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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Beelzebub 83

Behemoth's pillar squad.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 1, 2010 15:24 | Go to Beelzebub

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This is for Keishou's use only.

page 1

left of panel) Things have gotten really crazy! But there's something better a man should be doing...
b1) phew...
b2) Man,
panel1) Things have gotten crazy. // Baby Beel's brother has come,
panel2) And now that he's talking about destroying humanity, I can't laugh it off as a joke anymore.
b3) Has everyone left?
panel3) Well, baby Beel and Hilda did come for that reason. // And Kunieda-senpai left without asking anything.
panel4) Oh yeah, Kunieda-senpai...

page 2

panel1) She was sleeping // on my bed!
panel2) Stop that Takayuki! // What on earth are you thinking?
panel3) I know, but... I bet you it's still there... // the warmth left from her body!! // Besides, that's my bed!! It's not strange that I'd lie down in it!!
panel4) This is totally normal!!
b2) TIRED NOW!!!!

page 3

left of panel) The demon world prince En races through the human world!!
title) Behemoth's pillar squad.

page 4

b1) Are you alright with this,
b2) master En?
b3) What do you mean?
b4) You were finally reunited with your brother, // why didn't you choose to live with him?
b5) hmph, how silly.
b6) Do you think it would suit the likes of me to live in a commoner's house?
b7) Besides that, // I've always wanted to get a better grasp on this human world.
b8) First, I'll need to start by clearing all these games that that Furuichi guy let me borrow.
b9) And I want to check out this arcade that he was talking about.

page 5

b1) But master En, playing games is fine...
b2) but you'll need to think of how you'll go about destroying humanity.
b3) Your father might not care, // but Behemoth would get very angry with you.
b4) ugh... // I'm not good at handling him...
b5) Yeah, it would be very problematic if he started to take serious action. // We wouldn't be able to stop him.
b6) Well, I wouldn't mind if he killed Hilda though.
b7) Hmmm...
b8) Isn't there a way that I can play all I want without having him find me?
b9) Hey, come on now.
b0) By the way, where are we headed?
b1) We're going to our little love nest!!
b2) I hope you got us a good place to stay.
b3) We need to hurry, the car is starting to disappear.

page 6

panel) W-why is it so hard to act normally? // I feel very, VERY uncomfortable.
b1) Hilda, say something.
b2) K-kunieda... san?

page 7

b1) Baby Beel, sing.
b2) Nyo!?
b3) I don't care what it is, it doesn't even have to make sense. Just do it.
b4) ah
b5) uh
b6) abaduh badabuh
b7) dabideh bubuh
panel) Master En, and Behemoth. // So this is what that guy was talking about?
b8) If you don't get more power soon, you're going to die.

page 8

panel1) Without my noticing, the situation in hell has changed.
panel2) But this still doesn't make any sense! // Why does that man have information on things I don't have?
b1) dabideh bubuh
panel3) Who the hell is that man?
panel4) No, // what I should be focusing on right now is a countermeasure for Behemoth.
b2) Oga.
b3) hm?

page 9

b1) This is far enough.
b2) Thanks for walking me home.
b3) huh?
b4) Are you sure? You look a little woozy to me.
b5) It's alright.
b6) My home is right there.
b7) See ya later.
b8) Uh...
b9) Yeah.
b0) What's up with her?
b1) She suddenly got so quiet.
b2) That's no surprise.
b3) There aren't that many people who would believe you if you started talking about demons and such.
b4) I don't want to hear that from you!

page 11

b1) Kunieda?
b2) GET DOWN!!
b3) WHOA!!

page 12

b1) What...
b2) IS THAT!?
b3) Yo.

page 13

b1) So you're the little master's contractor, huh?
b2) Huh?
b3) Who the F*** are you!?
b4) The 34th division, Behemoth's army.
b5) A division that works directly under the royal command.
b6) What an awful turn of events.
b7) To think we'd encounter a member of the evil dragon family this early... They're one of hell's leading fighting forces.
b8) And he's likely one of the best there is.
b9) Hilda...
b0) You're name is Hildegarde, right?
b1) You're a little off there,
b2) we're not one of the leading...

page 14

b1) We're the BEST!

page 15

b1) Kunieda!!
b2) My name is Hecatos.
-i bet u he has a sister (or something like that) named Hecate-
b3) The 8th of Behemoth's pillar squad.

page 16

b5) This girl is going to be my contractor.
b6) I'm sure you already know,
b7) we demons can't use our full power here without the help of a human contractor.
b8) Of course that doesn't mean that any old Joe will do.
b9) They have to a decent amount of strength, mental and physical...
b0) In those respects, this girl is the creme de la creme.
b1) Man am I in luck!
b2) With her, I should be able to stand ahead of the other guys!
b3) HUUUH!?

page 17

panel1) There are other demons here already!?
panel2) No way... // does that mean that they're already in concealment!?

page 18

b1) Goodness...
b2) I'm getting tired of how difficult it is to take you down.
b3) huh?
b4) You're the first guy that's made me...
b5) get this serious.
b6) Serious?
b7) haa
b8) Stop lying! You're still holding something back. // I can feel it.
b9) BRING IT!!
b0) I've just finished my warmups too!!
panel) What are you talking about, you've been beaten badly.
b1) You're a strange guy, you know?
b2) huh?
b3) Since the fight began, I was slowly dragged into your way of doing things...

page 19

b1) Things have...
b2) started to become fun...
b3) So let me...
b4) have some more fun.
b5) That's right,
b6) Izuma-kun?
left of panel) Is this demonic power!?
b7) if it's you,
b8) you should be able to stand it...

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