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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Swing Girl 7

We're all at the beach.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Feb 27, 2011 13:29 | Go to Swing Girl

-> RTS Page for Swing Girl 7

Here I thought chptr.7 was done... oh well. here it is

page 1

title) We're all at the beach.

page 2

b1) WOW!
b2) WHAT A VIEW!!!

page 3

box1) It's the beach!! // We all decided to come out here during summer vacation.
box2) A 3 day, 2 night stay a Mary's summer hotel.
-it's not truly a hotel, but a boarding house. used as a hotel sometimes, so that's y I put that.
box3) It's been a really long time since I last came to the beach. // Because of that, I was so excited that I didn't get any sleep last night.
b1) FYI, // from the beach all the way to the hotel is our property, // and it's all ours for the time we're here!
b2) Mary, you're amazing!
b4) You reserved this!?
b5) Damn.

page 4

b1) Ah... ms. Rikudou.
b2) Manaka, you have math homework, right? // Did you do it?
b3) I was going to do it tonight.
b4) You'll do it NOW!
box) Ms. Rikudou // came along with us as a chaperone.
b5) NOW!?
b8) Once you've finished it all, you can play to your heart's content.
b9) hm?
b0) A teddy?
b1) Yeah.
b2) "He'll be lonely if he's home during the trip" // is what I was told...
b3) By Haruka-chan.
b4) That's so mean!!
b5) Your math teacher mr. Tagawa gave me an earful about this, // so think of my position too!
b6) Manaka, // we'll wait.
b7) We'll wait for you to finish your homework.
b8) And we'll all go together.
b9) I love you!
b0) The beach isn't going anywhere.

page 5

b1) What the hell do you mean "We'll wait for you"? // And "The beach isn't going anywhere"?
b2) You've already put your swimsuits on.
b3) Oh, ah... well...
b4) We're... // just trying them on!!
b5) Don't make me lose my already limited motivation.
b6) Manaka, just get your homework done really quick.
b7) yeah, that's right! Get it done really fast.
b8) Sigh... I don't even care about the beach anymore...

page 6

b1) Oh please, who do you think you're fooling?
b2) You shouldn't try saying that, // when YOU have your swimsuit on too. // You're looking forward to it as much as we are.
b3) I...I was just going along with you guys!
b4) Besides, if I'm the only one in regular clothes, it'll kill the mood, right?
b5) How's it going? // Is the end in sight?
b6) Not at all. // Can you two help me out? // You guys got passing grades, right?
b7) Not // at a level high enough to teach...
panel) Math score 56 // 52 // 49
-Apparently the passing grade is 50. I wish my school was that easy, passing was 70, anything lower you failed...-
b8) Damn, // now I feel even worse.
b9) Haruka, get my reference book, // it's in my bag.
b0) sure.
b1) hm?

page 7

b1) huh? this is...
b2) Oh that,
b3) it's this month's Anson. // Since it said sex manual on it, I got it. // I was thinking of having us all check it out tonight.
b4) ...hey, // listen when someone's talking to you.
b5) Heeeeey!!
b6) Whoa, check this out!!
b7) huh!? A blow job!? // There are this many people who've done it?

page 8

b1) Wha? A blo... // Blow job is that, right...? // The one that you do with your mouth?
b2) I know, I saw it in a manga.
b3) And I've been wondering if it's really done! // Because you use your mouth. // Isn't your penis where you pee from? // Or is it different for guys?
-where would they pee from if not from the cock?-
b4) I think it's the same.
book) During sex, what would you like to have done to you the most? // blowjob // tit fuck
b5) There are so many that do it.
b6) Could you really do it?
b7) I-I don't know!! // But it probably feels good.
b8) whoa... // using your mouth...
b9) to do it.
b0) Or have it done to you...
b1) Does it feel good?
b2) What's this? // You want Ryou-kun to do that to you!?
b3) H-HELL NO!!!

page 9

b1) We're not... // even comfortable just holding hands yet.
b3) it's been 3 months!! Why the hell are you taking so long?
b4) BECAUSE!! I...
b5) When I get excited, I... // get hard.
b6) And I... // don't want him to know about that yet.
b7) Ohhh...
b8) I get you now. // You feel embarrassed just talking about it, // and you're scared of the reaction.
b9) I bet you guys // wouldn't like a penis on a girl.
b0) Wouldn't like it...? I wonder. // But it is true that we're not normal girls.
b1) The penis aside, // I don't like that fact that I'm becoming a coward.
b3) But you know...

page 10

b1) I truly feel that...
b2) I'm blessed to have a penis.
b3) Because if I didn't have one, // I'd have developed a complex about my height and flat chest. // You know...
b4) Because I have a penis,
b5) I was able to get to know you all.
b6) Weighing the pros and cons, it's definitely a plus that I have a penis.
b7) Hey, // Manaka, are you getting anywhere with your homework?
b8) ugh...
b9) This makes no sense to me. // Oh yeah! Yunagi is really good in math!!
b0) Yeah, // but since you said you'd like some watermelon, // she went out to buy some with Tsukasa.

