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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 8

The final fight approaches.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Apr 2, 2011 01:33 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

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This is for CxC's use only.

page 1

title) The final fight approaches.

page 2

b1) So?
b2) Is THAT all you had to say to me, // you filthy hicks?

page 3

b1) I'll pretend I didn't hear that last part...
b2) right now, I need you to work with me to get those leftovers from your last hunt and...
b3) ugh
b4) hueh!?
b5) Lady Futaba!!

page 4

b1) Are you kidding!?
b2) This guy is a monstrosity too?
b3) A monstrosity?
b4) I guess to you lower life forms, that's what I look like, huh?
b5) hmph, I guess the difference in rank is too great.
b6) wh-wh-whoa!
b7) nohyo!!

page 5

b1) Retards!!
b2) Did you seriously think master Mesh would lend a hand to the likes of you?
b3) What should we do? Should we have her look after the cows?
b4) Yeah, maybe...
b5) She may even be good enough to "comfort" us...

page 6

b1) Ahh...
2b) No... // no waayyyyy!!

page 7

b1) This is no good, it won't be ready in time.
b2) What about you, Shiori?
b3) I'll need at least one more night.
b4) What's the plan, master?
b5) It's suicide to go into battle with just pieces of armor.

page 8

b1) Yeah, we'd better not take them.
b2) Sorry about having you go through all the trouble of preparing it for me.
b3) Right now,
b4) rescuing Carla comes before everything else.
b5) Oh yeah, I still haven't eaten.
b6) You mean you haven't eaten anything this entire time?
b7) Well, it's just...
b8) I don't really feel hungry.
b9) Master...
b0) Anjie, I keep telling you...
b1) NOT to call me that.

page 9

b1) The person we're going to fight...
b2) isn't human.
b3) Why are you getting scared?
b4) It might just be some silly demon spells.
b5) Demon spell?
b6) That's one?
b7) That power that had you and Weinberg flying for a second is off the char... Let me get right to the point, that power isn't something a regular person can deal with!
b8) Are you telling me to run with my tail between my legs?
b9) What about you, Misuzu?
b0) After coming this far, do you really think I'd say something like that?

page 10

b1) If so, instead of spouting off that crap...
b2) Before I do anything, there's something I need to ask you,
b3) it's about that arm.
b4) I really think that...
b5) his arm is necessary to beat the enemy we're going to face.
b6) Maybe, but what exactly is that power?
b7) I've kept quiet about it all this time, thinking that Renya would talk about it on his own...
b8) It also looks like he can't properly use that power, so!! That's why!!
b9) Okay, Okay, I got it.
b0) Master.

page 11

b1) The person we're going to face is a true monster, and we don't know if we're going to see the next sunrise or not,
b2) so could you tell us now?
b3) What exactly that arm of yours is?
b4) If that's what you truly think,
b5) then I should be the one to explain to you guys about it.
b6) You don't need to,
b7) I'll handle...
b8) Alright Renya,
b9) let's go infiltrate the enemy's base.

page 12

b1) Our "spy", Denshichirou, // found us a good way in.
b2) We need to go now while the moon is behind the clouds.
b5) Although it looks like you're trying to wrap your head around this before doing anything, the truth is...
b6) that you're shaking in your boots, and you CAN'T move, right?
b7) little slave?

page 13

b2) And doing this is totally pointless.
b3) Enough already!!

page 14

b1) C.C. please handle this.
b2) I was planning on going on my own anyway.
b3) Wait, master!
b4) Don't stop him.
b5) Renya thought it would be better for you guys to know what's going on before you did anything.
b6) That alone.
b7) Ahhh!

page 15

b1) Are you deaf?
b2) I said to get out of this village!
b3) When Mesh has finished what he came here to do, this village will be ours.
b4) We'll keep some of the adults, but little pups like you aren't needed.
b6) You know, I think // this is the guy who left to look for help.
b7) Really? And did you find any help?
b8) Excuse me,

page 16

b1) I'd like to ask you something...
b2) is that Mesh guy in this village?
b3) ...What?
b4) Are you kidding me!? THIS is the guy you got to help you!?
b5) He's just a kid!!
b6) You have a child helping out another child?
b7) Do you know how to use a sword?

page 17

b1) Not really.
b2) I'm actually better with these.
b3) W-What the hell was that?
b5) tsk.

page 18

b2) ugh...

page 19

b1) hiiihn!
b2) Where is he?
b4) You're... // a monster!!
b5) ah...

page 20

b1) What's wrong? You can run like the rest of them did.
b2) Our deal is done, right? // I'll handle the rest by myself.
b3) You don't need to be like that.
b4) Didn't you come here to help us?
b5) If so, that means that we're on the same side.
b6) Let's see, same side... // Since we're fighting together, would calling us comrades be right?
b7) It also says that we could be called "brothers" or "heroes of justice".
b8) I wouldn't go as far as calling us heroes of justice.
b9) You better not,
b0) because justice is on my side.

page 21

b1) Welcome, lower life forms.
b2) It's nice of you to come to entertain me while my ride comes.

page 22

b1) Unless it's closed quarters combat, you can't use it, right?
b2) That arm of yours.
b3) You know, just throwing it out there...
b4) Would you consider surrendering?
b5) What kind of bad joke is that?
b6) Oh really?
b7) Well, if you're not going to surrender, then I'll just have to do it.

page 23

1b) ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

page 24

b1) DAMN YOU!!
b2) One more...
b3) You idiot. Your wind is what's pulling it in.
b4) HAH!

page 25

b1) You fell for it!
b2) Now, you'll...
b3) return the princess!

page 26

b1) Although you're a noble,
b2) you're thinking the same thing as this hick...?
panel) Dragon // Mode.

page 28

b1) What the hell is this!!?
b2) I hope I'm wrong...
b3) Is he planning on throwing us up through the sky!?
b4) Now, lets see you dance in the big blue sky.
b5) And this is goodbye, hick.

page 29

b1) ...Getting away!
b3) S-sir Mesh!
b4) The women have gotten away!
b5) WHAT THE!?
b6) Is he talking about the princess?

page 30

b1) Right now, this is all I can tell you.
b3) If you understand, then we should head out to back Renya up...
b4) That was too close for comfort!!
b5) I don't want to see anymore of those weirdos anymore!

page 31

b1) You again!?
b2) Are you back to pick a fight with us?
b3) N-no we're not! We just happened upon this place!
b4) Things were really... dicey back there.
b5) You said you're name is Futaba,
b6) Right?
b7) LET ME GO!
b8) What's that?

page 32

b1) uh... // uhhnn...
b2) She was imprisoned in a different room from us,
b3) but I thought it would be wrong to just leave her there.

page 33

b2) So you really were a good person at heart.
b3) Well, I only did the obvious thing there.
b4) huh...
b5) Where am I?
b6) Well, I guess...
b7) the plan worked to perfection.
box at the bottom left) Futaba came bearing gifts!!

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