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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 6

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jan 24, 2011 22:53 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 6

Sorry for the LONG delay... for how things are looking right now, there will be more... sorry, but it's unavoidable.

This is for CxC's use only.

page 1

left of panel) A portable shrine bath!?
b1) Is that them?
b2) Yes. According to the report of those that survived the incident, // they seem to be a match.

page 2

b1) Alright!
b2) Just you wait,
panel) The Sumeragi girl who's after Renya,

page 3

panel) enters stage right!!
b1) I'll get revenge for Isshin-sama, little Renya.

page 5

b1) My country is known as:
b2) The commonwealth of Britain.
b3) A country far to the west of this one.
b4) It's a land far across the ocean.
b5) So, why has this little skirmish for succesor turned into something so big?
b6) Well, that's because lady Claire is...
b7) It's Clara!

page 6

b1) Lady Claire is a direct descendant of my country's founder.
b2) However, both of her parents fell in war(political), and she was sent here as a result.
b3) Britain is in a state of disorder right now,
b4) so there are a lot of well to do people who are trying to make her a figure head for their own success.
b5) C.C., aren't you also british?
b6) Didn't I tell you? I'm nothing more than a guide... you're everyday nomad.
b7) So, what that guy said earlier,
b8) about your past crimes being erased, how did that turn out?
b9) That's... none of you guys' business. // That aside,
b0) Are you guys really planning on coming with me?

page 7

b1) You have it backwards. // You're going to lead us,
b2) to where Clara is.
b3) If you do that, you'll have to fight Mesh once again.
b4) And if you guys fight him,
b5) you'll die, 100% guarantee...
b6) ...Already dead....

page 8

b1) They were all good people.
b2) Some were cool beans too.
b3) Of course there were times when we fought, but it was great being with them!
b4) So that's why... Because...
b5) That's why...
b6) you don't want to lose any more people you care about?

page 9

b1) All of us...
b2) feel the same as the master does.
b3) giggle.
b4) Wha?
b5) What's so funny?

page 10

b1) Everything.
b2) Please excuse me,
b5) You little...
b6) The level of your fight is too trivial.

page 11

b1) You're only moving on the feelings you have right now.
b2) There's nothing to fall back on during war.
b3) Fall back on?
b4) The path you must take, the will to see it through.
b5) The thing you swore yourself to.
b6) The ugly guy next to me seems to understand what you're saying.
panel) "ugly guy"?
b7) It's blind devotion, but...

page 12

b2) No one asked you to think.
b3) This is something that you carry as you fight.
b4) Renya, you've only been letting that strange power of yours go wild. // And whatever is in it's way, it kills without second thought.
b5) Do you really think I'd go along with a guy that...
b6) doesn't think about his actions, past, present or future, but is heading straight for my lady Claire?

page 13

b1) C.C., what about you...?
b2) I'm just a bystander, I'm not getting involved in your little adventure.
b3) But now that a nightmare has shown up,
b4) it means he's likely pulling the strings...
b5) Hmmm...
b6) What are they talking about?
b7) Futaba-sama, I have an update report for you.
b8) It'l take a little longer before everything is set up.

page 14

b1) Didn't I tell you to make it quick? // This needs to be completed before Tokugawa makes his move. Renya, the man who killed Isshin-sama...
b2) I'm going to be the one that
b3) exacts revenge on him for that!!

page 15

b1) What's that?

page 16

b1) You're right, I never once thought of a reason for fighting.
b2) But what of it? Do I really need one?
b3) Such a thing doesn't matter!!
b4) Before you go mouthing off, shouldn't you be moving!?
b5) And I'm telling you, you're going to die like that!
b6) And like I said, they're already dead! Everyone is dead!!
b7) And WHO was it that killed them!?

page 17

b1) HUH!? Who's fault is it...
b2) that things have all turned out like this?
b3) It was at you're orders that things turned out like this, right?
b4) Then the least you could do is give us a hand as we save Carla!

page 18

b1) Hold on there,
b2) I do not agree with what Sumeragi Isshin ordered to be...
b3) Don't try to act like the good guy now.
b4) Excuse me?
b5) Now, now...
b6) We don't exactly know what to do right now either.
b7) But is it wrong to want a reason to act on at times like this?
b8) It's because we all have the desire to save Carla that we can still smile. // Do you understand?
b9) Sigh...

page 19

b1) No matter what the age,
b2) humans will always do some stupid things...
b3) hm?
b4) So you're leading us to where she is will be your...
b5) Don't you dare say it's my way of atoning.

page 20

b1) However, I do need to do something to make it up to you guys, so...
b4) A bowing apology?

page 21


page 22

b1) MOVE IT!!!
b2) H-He...
b3) HELP US!!!!
b4) What....
b5) is that?

page 24

b1) Huh!?
b3) Was that... a demon spell?

page 25

b1) Miss C.C.
b2) What exactly is Renya's power?
b3) If you want the answer to that,
b4) you'll have to go along with him.
b5) pheew...
b6) I used it without thinking.

page 26

b1) So this is Renya?
b2) He's like a demon!
b3) What on earth happened?
left of panel) A meeting out of the blue!

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#1. by domiz1991 ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2011
thanks you very much!
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