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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 5

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 15, 2010 16:09 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 5

This is for CxC's use only.

page 1

panel) What is the identity of the Nightmare // that came floating down!?

page 2

b1) Sir Weinberg,
b2) this girl here is the one that we're supposed to capture, right?
b3) This guy is also after Carla?
b4) By "this girl"...
b5) do you mean madam Claire?
b6) Show some respect!
b7) I would love to see who raised you.
b8) kuh kuh kuh, disrespectful? // A mere viscount speaking like that to me...

page 3

b1) That arrogance...
b2) you really are...
b3) Why are you two arguing? // Aren't you on the same side?
bubble sfx.) clang
b4) Get serious!
b5) This is the first time I'm meeting this man, // I don't know if he's on my side or not.

page 4

b1) But didn't you just say what he was...
b2) A night... something or the other?
b3) CARLA!!
b4) ugh.
b5) i can't brea...
b6) I didn't come here to have a nice chat with you guys. Especially that native over there...
b7) That's just fine, I won't talk to you either!!

opage 5

b2) Y-you fool!! // If you jump in like that, he'll...
b3) What the!?
b4) Damn... fool...

page 6

b1) RENYA!!!!

page 7

b1) He's controlling the wind...
b2) using those pipes all over his body!!
b3) So you really are a nightmare.
b4) A human, // yet at the same time not.
b5) That's exactly right.

page 8

b1) Wh-what on earth is a 'nightmare'?
b2) Maybe someone who can use demon spells?
b3) Sir Weinberg,
b4) Return to you homeland and submit your report. // Tell them to send the reward to Mesh the Mish.
b5) If you do that, you're record will be wiped clean.

page 9

b1) This is pathetic.
b2) WAHHHHH!!!

page 10

b1) Misuzu!
b2) Shio...
b3) C-carla!
b4) Please forgive me. If this hits you,
b5) you'll likely die.

page 11

b1) But this is the only weapon I have left to me!

page 12

b2) That kid...
b3) he's interfering with my powers!?
b4) Sir Weinberg,
b5) I'll give you the chance for glory.

page 13

b1) Kill that native kid.
b2) if you do that, the name Weinberg, // will regain it's former honor.
b3) Dammit! At a time like this!?

page 14

b1,2) haa
b3) Why are you hesitating?
b4) If you kill that one boy, no one will think of your family as criminals again...

page 15

b1) In this world,
b2) there are things that are more important than others.
b3) Kohough!!
b5) That's right, my honor is more important than my mission.
b6) My pride comes before everything!
b7) I guess someone who's no longer human wouldn't understand that!
b8) kuh kuh
b9) You have it wrong, it's not that I'm no longer human,

page 16

b1) C-carla!
b2) My lady Claire!
b3) tsk.

page 17

b1 ) kuh kuh kuh
b2) Pathetic humans that can only crawl on the ground...

page 18

bubble sfx.) creaak

page 19

b1) He got away...
b2) DAMMIT!!!
bubble sfx.) clang
b3) Calm down, // that Mesh guy will come back again.

page 20

b2) I'm not here to fight... or what is it? // You were so scared that you need the help of a woman?
panel) hmph
b3) Who cares about that! What do you mean he'll be back?
b4) You'll find out soon enough. However,
b5) you'll be better off leaving this area as quickly as possible.

page 21

b1) huh?
b2) Sumeragi did a number on this place.
b3) This country's regular army will soon be marching here.
b4) If you guys are captured, you'll be put to death, no questions asked, right?
b5) Oh... yeah...
b6) You're absolutely right.
b7) That might be right, but what are we supposed to do?
b8) It's not like we have anywhere to run to...

page 22

b1) Yes, there is.
b2) If you head west from here, // you'll end up at the ocean.
b3) If you move to another country, you'll be able to live out the rest of your lives.
b4) What are you going to do?
b5) I'm going to follow after that Mesh guy, I need to get madam Claire back.
b6) You're following him...? You don't even know where he is!

page 23

b1) There are different types of men all over the place...
b2) that will give me information on him.
b3) Is that so? // That's just great.
b4) Excuse me?
b5) Why the hell are you following me?
b6) Because our goals are the same.
b7) Besides, it's not just me.

page 24

b1) Just telling us to head west...
b2) and talking about crossing the ocean...
b3) We know close to nothing of what's outside the village.
b4) If we end up getting caught on the way there, then I think it's better that we all stick together.

page 25

b1) And since he's sent out a nightmare,
b2) it looks like he's really getting // serious.
b3) Will this be a plain old massacre?
b4) Or will he be diplomatic and call it a war?

page 26

b1) I bet he only thinks of it as nothing more than a game.

page 28

b1) I have some news to report.
b2) Mesh has captured the girl.
b3) He's also shaken off sir Weinberg and C.C.
b4) Should we consider this a success?
b5) It's not the real thing.
b6) Excuse me?
bubble sfx.) creak.

page 29

b1) Although it was a famous artist that did it, it's still just a painting.
b2) It's not the real thing.
b3) hmph... // Well, what did I expect?

page 30

b1) Let's pray that Mesh's hard work,
b2) doesn't also turn out to be fake.
b3) For the sake of our tomorrow.
right of panel) Is this guy the boss!?

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