page 11

b1) Hmm. // So you're alright with being seen with teddies.
b2) Yeah. // All thanks to Haruka-chan.
b3) Is that so.
b4) Isn't that great, Tsukasa.
b5) Haruak-chan is so accepting.
b6) Yeah.
b7) So you know, // there's a teddy with the name Yuna.
b8) Really?
b9) I bet you that one is quite the beauty.
b0) No, it's my punching bag.
b1) Tsukasa! That's mean!

page 12

b2) Ah!
b3) We're glad you guys are back.
b4) huh? // You're all in swimsuits?
b5) tee hee
b6) Well... // we have guests.
b7) yeah, // what's up.
b8) We're out here working at a beach house. // And we came across these guys on the street.

page 13

b1) I-I-I'll...
b2) I'll go change!!
b3) ah.
b4) H-Haruka-chan...
b5) y...
b6) You look cute...
b7) in that bikini.
b8) C-C-Cu...
b9,0,2) CUTE!
b1) Ryou-kun said I'm cute.
b3) But I need to change...
b4) Or else my penis will...
b5) But he likes how I look!
b6) What should I do? // Oh!
b8) Duct tape?

page 14

b1) She looks so good.
b2) M-my bikini.
b3) He said I look cute. // I can't believe he likes it.

page 15

b1) What, you're stuck on math? // I can help you out, you know.
b2) You're the LAST person I want // help from.
b3) Don't be like that, I'm good.
b4) You guys have serious tans.
b5) It's because we're working under the sun. // We go around selling ice creams like this.
b6) Oh really.
b7) That sounds like a lot of trouble.
b8) It's actually a pretty good job. // A former swim team member told us about this place. // For the entire week, our food and expenses are paid for by the employer.
b9) And since we have to carry around those heavy carts, // we're getting in some good weight training.
b0) Yeah, it looks like it. // His arms are so thick.
b1) Ryou-kun's thick arms...
b2) his tanned chest.
b3) I-I've put on some muscle too!
b4) Manaka!! // You'd like to see my body, // right? // RIGHT!!
b5) ...no.
b7) Rikudou, you take yours off too, // come one!!
b8) huh?

page 16

b1) uh, // you know...
b2) Well, whaddya think!?
b3) See?
b4) This is pretty good, right? // I'm...
b5) Wow.
b6) Yeah, men are something else. // Is it alright if I touch?
b7) They look really hard.
b8) What the?
panel) He actually wanted Haruka-chan to see.

page 17

b1) Ryou-kun's body...
b2) Come one guys... // you're touching him too much!
b3) Ah, // hello...
b4) Wow.
b5,6) touch (yeah, they're sound fx.)
b7) that's enough.
b8) They're really hard.
b9) His back too.
b0) Hmm.
b1,2) tap (sfx again)
b3) His back has some nice definition to it too.
b4) Yeah.
b5) Ryou-kun's...
b6) Body...
b7) Ryou-kun's...
b8) his nice bo...
bubble sfx.) striii
b9) OH NO!!
b0) GYAHHHH!!!!
b1) NO!! // I knew it, // I got hard!!
b2) Well... that's fine. // It's because he a LITTLE tall.
b3) He has a pretty good body.
b4) I understand why everyone would // check him out.
b5) However, // Rikudou actually...
b6) ah!!

page 18

b3) Man, // I yelled without thinking when // I saw nothing in his crotch.
b4) I win!!
b5) I was like, // "Where is it?"
b6) "You saw..."? // huh? // You mean you guys were...!?
b7) You... // you guys are close, LIKE THAT!?
b8) HELL F^N NO!!!!!!
b9) It's because we're together so often that it happened by accident.
-I don't know what kind of accident would have you seeing another mans dick-
b0) It just happened.
b1) There are even times when we touch by accident. // But it's not like I did it on purpose! // Besides, // there's no self respecting man that WANTS to see a dick!

page 19

b1) Right!! Right!! You're the same, right Rikudou?
b2) You feel kinda sick from just seeing another dick.
b3) well...
b4) yeah, // I wouldn't want to see one.
b5) Right!! That's the way it should be!! // We're normal guys here! // Don't make any weird misunderstandings!

page 20

-use your imagination for the sfx bubbles.-
b1) Hm?
b2) What // just happened?
b3) OW!?

page 21

b1) Really? // We can use the hot springs free of charge?
b2) Sweet!
b3) Mary has so much going for her. // Ahhhh.
b4) NOOOO! // Haruka-chan is after my body!
b5) Don't be so strict, // let's have some fun.
b6) Ahn.
b7) ha ha.

page 22

b1) Ah. // I have a new target in sight, it's Tsukasa!!
b2) HYAA!!?
b3) Wow, you're a lot softer than I originally imagined! // tee hee
b4) Whoa, Haruka is on a rampage.
b5) Yeah. She looks like she's totally at ease, // doesn't she?
b6) Whoa, I'm making her feel good.
b7) hnn
b8) ah
b9) I bet... // that this is how...
b0) she always was.

page 23

b1,2,4,5) I want things
b3) haaaaaah...

page 24

b1) To work out for Haruka.
b2) Hey look everyone!
b3) The stars! // They're so pretty. // Ah.
b4) That she doesn't stay defeated by // a silly little penis.
b5) I wonder...
b6) if Ryou-kun is star gazing too?

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