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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Beelzebub 82

The crybaby brothers.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 24, 2010 00:12 | Go to Beelzebub

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This is for keishou's use only.

page 1

sign1) -Random construction comp.-
sign2) Private property. Do NOT enter.
panel1) Toujou and Shizuka, who are they waiting for?
b1) It's freezing!!
b2) The nights are really starting to get cold now.
b3) Tora, are you still going to wait here?
b4) I called him, but I'm not sure if he'll come or not.
b5) Didn't I already tell you,
b6) there's no reason for you to wait here with me.
b7) This is my fight.
b8) Whoa.
b9) Oh!
b0) Put that on.
b1) Seriously...
b2) all you ever talk about is fighting...
b3) you're just like a little kid.

page 2

b1) I'll say this now while I can,
b2) you won't be able to beat him.
b3) At his age, he's already the master of his school's martial arts, the MASTER!
b4) Besides, you said you would go with me to Zen's place today!!
b5) I know!! -small print- Can't you be quiet?
b6) I just need to put an end to things.
b7) Yo,
b8) you're late.
b9) Now, lets...
b0) fight.

page 3

panel1) Izuma vs. Toujou!! Why does Izuma have this expression!?
title) The crybaby brothers.

page 4

b1) So there you have it,
b2) I've come here, on command from my father, to destroy humanity.
b3) So let's do this.
b4) No,
b5) let's NOT do this, stupid kid.
b6) OWW!
b7) What was that for!? -small print- you're pushing your luck.
b8) You don't seriously mean to tell me...
b9) the demon lord is a fool? A big stupid fool of a demon lord?
b0) He's totally forgotten about baby Beel here.

page 5

b1) He keeps talking about destroying humanity, and after sending an infant, he sends this little piss kid to...
panel) You deserved that.
b2) Hilda,
b3) what is this poor excuse of a life form? // Why don't you kill it already?
b4) Yolda, sit down.
b5) We only came here as a form of introduction.
b6) Besides,
b7) We can kill him whenever we feel like.
b8) Okay.

page 6

b1) Okay then,
b2) what about us?
b3) Are we to leave the mound for the relief pitcher or something?
b4) OHHH!!
b5) That's the best news I've heard in a while!! // Are you guys finally leaving? When? Tomorrow?
panel) You deserved that!
b6) This isn't like the normal you,
b7) Hildegarde.

page 7

b1) Why are you acting so docile now?
b2) After being born into the foremost house in hell,
b3) you are the top elite among all us wet nurses.
b4) You were always the one to stand at the forefront regardless of the situation.
b5) So keep your wits about you,
b6) our lord didn't say anything like that.
b7) Yeah.
b8) Dad was probably thinking something along these lines: // Let the brothers have fun destroying humanity.
b9) I wouldn't mind if you guys left the mound and left it all to us though.

page 8

b1) So there you have it, let's do this,
b2) bro.
b3) Au?
b4,5) ah
b6) Eah
b7) Ahh!!

page 9

b1,2) Ah eh
b3) Eryah
b4) Wii!!
b5) WHOA!!
b6) Master, what on earth are you doing!?
b7) That's your brother, you know!
b8) Hilda! Stop him already!!
b9) They say that a child will always copy what it sees it's parent do...
b0) ah
b2) No, well...
b3) noryah!
b4) Master!!

page 10

b1) eh...
b2) Hot!!
b3) What's going on!?

page 11

-yes, it says gameboy and that is a gameboy... the 1st generation one too, for those of u old enough to remember what it looks like. -
bubble sfx.1) vooshu
bubble sfx.2) pshuuu
bubble sfx.3) crack
b4) Eek!

page 12

b2) I KNOW, I'M ON IT!!
b4) What... are they doing?
b5) Well... if master En starts to cry, his surroundings will end up as a sea of flames.
b6) I can't believe he even started to cry because of a baby...
b7) There was a time in hell when he cried so hard that the fire didn't go out for a full 7 days and 7 nights. He destroyed around 30 towns.
b8) 7 days and nights!?
b9) With how weak the human world has become, he'd destroy everything in a 9 mile radius.
b0) THIS is when you say that!?
b1) W-what are we going to do!?
b2) We need to calm him down!! You guys sing too!!
b3) Go to sleep, go to sleep...
b4) uh...
b5) ughn...
b6) It's not working!
b7) Beel!! Apologize!! Get on your hands and knees and apologize!!
b8) Wii.

page 13

b1) Oh, I know!
b2) A game!!
b3) He's already destroyed his game system.
b4) Not that!! Hey, douche bag!!
b5) Do you have some kind of human world game!?
b6) Douche bag...
b7) The master loves games!! If he sees a game from the human world, I'm sure he'll calm down!!
b8) I... I do have some...
b9) Alright!!
b0) Master, he has some games from the human world here!
b1) Y-yeah, let's play a little bit.
b2) Show them what you're made of!
b3) There's plenty to choose from.
b4) I'll play!

page 14

b1) fuh fuh fuh. // Just so you know, I'm quite the gamer.
b2) I'm known as the demon lord gamer.
b3) Master, you're so cool!
b4) What system do you have? Sega Genesis? Super Nintendo?
b5) I have all the systems.
b6) Sorry, but I don't have any of the new gen systems.
b7) That's fine, // I like retro games!
b8) Before I destroy humanity, I'll pwn you in a couple of games.

page 15

b1) Wh-what system is this?
b2) There are a lot of buttons I've never seen before!
b3) It's a PS2.
b4) PS2?
panel) PlayStephany2
-yeah, they weren't paying Sony for rights 2 use their systems name, obviously-
b5) Bio-Husband4?
b6) Gyahh zombies!!
b7) Why do the pictures look so real!?
b8) Eeeek!! They're trying to eat me!!
b9) Gun, use your gun on them!!
b0) Which button is that!?
b1) It's the X button!! But you need to aim at them.
b2) I can't, everything is moving to fast!!
b3) Do this, then this, then you can hit them!!
b4) Gyahhhh!! // The controller is vibrating!!
b5) I...
b6,7) haa
b8) I didn't know...
b9) Who would've guessed that games in the human world would be so advanced!
b0) This is a revolution!!

page 16

b1) Izabella, Yolda, Sachura!!
b2) We're going to the video game store tomorrow!!
b3) I'll destroy this world after I'm done!!
b4) As you wish, master.
box1) And this is how,
box2) humanity was saved from...
b5) Now then, I'll be in this city for a little longer than expected.
box3) it's impending doom.

page 17

box) Or so it seemed, but...
b1) Oh yeah,
b2) there's something I forgot to tell you guys,
b3) Izabella!!
b4) Sure.
b5) It's a continuation from what we were talking about earlier.
b6) Our lord did say for the brothers to work together in destroying humanity,
b7) and we have nothing negative to say about that.
b8) However, the masters' vassals don't feel the same way.
b9) Lord en, and master Beelze. // They're going to be...
b0) tested here. Whoever achieves the greater achievement will be seen as the rightful heir to the throne.

page 18

b1) There are even some who would...
b2) try to bring harm to master Beelze.
b3) Military division 34...
b4) Behemoth...
b5) Yeah...
b6) He's really powerful, but he just doesn't use his head much.
b7) And there you have it Oga...
b8) huh?
b9) Soon, some of my men will be coming for your life.

page 19

b1) So, try to stay alive!!
b2) Excuse me!?
left of panel) Things just got really BAD!!
bubble sfx.) sluuurrp
b3) He's here...

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