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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Teppu 12

The woman from the west.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Apr 30, 2011 20:04 | Go to Teppu

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Took me long enough, right?

This is for Animexis' use only.

page 1

title) The woman from the west.

page 2

panel) Today's the day to see her enemy in action!

page 3

b1) There are quite a lot of people here today...
b2) It's about time for the match to start.
b3) Now then,
b4) let's get going.

page 4

b1) We have special goods on sale right now!
b2) We have bromide autographed T-shirts, CD's, and straps...
panel) You're in section K
b3) Look at all this, they're selling photo mags... it's practically a market down here!
b4) There are a lot of people here today. I bet even the sponsor is different too.

page 5

box1) There are currently 2 major women's leagues off MMA in Japan.
panel1) What's this? A concert? // No, it's an MMA match.
box2) Valkyrie, that Karin is part of, and the one's we've come to watch today, Minerva.
box3) There used to be 1 big group that had them all, but they were taken down... and these 2 popped up in it's place.
b1) Oh, it's the ring.

page 6

b1) This one isn't an octagon.
b2) I like fighting in the octagon. // If you're put in a submission move, you can get released by holding the ropes, and I don't like that.
b3) But when within the steel octagon, there's no way out until the match is over. But I don't like the fact of being caged in either...
panel1) LEMME OUT!
b4) Well... since it comes down to a matter of preference, i can't say which is better.
b5) Is this alright? You're the top fighter of another league, should you be here?
b6) I don't care at all. // Besides, I'm in disguise, so it's alright!!
b7) I don't think you're fooling anyone... // -small print- that's supposed to be disguise?
panel2) We're on the west side...

page 7

box1) Today's even has 9 total matches: 2 matches under grappling rules, and 2 under shoot boxing rules.
box2) The main event is the lightweight champion's fight.
b1) ...You know, I was thinking this when I went to see your match too...
b2) Why are there so many round girls at a women's match?
b3) Well that's because the people who come to these matches are mostly men...
b4) so sexy...
b5) Is that what you've been looking at?
box3) Anyway, the matches continue on...

page 8


page 9


page 10

b1) Check it out, Mario Cordiero is acting as her second!
b2) She's a lot smaller than I thought she'd be.
b3) She's pretty cute though.
b4) I wonder how she'll fight.
b5) I'm looking forward to it.

page 11

b1) I finally get to see her in true action. -small print- She's the semi final fight in her debut?
b2) I wonder if super brows is here too?
b3) Here's the first match of the most famous G-girl participant.
panel) Can I fight with my glasses on? // No! Take them off.
b4) But, I bet everyone here is thinking this:
b5) "That TV show was a fake, right?" or "Is she really a good fighter?"
b6) And within those in attendance today, there are those who are hoping that she gets beat down today...

page 12

b1) Her opponent is Nakata Chisa. A girl who is hoping for the right to challenge the champion.
b2) She's a rare fighter that has a good balance in both strikes and grappling.

page 13

b1) Her record thus far is 8-1, with 2 KO's and 3 submissions. // This time around, we'll be fighting under the rules where pounds are allowed...
b2) Her first opponent is tough one, isn't it?
between panel) Pounding is where you hit the opponents face when they're on the ground. Minerva doesn't allow pounding.
b3) This is Rinji's debut fight, right? // What if she loses... From what I hear, she didn't have a match over seas that allowed pounding.
b4) She'll have hell to pay if she loses... She's going to fight me at G-girl.
b5) You know...
b6) I've been meaning to ask this, but...
b7) Women's lightweight is 55kg (121lbs) and under, right?
b8) Yeah, that's right.
panel) Why are you asking now?

page 14

b1) Things used to be done in general... but things just didn't work out right...
b2) This might surprise you, but... most of the fighters were pretty light. Most of them were in the mosquito class...
b3) Because of that, they made fly weight at 45 kg (99lbs) and under.
b4) FYI, this was first done in Japan, and the rest of the world has followed suit.
b5) Is that so? -small print- Trivia too!
b6) Now then...

page 15

b1) Let's see exactly what she has.
b2) FIGHT!

page 16

b1) What's with this girl?
panel) Why is the daughter of a grappler... // taking a Muay Thai stance?
b2) She has a wide base to guard against tackling,
b3) but isn't she a little too upright?

page 17

b1) I saw that little farce on TV.
b2) You're not seriously trying to ride your father's coattails to fight in G-girl, are you?
panel) If so, you'll wake up in a hospital!

page 18


page 19

b1) She throws out that low kick as though she's throwing a jab.
b2) She's really fast pulling out after the attack too.
b3) With that speed, her opponent is going to have a hard time trying to catch her leg or avoid it.
b4) Hmm...
b5) This doesn't hurt too much...
b6) Is she trying to slowly take down my stamina as she avoids my take downs?

