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Junketsu no Maria 8

The pure witch, and the angel's servant.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 28, 2010 19:42 | Go to Junketsu no Maria

-> RTS Page for Junketsu no Maria 8

It's been a while hasn't it? This is for animexis' use only.

page 1

b1) Why do these owls pick on me everyday!?
b2) Or have you forgotten that I'm the archangel Michael's representative?
b3) My words are his words, and this body of mine is also his...
b4) OWW!
b5) Oh shut up.
b6) Can't you birds just get along?

page 2

b1) You two need to stop too. Nothing will come from picking on this little shrimp here.
title) The pure witch, and the angel's servant.
b2) We're bird of prey. It's Michael's fault for leaving a pigeon out here.

page 3

b1) This is no joke.
b2) I really hope the witch Maria gives her virginity to a dog for all I care, and goes to being a regular human.
b3) I-it's not like I'm preserving myself or anything like that,
b4) but you guys have put me in shackles.
b5) Besides, what's this "Lose your virginity, lose your magic" about?
b6) If you decide to use an extraordinary amount of magic in front of people, Michael's lance will come flying at you!
b7) Would you two stop that?
b8) In this form, I'm more powerful that you are.

page 4

b1) Nicely said... now, would you like me to take that lolita body of yours and show you what a real good time is?
b2) Artemis doesn't even have to do much, I'll send you to the other world in ecstasy.
b3) Enough already!
b4) I give you guys enough work as succu/incubus!
b6) And you don't NEED any!
b9) Did you hear that! He's one dirty minded man!

page 5

b1) Besides, you saw the same thing I did that rainy night!
b2) You know, that night that you turned me into a serpent, that man.
b3) Maria!
b4) Just put that same thing on me!
b5) This is coming from another man, but his was very impressive.
bubble sfx.) boom
panel sfx.1) guah
panel sfx.2) SLAM!

page 6

b1) Maria!
b2) I came to get grandma's medicine!
b3) I brought some wheat with me, if you'd like, let's all have some together.
b4) That communications officer decided to live in An's village.
b5) He's fulfilled his call of duty right? So what he does is his own business now.
b6) I see... you'd be a little embarrassed if he saw Priapos, huh?
b7) W-what are you talking about?
b8) I thought they looked alike, but now it all makes sense.

page 7

b1) Hey,
b2) Maria, are you a heretic?
b3) Excuse me?
b4) Heretic? Please, she's a witch!
b5) The priest said that heretics are bad,
b6) and since you're bad too, I thought that you were also a heretic.
b7) Isn't that right, Joseph?
b8) Joseph?
b9) That's my name. Oh yeah, I never did say who I was, did I?
b0) Oh...
b1) Okay...

page 8

b1) You never asked his name?
b2) You're lucky that the person who brought him is a good girl friend of yours.
b3) WAHHHH!!
b4) There were a lot of different things that made up a heretic, so I couldn't really follow,
b5) but they say that a woman with short hair that shows off her legs is a heretic.
b6) Then what about that pigeon right there!?
b7) I'm a heavenly being, earth's rules don't apply to me.
b8) So if you went into a town, what would happen to you?
b9) She'd be burned at the stake.

page 9

b1) None of that matters,
b2) I'll do what I feel is right.
b3) No you will not.
b4) You say rules don't apply to you, but if you go around dressed like that, you'll get burned too.
b5) I DO have powers of my own, you know.
panel) Watch the way you address me.
b6) Humans can't touch me as the please.
b7) Are you telling the truth?
b8) Yes I am.
b9) If that's the case,
b0) then go stop all the fighting.

page 10

b1) WHAT!?
b2) Why are you trying to push your ideals on me!?
b3) I'm not, what I'm saying is,
b4) if you do something about it, it won't be a witch stopping the war, but heaven itself.
b5) You just don't seem to understand anything.
panel) sigh...
b6) We of heaven are not allowed to interfere in the events that happen on earth.
b7) Yeah right.
b8) You just don't have the power to do so.

page 11

b1) huh?
b2) Without using magic or a magical beast,
b3) nor using heavenly power of any sort,
b4) but still able to move the hearts of people and stop fighting.
b5) I'd love to do that. And if you can, I'd rely totally on you.
b6) Madam Ezekiel, before either An or I was born, France has been at war.
b7) I know of the word 'peace', but I have no idea what it really is.

page 12

b1) Although it's a shame, I've come to understand that we can't simply rely on heaven's power do to everything for us.
b2) But couldn't you, at the very least, give us a testament, or some kind of sign?
b3) And I still think that Maria's actions and intentions,
b4) aren't bad enough to be punished by heaven.
b5) Come on, let's give it a rest...
b6) Nothing will come from telling this little kid anything.

page 13

b1) Besides, as you can see, she's nothing more than a servant.
b2) She has neither the courage or powers to do anything like that.
b3) Hm?

page 14

b1) This is a town small enough that Artemis can do with on hand behind her back.
b2) In fact, this isn't even a fighting area, it's just a mercenary town.

page 15

b1) Does she plan on converting the drunks down there?
b2) And... she's surrounded by some men already.
b3) Who's that? Dressed like that, must be a prostitute.
b4) It's a little girl... I wanna bang her!
b5) M-my name is Ezekiel,
b6) I've come to put an end to the endless figh
b8) Oh!
b9) Oh boy...

page 16

b1) She's mine now!
b2) No you don't dammit! I want her too!
b3) Hey, let's pass her around to everyone!
b4) She's some dumb angel that fell along with the rain.
b5) I wonder if we'll get some heavenly power if we fuck her?
b7) HELP ME!!!!
b8) Are you going to help her?
b9) ...Yeah, this is a little too pathetic.

page 18,9

b1) WHAT...

page 20

right of panel) It looks like... she isn't just a pigeon. But she herself doesn't realize that she did that.
b1) Everyone there that saw it was knocked out instantly! What was that!?
b2) The pigeon was the first one to lose consciousness though.
panel) I lost!
b3) I'm sorry for pissing on your coat back there.
b4) Humans are so scary.

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