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Teppu 11

What's up with those eyebrows?

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 21, 2010 18:12 | Go to Teppu

-> RTS Page for Teppu 11

This is for animexis' use only.

page 1

title) What's up with those eyebrows?
left of panel) All the girls gathered here are here to prove their worth against their common enemy, Ishidou Natsuo.

page 2

panel) After asking, what must I do to fight you and Ringi, Yuzuko says...
b2) I'd like to fight you at G-girl.

page 3

b1) I'd like to fight against you where people like Ringi and Kontani-san will fight,
b2) a place like that would be cool.
b3) I'd like that too!!
panel1) Would you like a sandwich?
panel2) No thanks.
b4) Really...
b5) this isn't good...
b6) I've thought this for a long time now,

page 4

b1) You look really excited,
panel) Although she works at it, and has the talent to boot,

page 5

b1) Are you crazy?
panel1) You're amazing, Mawatari.
panel2) Don't worry, I'll hate you soon enough.
b2) It's at the end of the year, I don't think I'll be able to participate.

page 6

b1) At the end of the next month,
b2) G-girl is holding a preliminary tournament.
b3) I plan... // on entering that tournament.
b4) A preliminary...
panel) Have a sandwich! // I don't want!
b5) tournament?
b6) Oh really...

[page 7

b1) Then that means we can fight there.
b2) Okay...
b3) Yeah.
b4) I hope I can get ready in time.
b5) I'm going...
b6) to work as hard on this as I can,
b7) so I'll make it in time, okay!?

page 8

b1) I hope we get to fight each other.
b2) Yeah.
b3) What? You don't want to fight me?

page 9

b1) Natsuo...
b2) Sanae...
b3) And Ganeko.

page 10

b1) Are you two always together?
panel1) This is like deja vu.
b2) We just happened to be together...!!
b3) Who's that?
b4) They're from the karate team. The one on the right is ranked #1 in the nation.
b5) OHHHH!! KARATE!!!!
panel2) Ninja!
b6) Sanae, I'm sorry about last time,
b7) I didn't make it hurt that much.
-all she needs now is some leather and a whip, and she'd be an S&M queen-
b8) Yeah, same here...
b9) Ishidou!

page 12

panel1) Karate.
panel sfx.1,2) gruummmmbbbble
b1) Oh yeah,
b2) I was out to buy some food...
b3) Have a sandwich!

page 13

b1) Later...
b2) Ishidou.
panel1) Samurai?
b3) After school,
b4) meet me behind school.
panel2) Sandwich? // Drink. // Are the talking?

page 14

panel1) slurrrp
b1) Where did Nacchan go?
b2) grumbble
panel2) She'll get really mad if I eat this, right?

page 15

paper) Do your afternoon jujutsu!!
panel) That's right, spider guard.
b1) Mario,
b2) things are progressing a lot better than originally planned!! -small print- even this afternoon jujutsu.

page 16

b1) Even here in Japan, you're name is valued really high!!
panel1) You should try shaving. // You too.
b2) Look at how many people are dying to join our gym!!
b3) It's because people are weak to stampedes. // We'll need to be nice to the normal guys so they don't all run out on us.
panel2) Nicely done.
b4) It's turning out to be a great thing that we brought a lot of people of Japanese decent with us.
b5) If it was just the two of us, the people would be too scared to join our gym.
panel3) You look really dirty. // Yeah, YOU do.
b6) The japanese are really shy!!

page 17

b1) Because of that, we now have a place...
b2) to practice normally.
b3) What, football (soccer)?
b4) No, different fighting forms.
b5) I really love my daughter.
b6) So I'm thinking of doing some crazy things all for her.
b7) Are you planning on...
b8) fighting Risuke Takenaka?
b9) I want to let him fight me.
b0) Get serious! That was nothing more than...

page 18

b1) That spar with Ringi,
b2) he's the man that... // willing accepted a silly role like that.
b3) And it's that same man that took this opportunity to renounce his retirement and challenge me.
b4) There's a limit to how much one can ignore the gallery.
b5) His pride... is made up in a different way than most fighters.
b6) THAT has really sparked my interest...

