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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Swing Girl 4

When you wish upon a star.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Feb 23, 2011 01:39 | Go to Swing Girl

-> RTS Page for Swing Girl 4

It's been a while, hasn't it? Too long if you ask me. Well, there wasn't much I could do about it, life took a turn for the worse and... you don't need to hear my little sob story. If things go my way (and they almost never do), Code Grease in a day or two, and that's NOT a typo.

page 1

title) When you wish upon a star.
b1) Ooi-san,
b2) You know...
b3) What is it,
b4) Rikudou-kun?
b5) It'll soon be...
b6) the 4th of July.
-not really, but it's a Japanese holiday in July, just roll with it.-
b7) ...that's right.
b8) hmm...

page 2

b1) So after all that,
b2) you managed to get a date with Ryou-kun to the 4th of July festival. // Nice, Haruka.
b3) ugh...
b4) huh? What? Why are you sighing? // Aren't you happy?
b5) I am, but this happened just this morning, things are moving really fast...
b6) Despite that, we still call each other by our family names... // Things are so uptight, it's hard to be genuinely happy.
-in case u don't know, the Japanese (and most asian countries) build walls between each other, and you're only "allowed" to call someone by their first name if you know them well enough.-
b7) Why don't you throw caution to the wind, // and just call him Ryou-kun.
b8) If an opportunity came up like that, I'd be grateful, but...
b9) Things don't go that easily... // In...
b0) In fact, my heart starts racing whenever I'm with him.
b1) And when I get excited like that, I get a hard on, so I'm more concerned with hiding that...

page 3

b1) Yeah, because normally...
b2) yours is damn big!!
b3) GYAHHHH!!!!?
bubble sfx.1-3) fondle
b4) Damn, you're huge!!
b6) Sorry, sorry. // But you know...
b7) I'm kinda jealous, you have someone that can make your heart race,
b8) Right.
b9) Yeah, you're right.
b0) You mean,
b1) there isn't someone that // you like?
b2) Oh! You're reaction just now gave you away!! // You DO have someone you like!
b3) N-NO I don't!! NO ONE AT ALL!!
b4) Hey guys, would you // all like to go to the 4th of July festival?

page 4

b1) Ah, Mary. // We were just talking about that right now.
b2) Oh, if that's the case, // would you all like to make a wish?
b3) Make a wish?
b4) Oh, I know what you're talking about!! // There's this really BIG tree at the Masumi shrine, // they say if you put your wishes on it, they'll be granted.
b5) Yeah, that's right!!
b6) I hear the higher it is, the better your chances are! // I brought a whole calligraphy set with me today.
b7) So why don't we all make our wishes now, // and we'll all go together tomorrow.
b8) Ma...
b9) Make a wish...
b0) Here's one for you too, Manaka.
b1) Ah...
b2) I think...
b3) I'll...
b4) do mine at home.
b5) Really?

page 5

b1) When should we meet tomorrow?
b2) We should try to be there before it gets packed.
b3) Okay, // then how about 10am, // at the train station.
b4) Manaka!!
b5) hm? // OHHHH!!
b6) TA-DAH!!
b7) How do I look?
b8) Haruka! You're going all out!

page 6

b1) tee hee. // Because when we're done here, I'm going to be with Ryou-kun.
b2) Wasn't your date set for toNIGHT? // Well, whatever.
b3) Manaka, is that your box?
b4) Oh, this?
b5) I got this from one of the shop owners. // Because "The higher your wish, the better chance it has", right? // So with this box...
b6) Oh, nice idea, Manaka!
b7) Also, Mary said she forgot something,
b8) so go on ahead without her.
b9) Hey, let's try to put our wishes on the highest branch!
b0) It's...
b1) pretty // damn high.
b2) This box won't amount to much.

page 7

b1) Rikudou, // more to the right!
b2) Here?
b3) I said more to the right!!
b4) I can't reach!
b5) How's this?
b6) Dammit! // I still can't reach it... // Rikudou!! A little more!!
b7) A little more what?
b8) Rikudou...
b9) kun?
b0) Ta?
b1) Takamichi?
b2) Ooi-san!?
b3) Oh!
b4) UGLY!!!

page 8

bubble sfx.1) PISSED
bubble sfx.2) whoosh
b1) Who the hell
b3) WHOA!!
b4) Rikudou-kun!!
b6) The person who calls someone ugly out of the blue is the real child.
b8) Child, kid, baby!!

page 9

b1) What's this Takamichi,
b2) did you come here to make a wish?
b3) I bet yours was, " I wish to be taller".
b4) WHA!?
b5) HELL NO, FOOL!! // AND DIDN'T YOU COME TO MAKE A WISH TOO? // who are you to make fun of me?
b6) My worries are a lot deeper than any of yours could possibly be!!
b7) Now, now Manaka, calm down. // If you know him, why don't you introduce me?
b8) He is Suzuki Takamichi.
b9) Although we know each other, it's nothing sweet. // We've lived next to each other, so...
b0) If you've known each other for that long,
b1) why can't you get along?
b4) Are you back in a civil mood now? // Here, I got you your beloved milk.
b5) ...What?
b6) Did... // something happen between you and Sano-san?

page 10

b1) A year ago,
b2) I asked her out,
b3) and she rejected me.
b4) After I asked her out, she wouldn't talk to me anymore. // And she even ended up going to an all girls school.
b5) She didn't say anything, // but I'd bet my life it's because I'm short.
b6) You know // how girls always say that they don't consider a guy shorter than them a man.
b7) Well, not that I give a damn about that ugly skank!
b8) That aside, let's go home.
paper) I wish to get taller. -I can't read the rest on this page, but it'll come up again-
b9) It's not like I can reach the top!

