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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Beelzebub 84


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 9, 2010 04:22 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 84

This is for keishou's use only.

page 1

title) Confrontation.
panel) Give us a smile, // we're brothers!!

page 2

right of panel) Behemoth's pillar squad has come!! A very bad situation!!
b1) This feeling... // they're here already.
b2) It's all in your hands now, Saotome-kun.

page 3

b1) What...
b2) Let's do this,
b3) Toujou-kun.
b4) What the...
b5) hell is that!?
b6) Izuma-kun...
b7) This is me...

page 4


page 5

b1) Hey punk,
b2) do you know what's necessary for a demon to form...
b3) a contract with ah human?
b4) Huh?

page 6

panel1) Who is this? // Is this who that En kid was talking about? One of those guys that would try to kill me?
panel2) "What's needed to form a contract with a demon?" // I'll be finished if he thinks I'm a fool!!
b1) Come on, I've been carrying a demon lord for about 6 months here,
b2) of course I know what's needed.
b3) Oh?
b4) It's a smile!
panel3) Yeah.
b5) It's blood.

page 7

b1) A blood pact...
b2) from ages past, we've subjugated humans by taking their blood into our bodies.
b4) You and the young master have, in some way, made this pact...
panel1) Hm? Did we ever...? // Well, there were plenty of times when he was covered in blood from fights...
b5) Oga...
b6) If he makes the contract, we're done. // Do whatever you can to distract him.
b7) While he's distracted, I'll save Kunieda.

page 8

b1) What's that supposed to mean, wet nurse?
b2) Do you really think you can fight me evenly while I'm un-contracted?
b3) I'd love to see you try.
b4) I'll show you just how foolish that statement is.
b5) This is our chance!!
b6) He's still looking down on us!!
b7) Let's go.
b8) ah...
b9) Hell no.
b0) WHAT?
b1) I don't only want the role of distracting him.
b2) He came all the way out here, after all.

page 9

b1) Let's send him home with his tail between his legs.
b2) Right, baby Beel?
b3) DAH.
b4) YOU FOOL!!
b5) He isn't someone that you can handle at your current level!!
b6) AH! No... I wasn't saying that to you, master!
b7) Are you done going over your battle plan?
panel) If you don't do something, I'll just make a contract with her.

page 19

b1) Enough jokes!
b2) Don't get any closer to him than you need to!
b3) And distract him like I said.
b4) I couldn't care less about you, but there's no way the master is going to die here, you got that!?
b5) tsk... fine, I got it.
b6) I'll be your little distraction.
b7) But in place of my doing so,
b8) you better rescue her.
b9) hmph,
b0) I'll give you some encouragement too,
b1) don't die on me.
b2) Didn't you just tell me to die?

page 12

b1) You know,
b2) this is going to be the first time that I've ever fought along side you.
b3) Yeah, and what of it?
b4) If you handicap me, I'll kill you first.
b5) Fyi,
b6) I already know what you guys are trying to do.
b7) Yeah, I bet you do.
b8) Let's do this, baby Beel.

page 13

b1) DAH!
panel1) Zebul
panel2) BLAST!!!!!!

page 14

b1) Oh.
b2) This is quite a surprise.
b3) I didn't think you'd be able to use the master's powers like this.
b4) HA!! I've never consciously used them before!!
b5) Wiiii!
b6) hmph, but it turns out to be nothing special at all!!
b7) NOW, DIE!!

page 15

b1) KATSU!!!
b2) However, it's too weak.
b3) At that level, you wouldn't even kill a fly.
panel) Are you serious?
b4) No...

page 16

b1) It worked just fine.
b2) Too slow!

page 17

b1) OGA!
b2) Got her!

page 18

b1) Alright! Nicely done Hilda.
b2) I'm starting to think better of...
-at least he spared her beautiful tits... (c: -
b3) So this...
b4) was your actual intent...

page 19

b1) You can have the girl if you want.
b2) You're the biggest obstacle here.
b3) HILDA!!!
b4) This is all...
b5) for our lord En.
box) Speak of the devil...
b7) I lost again!
b8) Sachura, money!
b9) We're all out.
panel) Look at reality!

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