page 19

b1) But still, that's no reason to actually fight him.
b2) No, I was the one that was egging him on, and he fell for it. // So I'm at fault here too.
b3) But that man who took on the role of clown himself, and threw his body away like a rag doll,
b4) I bet you his mind is hell right now. // I'd like to pay my respects to Risuke.
b5) So shouldn't I give him a chance!?
b6) The chance to see if he'll actually put a up a good fight against me!!

page 20

b1) ha ha ha...
b2) You're so kind, you know that?
panel1) He already thinks this is going to be a push over.
b3) Yeah right, this was all for my daughter.
b4) I was happy so long as things got stirred up.
b5) ...Then, does Ringi know about it?
b6) That the match was set up?
b7) Of course not.
b8) I only told her,
b9) to go have fun out there.

page 21

b1) Why...// Why did you choose Japan?
b2) How comes you didn't go to America, but came to Japan instead?
b3) MMA is biggest in America.
b4) There are 2 reasons for that.
b5) First is the weight...
b6) In Japan, the main women in Ringi's weight class are the top fighters in the world.

page 22

b1) In America, you need to be at 145lbs. or more. // You won't be able to get a match if you're 132lbs. or less.
b2) I know of a couple of girls in America who put on weight to get a fight and weren't able to fight tot he best of their abilities.
b3) To let Ringi and Yuzuko fight to their hearts content, Japan was the best place for it.
b4) They may be lacking in system management, and they're not as developed as America, but there's still something to be gained from Japan.
b5) And,
b6) the other reason,

page 23

b1) is I want to let...
b2) Ringi fight a certain person.
b3) ...Karin. Do you mean that Kontani girl?
b4) No.
b5) A professional wrestler.
b7) Her name is,
b8) Kannagi Shinobu.

page 24

b1) It's been a while since I've last come here.
box) After school.
b2) What about you little club?
b3) Ganeko.

page 25

b1) I see you've already dropped the gloves.
b2) You want it right?
b3) To get me back for that time?

page 26

b1) I...
b2) really like Sanae.
panel1) Excuse me?
b3) I also like karate.
b4) I really like Sanae who's so good at karate.
b5) I like the Sanae who puts her all into karate alone.

page 27

b2) Ever since your little 'dojo hunt', she's been acting strange!
b3) She's been doing other needless things than karate.
b4) Even coach Kanno has gone mad!!
b5) After he found out about it,
b6) instead of getting mad and disciplining us, he started to use other training methods. // That's NOT what an instructor is supposed to do!!

page 28

b1) Now, after we finish our karate practice, he stays behind with Sanae,
panel1) Don't lift your hands too high.
b2) and teaches her some crazy MMA shit!!
b5) I guess she doesn't know that Sanae has already had some other lessons other fighting styles.
panel2) I think she used Jujutsu.
b6) I need to...
b7) make Sanae see the light. The error of her ways!
b8) And how would you do that?

page 29

b1) By kicking your ass!!
b2) And letting her know that you're nothing special!
b3) Do you...
b4) really think you can do that?
b5) You're not going to say something as lame as,
b6) "I was fighting seriously last time", right?

page 31

panel) She stopped...

page 33

b1) What do you think you're doing?
panel1) She's pretty quick.
b2) There's no point whatsoever in trying to hurt someone like you.
-Oh, you know about her S&M side?-
b3) So I'm not going to injure you. // Each time I get close, I'll stop before actually hitting you.
b4) I'm going to rip your pride to shreds!!

page 34

b3) This might turn out,
b4) to be a very good training session.
panel) That was a distinct karate move she just used. // That stance is in defence of my height. She's leaving her body weight centered.

page 35

panel1) What she used was a step called 'quick step' // You lead with your hips, but you don't lean in any direction.
panel2) That kick that she pretended to hit me with, isn't brought back, but is dropped straight down. // middle punch, high kick, left punch. -add a sweep, one more punch, hit the R button, to switch styles... sorry, a little mortal kombat there...- // By keeping her legs in front of her, she can attack continuously.
panel3) And she...
panel4) ends with this punch.

