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Beelzebub 88

Pisses me off.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Dec 3, 2010 14:16 | Go to Beelzebub

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Enjoy your weekly Beelzebub!

page 1

title) Pisses me off.
panel) Shhh

page 2

right of panel) After the fight, he's covered in wounds, but what hurts the most, is Lamia's words.
b2) Hey, stop moving!
b3) You should be thankful that I'm even tending to your wounds!!
b4) my neck...
b5) you're choking me!
b6) I don't believe you!!
b7) I come because Alain Delon asked me to, // and what do I find? Hilda-neesan one step from death!!
b8) Why don't YOU just die!!
b9) You know...
b0) I can do the rest for you...
b1) What?
b2) Who the hell are you!!? Stay out of this, ugly!!

page 3

b1) Now, now, it's kind of my fault that things turned out like this,
b2) RIGHT!
b3) Excuse me!? You still haven't said who you are!!
b4) And what about you? What, you're a demon? Another one? // Right... I've gotten sick of being surprised anymore...
b5) HUUUH!?
b7) Sigh... sorry for all the noise.
b8) Oh, don't worry, we'll be leaving soon.
b9) phew...
b0) Dr.Forkus!!
b1) Master!
b2) Where's Hilda-neesan!?
b3) Is Hilda doing alright!?

page 4

b1) Hm...
b2) I can't say that she's fine; however, there's no threat to her life.
b3) If we had gotten there any later, it would've been really bad.
b4) It's all thanks to that girl there's first aid treatment.
b5) Aren't you being a little too sympathetic?
b6) D-don't be like that!
b7) Anyone would get desperate in a situation like that!
b8) The reason she was injured so badly was because she was trying to save me, right?
b9) Like i can really just leave her alone and walk home.
b0) I understand how you fell,
b1) but Kunieda...

page 5

b1) It's really late, and we now know that that wet nurse is doing fine.
b2) We can't stay in their house forever.
b3) Besides, the real reason is because this guy here is so weak.
b4) ow.
b5) Hey punk, you better come to school tomorrow.
b6) You need to pay close attention to the lessons I'm going to give.
b7) HUUH!?
b8) This isn't good, Saotome...
b9) If you give master Beelzebub too much attention...
b0) I know fool.
b1) But the principal asked me to, so there's no getting around it.

page 6

b1) Huh? You're leaving already?
b2) Uh, yes. Sorry for all the noise.
b3) Whoa, it's Oga's sister.
b4) That's too bad, I was hoping you'd stay the night.
b5) No, I couldn't...
b6) Hey,
b7) I heard that you're the head of the red tails.
b8) HUH? No, well... that's...
b9) Something from the past.
panel) Hmm. // Founder.
b0) No need to be like that. I kind of miss it all.
b1) Come over again!!
b2) TATSUMI!! You better take this girl all the way home!!
b3) Shut up! Let me get some clothes on!!

page 7

b1) dammit...
b2) What an awful day it turned out to be.
b3) ah.

page 8

b1) What the hell are you staring at?
b2) Don't close to me with that stupid look on your face.
b3) Y-you were awake!?
panel) Scared the shit out of me!
4b) Ah
b5) hmph.
b6) Your bed stinks so bad that I can't sleep...
b7) Ohhh.
b8) I'm glad to see that you're alright.
b9) Did that man leave?
b0) HUH? // Oh, you mean that guy with the bandana... yeah, he said he other places to go to.
b1) Oh, really...
b2) I'm sorry.

page 9

b1) What did you just say?
b2) I won't say it a second time.
b3) Because I was there, things really got out of hand.
b4) Truth be told, it's a miracle that master Beel got out of there alive. // Although I hate to admit it...
b5) No... // that's not right, I need to say something else...
b6) But I can't find the right words for it...

page 10

b1) But I'm tired,
b2) so I'm going to sleep a little.
b3) DAMMIT!!