page 11

b1) It's not because I...
b2) don't like him that I rejected him.
b3) I was so shocked that, // I blurted out "Are you dumb!?" // without thinking...
b4) We had always played together not caring about gender.
b5) Everyday was so much fun, // then...
b6) out of the blue he asks me out. // Who would've thought that he saw me as a woman!
b7) No, // that's not true.
b8) Truth is, // I knew for a while...
b9) I knew but...
b0) But you know! Because... // I was...
b1) My penis had already grown in.
b2) So that's why...
b3) I...
b4) I said...

page 12

b1) HAAAAAAAHH!! Things like that
b2) are such a pain to handle, so I chose to go to an all girls school.
b3) Really such a pain. // I couldn't stand it.
b4) Haruka,
b5) let's leave. // It's not like we're going to reach the top anyway.
paper) I wish I could apologize to Takamichi.
b6) hm?
b7) Oh?
b8) 1
b9) 2
b0) Equals!!!

page 13

b1) We'll get // those wishes
b2) to the very top!!
bubble sfx.) grab
b3) O-okay then, Ooi-san,
b4) I'm going to // stick it (my head) in.
b5) Okay,
b6) please be gentle with me.

page 14

b1) HYAAHH!!?
-damn sfx. use your imagination for what sounds her dick/twat is making on his head.-
b2) Are... // you kidding...
b3) I'm... // feeling this more than...
b4) hngh
b5) ah.

page 15

b1) OHHH!!
b2) Ah.
b3) I never noticed before...
b4) But a man's (Rikudou's) neck // is..
b5) so thick!
b6) Her thighs are soo s-s-smooth...
b7) They feel so soft and warm...
b8) On top of that, // she...
-I don't know if I'm doing justice to these couple of pages here, it's supposed to read like what a sex scene between 2 virgins, but I don't think it's coming across just right. In case it isn't, that's what it's supposed to read like.-

pag 16

b1) She // smells really good.
2b) What is it? // It smells sweet.
b3) So smooth.
b4) I can feel something nice // and soft on my... no!!! // I need to stop!!! // Haruka, don't get too excited!!
b5) But, I can't help it! // Ryou-kun feels so good.
b6) His thick... // Oh no!! I'm starting to consciously...
b7) Please, no!! // Don't get hard!
b8) Please penis, don't!!
b9) What happened?
b0) They stopped moving.
b1) ...yeah.
b2) I-I need to do something.
b3) I'm going to stand on the box now.
b4) Oh yeah, I need to put up those two's wishes.
b5) O-okay, // Rikudou-kun.

page 17

b1) WHOA!
b2) WAHH!!
b3) uh...
b4) oh no.
b6) This is feeling really good.
b7) Not good.
b8) I'm starting to...
b9) AWAH!?
b0) Ah...
b1) I'm getting a hard // on!!

page 18

b1) Ri...
b2) Rikudou-kun, // could you...
b3) N-not... // hit me down there please... // it's kinda...
b4) O-only if you stop... // squeezing so hard.
-Man the jokes just don't translate well.-
b5) Ah...
b6) You're hitting it // down there again.
b7) ahh.
b8) That's because you're...
b9) preventing me from moving away!!
b0) Ahhh. No, stop!
b1) Please don't move so much!
b2) Uhn. // YOU'RE the one that's moving! // Would you please put your weight forward?
b3) NO! You're hitting my spot again! // You're really getting it good too! Rikudou-kun!! // Rikudou-kun!!!
b4) You do know that I can feel it too!! // Ooi-san?
-sfx. are all for rubbing-
b5) Ahhh
b6) I can't...
b7) hold it back...

page 19

b1) anymore...
b2) huh?
b3) whoa!

page 20

b1) Haruka!!
b2) Look out!
b3) Oh!!
b4) What about everyone's wishes? // ah.
b5) Thank goodness.
b6) This is Manaka's and Suzuki-kun's...
b7) ...and? // Huh!?

page 21

b1) Oh NO...
paper) I wish we could call each other Ryou-kun and Haruka-chan.
box) GYUAAHHH!!?
panel) that hurt.
b3) uh
b4) Oh...no.
b5) Haruka-chan!

page 22

b1) Mary!!
b2) I'm sorry for being so late. // But I forgot something and I went back to get it. // Because,
b3) I thought it would be problematic if we couldn't reach the top,
b4) so I brought a
b5) LADDER with me.
b6) AHHHH!!
b9) huh? uh... // thanks...
b0) Why... // is mine next to YOURS?
b1) That's what I'd like to know.

page 23

b1) What does that matter, // you're at the very top.
b2) He's right you two.
b3) I'm sure your wishes will be granted now. // Right?
b4) W-well... // I guess you're right. // Thanks.
b5) Okay, Haruka, Mary. // Let's kill some time before the festival starts. // I think the face painting was this way?
b7) Excuse me!? Don't you dare follow us!!
b9) Uh...
b0) well... // I guess,

page 24

b1) We should get going to, // Ha... Ha...
b2) Haruka-chan.
b3) Yeah! // Ryo...
b4) Ryou-kun!
paper) I wish we could call each other Ryou-kun, and Haruka-chan.
bottom) When you wish upon a star. Fin.

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