page 36

b1) What's with...
b2) that reaction?

page 37

b1) I stepped in...
b2) with no reservations, and she got me so easily!!
b3) Sorry, I actually hit you there.
b4) This is going to sound lame,
b5) but I'll say it anyway.
b6) At that time,
b7) I wasn't in my best condition.

page 38

b1) But,
b2) don't worry.
b3) I don't think // I can beat Sanae like this, yet.

page 39

b1) hnggh!

page 40

b1) This little bi...!!?
b2) You know, it takes quite a bit of courage,
b3) to use a tackle as a counter.

page 41

b1) Yeah,
b2) this is good.

page 42

b1) Sorry about this,
b2) but you're going...
b3) to help me train.
b4) But don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.
b5) Time and time again...
b6) I'll nicely... // put you down into your place...

page 43

b1) Come on, get up.
b2) We're going to start round 2.
panel1) Sanae, you need // to stay away!!
panel2) You need to keep // as far away as possible from this girl!!

page 44

panel) She really has // some loose screws or something!!
b1) Gah!
-I swear, after that line that Natsuo said to Sanae in the beginning about not making it hurt, I've had this picture of her ass raping Sanae; and here we have that very picture on this page! Look at Ganeko's face, I'm sure Natsuo's dick/dildo hurt her this time.-

page 45

b1,2) haa
b3,4) gaha
b5,6) haa
b7) kaha
b8) You know... I feel like 1million times...
b9) more tired than after a practice session at the gym.
b0) Ganeko,
b1) thanks for helping me...
b2) practice.
-Now for the look of horror after being raped-

page 46

b1) See ya.
b2) Wai...!!
b3) ah...

page 47

b1) I'm back.
b2) I missed going to the gym today.
b3) Whatever, I need a shower anyway. -small print- I feel nasty.

page 48

b1) Bro,
b2) were you out here watching this?

pge 49

panel1) Come on!
b1) Yeah,
panel2) This is old! // Fuck you!
b2) this is still a simple and boring movie.
b3) Yeah! A man...
b4) needs to be strong like that!!

page 50

panel1) Oh yeah...
panel2) I remember being a little jealous of my brother when he watched that movie. // He looked so excited...
panel3,4) It's all your fault!!
b1) Like hell it is!

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#1. by Uruner ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2010

Through .... it's hardly correct in some places... expecially page 05 and 06... it's compleatly wrong there (about being noob, who is going to hate who, and the time of the fight...) .......

but even through ... it's really apreaciated that you're still translationg it...

here's how i translated first several pages:

Page 01
Chapter 11 : その眉毛どうなってるの?
What are you going to do about these eyebrows?

Page 02


It would be nice to fight you in the ring of G-girl

Page 03
It’s a kind of ring that Rinji , Kontani-san
and other top class fighters are fighting at.

Let’s try facing
each other there!

I too thing it’s
Great idea!!

Small: wanna eat some bread?

Small: don’t want any…

Is that so…

Well that’s a problem…

At first I thought that there’s no way.. .but still…

Page 04

You started sparkling…

Both hardworker, and talented… this pure little thing…

looking straight at people
with this bright eyes of her’s…

Did you hurt your
head or something?

Oh how great you are Mawatari-san

But don’t worry…
I will make you hate me…


I wonder if I should enter it….
It’s at the end of the year, right?

Page 06
…next month…

there is G-girls new-face
selection tournament

I plan…
…to participate in it!

New face…

….selection tournament

small: come on~~~ eat some~~~
small: get it away from me…

if that’s the case…

page 07
Wouldn’t that mean that we’ll face off then!?

Ah… yeah…

It would seem so

It would be nice if I could make it…

If I …

try hard enough…

I will make it won’t I!?

Page 08
Sfx: nods

Let’s give it a go.


Damn I want to do it to…!!

Page 09


..and Ganeko-san

#2. by Gomenasai ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2010
lols... i screwed up page 6 for him... he asked me 2 help him out, but I was in a rush and only did 7 pages... as for the rest, you're the one that's wrong, Uruner.
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