page 11

b1) Oh, I'm sorry.
b2) Should I just walk?
b3) That's not what I mean.
b4) Wii!!
b5) Everyone keeps looking at me like I'm supposed to know something,
b6) and say whatever comes to their mind!!
b8) oh...
b9) So then, that baby...
b0) you really just found him?
b1) Yeah, that's right.
b2) I found him at the river bed one day!!

page 12

b1) I happened upon him at the river bed, he became attached to me...
b2) then I find out he's a demon lord,
b3) and that he's here to destroy humanity, then Hilda ended up staying at my house.
b4) and for the cherry on top, his brother's men...
b5) are coming to kill me! What the hell is all this!?
b6) Is what I was thinking at first,
b7) However now,
b8) what's really // pissing me off is that I couldn't do anything
b9) at the right moment!

page 13

b1) Yeah.
b2) You being so weak.
b3) Hilda acting so sweet.
b4) That bastard with the lines on his face.
b5) And that lousy bearded teacher Saotome,
b7) Yeah.

page 14

b1) I need to get a whole lot more powerful than I am right now...
b2) So that none of them will be able to tell me anything again!!
b3) DAH!
b4) Oh, you feel the same Beel?
b5) Then let's hear you roar a little louder!
b6) DAAAHH!!
b7) Hey, do you know what time it is?

page 15

b1) You live at a shrine?
b2) Yeah.
b3) Thanks for taking me home.
b4) So, what are you going to do?
b5) You said you wanted to be more powerful...
b6) Will you be going to Saotome then?
b7) Are you crazy?
b8) HELL NO!
b9) Men have something called pride that they will never let go of!
b0) Is that really the problem here?
b1) AOI!!!!!!

page 16

b1) You little delinquent! // Out on the town to all hours of the night!
b2) Do you have any idea what time it is!?
b3) N-no, listen...
b4) th-there's a real reason to...
b5) hm?
b6) Oh.
b7) It's that old man from before.
b8) Oh, I remember you,
b9) you're that punk with some potential.
b0) What's wrong? Are you lost? hm?
b1) He brought me home.

page 17

b1) Oga-kyun,
b2) I've come to teach you some new moves.
b3) Shut your moth,
b4) I don't need anything from you!
b5) Eat this: Shouryuuken!!!
b6) Guwahhhhhh!
b7) Y-you're too good...
b8) I've lost.
b9) Hah... as if you even need to ask.
b0) I've come here,
b1) to receive training.

page 18

b1) Whoa, Oga...
b2) you should think things ov...
b3) Oh, really?
b4) You should've seen Kanzaki-senpai yesterday,
b5) he was really cool!!
b6) Maybe I should've recorded it.
b7) So Toujou and Izuma were fighting? Then some thugs from another school jumped in and made things really bad... // And the one who settled everything by himself was Kanzaki?
b8) Right, right, your dreams are about to put me to sleep.

page 19

b1) You really don't believe me!
b2) Stop that Hanazawa.
b3) You'll only make yourself look like a loser if you keep pressing.
b4) The really strong men are the silent ones.
b5) Ohhhhh, cool!! So cool!!
b6) You know, I heard that Izuma isn't here today.
b7) Really?
b8) Toujou isn't here either.
b9) Like that's anything new.
b0) And Aoi-neesan isn't here today either, what's going on?
panel1) She's never missed school before.
b1) Oga isn't here either.
b2) In fact, yesterday the two of them went home together.
panel2) NO WAY!!
b3) Sigh...
b4) What to do now...
b5) that kid isn't helping his situation here...
panel3) He chose the zen master over the teacher! Oga is really in his rebellious stage!!

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#1. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2010
Not reserving the trans?
#2. by [Cross] ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2010
It is reserved for keishou, I think he just forgot.
#3. by Black Hawk ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2010
but keishou bring it late and they got probs aslong zambo not there
#4. by [Cross] ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2010
Actually, at the moment Keishou is on the resurgence. Their other group members have just started working toward releasing it on their own. It's not their fault that the only usable raws come out on Tuesday/Wednesday.
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