, you can leave whenever you want to.
panel) I'm out, cya. // Later.
box4) It really is like your own free time.

page 21

b1) IT'S HOT!!!
b2) It's like I'm going around collecting sweat... in fact, you could call the whole gym a sauna right now. -small print- there are too many people in here!
panel1) Thanks. // Same here.
panel2) Guys are too strong.
b3) Time for a break.

page 22

b1) That man is a magazine photographer.
b2) That woman is a daycare worker.
b3) There are a lot of different people doing MMA.
b4) I wonder why they each chose to do MMA?

page 23

b1) Spar with me a bit. -small print- grappling.

page 24

panel1) From the standing position? // Yeah.
b1) WHOA!!
b2) Oops.

page 25

b1) WHOA!
b2) At your height,
b3) you're thing, to light. -small print- I'm surprised you can kick the way you do.
b4) Are you eating properly?
panel) Power bomb her!!

page 26

panel1) Now from the set position.
b1) Go on, move.
b2) I'll get in her in 3 point choke hold.

page 27

b1) She got me on the side so easily.
b2) That last match you had...
b3) you were lucky that your opponent took it into a fist fight with you.

page 28

b1) Well, we were also wrong for letting you have a match with only 3 months worth of MMA training under your belt.
b2) But we did think that you might pull it off.
b3) However, you were really lucky in that match.
b4) I can't move at all.
b5) You took all the momentum with that straight left of yours.
b6) Your opponent panicked after you hit her with that.
b7) If she remained calm and fought normally...

page 29

b1) This would've been the result.
b2) During a match, you impose your will with your strength, THEN use techniques to win.
b3) She's only using basic moves on me,
b4) but I can't defend any of it.

page 30

panel) It's like there a huge snake writhing all over my body. // The difference in muscle is too great!
b1) They say that 'techniques are born from power'.
b2) You need more meat // on your thin bones.

page 31

b1) Good work everyone.
b2) What's with this... I took a ton of breaks,
b3) but I'm beat!
b4) I had confidence in my stamina, but this...
b5) Is it because of the heat?
b6) You look like you're going to fall over.

page 32

b1) So you know, the pro's practice is WAY harder than what you've seen today.
b2) Would you like to participate in the next one?
b3) I'll...
b4) do it.
b5) Why the pause?
b6) The pro's, huh...

page 33

b1) Takenaka-san's selling line is:
b2) anyone can get stronger by doing MMA.
b3) Not because you put strikes and grapples together and becomes strong.
b4) But you take normal fight techniques and make then stronger.
b5) You're not making one single thing stronger, but you use all that you have to get better.
b6) So that you become an all around fighter, and not a specialist.

page 34

b1) If there's something you didn't do right in a match,
b2) you'll try and do it properly the next time around.
3b) And by doing that little, by little, you'll get better.
b4) That's what MMA is about.
b5) There are a lot of things that need to be done...
b6) And all the hard work that you've put in will show itself in what you do.

page 35

b1) But...
b2) there are those talented ones that can make your hard work come to naught.
b3) A person with 1% of talent, and 99% hard work...
b4) will always lose to a person // with 100% talent, and 1% hard work.
b5) You can try to pin or make them submit... // but it'll be countered with an attack, or broken with sheer strength.
b6) You might even get injured to the point of death.
b7) I'm not trying to scare you or anything,
b8) but if you're seriously thinking of doing this, you need to be prepared.

page 36

panel1) This is good... // really, REALLY good...
panel2) That's the best thing I've heard in a while!!

page 37

panel1) That's exactly // what I've been looking for!
panel2) There are a lot of awesome people over there. // There are a lot of things that I need to do.
panel3) To continue down this path, I need to put in a lot of work. // But I might be rewarded for all my work.
panel4) And to top it off, I even have someone I want to make lick my boots.

page 38

panel1) This is SOOO romantic!! // why are you sitting like that? // Yeah!! I'll do this!!
panel2) I'll put in all the work,
panel3) And wipe that smile // off of her face!!

page 39

b1) Natsuo-chan...
b2) It's very creepy // if you start grinning like that.
b3) OOPS!!

page 40

box1) Summer vacation is over.
b1) The salad flavor is good, but...
b2) nothing beats the cheese flavor.
panel) I can't eat these without milk!!
box2) She loves milk.

page 41

b1) While I'm out here, I should get some a sandwich from the cafeteria. -small print- I forgot my lunch.
b2) I wonder if Kei will come today too?
b3) Whatever, she can wait!
panel) I have a bad personality afterall.

page 42

b1) Natsuo-chan!!
b2) hm?

page 43

box1) That's right...
b1) Natsuuo!! -small print- Are you going to get a sandwich?
box2) I need to
box3) get proper confirmation.

page 44

b1) Mawatari-san,
b2) I have a question.
b3) How would I...
b4) be able to fight you and Ringi?
panel) Facing off in the ring, is her current goal!!
box) To the hunting grounds...

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