page 20

panel1) Maybe...
panel2) But if that's how you're going to fight me, you won't be able to use that kick that // picked up a 80kg (176lbs) man!

page 21

b1) She got taken down really easily. -small print- a 1-legged take down.
b2) mmm?
b3) I want to pound her into the ground, but...
b4) She's keeping me at bay with her feet.
b5) Maybe I should just go for a pass guard for now...

page 22

b1) I'm getting thrown off!

page 23

b1) She got away so quick...
b2) Is it normal to get away from a take down that easily?
b3) hmm...
b4) Dammit!!
panel) Again...

page 24


page 25

b1) A single leg tackle!!
b2) She has her leg up now!!
b3) Get her to the ground!!
b4) As if you needed to tell me.

page 26

b1) hungh!?
b2) She used her opponents leg to balance herself for the knee to the face.
b3) She does some crazy things. -small print- It didn't do any damage though.
b4) This girl...

page 27

b1) She's all kicks...
b2) Something isn't right...
b3) It was the same as the first time... she's getting taken down way too easily.
b4) Forget going for a counter, she doesn't even try avoid it.
b5) While her kicks may be fast, there's no power behind it because she's always backing off.
b6) If she has the kind of kick that picked Takenaka off the ground, // then she should be able to step in and put some strength behind it...

page 28

b1) And she's caught once again!!
b2) NICE!!
b3) That's a Muay Thai style escape technique!
b4) tsk!

page 29

panel1) She got my neck...
b1) To be able to toss Tanaka aside like that...
b2) What kind of physical strength does she have!?
panel2) She's... // looking away again...

page 32

b1) She totally avoided my take down!!
b2) Did she guess what I would do next? // No... the real problem is her reaction was WAY different than it was at the beginning of the match!
b3) Fine...
b4) I'll play along with your little game!!

page 33

b1) I get it...

page 34

b1) Even if she does get taken down, she'll simply get away with her incredible strength...
b2) Even if you do a standing grapple, she'll just get away using that same strength and Muay Thai techniques to control her opponent.
b3) Then there was that tackle counter she showed us just a second ago...
b4) She can get out of all submission moves.
b5) That girl is...
b6) a full frontal striker.

page 35

b1) She remembers...
b2) what my range is...!!
b3) She's really going all out now...
b4) It looks like she's just wanted to try it out in her debut match...
b5) Or more like, she wanted to practice in a real fight...
b6) Against a moderate opponent.

page 36


page 37

b1) Give me a break...

page 38

b1) With this strength, she could fight against men!
b2) STOP!

page 39

b1) 4 minutes, 14 seconds into round 1,
b2) Rinji Cordeiro wins by KO!!
b4) What ridiculous strength.
b5) Well, // that's no big deal.
b6) I think I can handle it.

page 40

b1) Mawatari Yuzuko said...
b2) that she and Rinji are equal in terms of fighting skill...
b3) You wanted to fight in G-girl, right?
b4) No,
b5) I'm fine with doing any amateur tournament.
b6) You shouldn't be looking down in women's MMA like that.

page 41

b1) Just because you did kinda well in a single fight,
b2) don't let that go to your head.
b3) For someone like you who's only done MMA for UNDER 6 months,
b4) entering a match with that high and mighty attitude, // with your incomplete skills and escape knowledge,
b5) you'll be walking to an early grave.
b6) Damn right...
b7) ...why?

page 42

b1) Why...
b2) would you say something like that?
b3) I'm putting the effort in...
b4) step by step, I'm putting my all into this!
panel) hey, hey.
b5) And when I put my mind to something,
b6) I'm damn good you know!!

page 43

b1) ha ha
b2) That was good!!
b3) I'm impressed that you can say something like that after seeing that match.
panel) This girl... // is something else.
b4) Fine,
b5) we'll talk about you entering a tournament when we get back.

page 44

b1) It's time for the final match...

page 45

b1) HONMA!!
b6) They're making... a pretty big deal out of her just walking to the ring.
b7) Well, she is this tournament's main event.

page 46

b1) Today's match marks Honma's 2nd title defence.
b2) Ohhh.
b3) Looking at her from here, she looks like a model. -small print- so pretty.
b4) Really?
b5) And this is her 2nd title defence, right? She's pretty good.
b6) I guess, she hasn't lost yet...
b7) Mitsuko.
b8) Honma.
b9) Micchan.

page 47

b1) Kontani,
b2) do you have something against the champ?
b3) Why do you ask?
b4) ...well, you know...

page 48

b1) 22 - 1
b2) That's my professional record.
b3) My single loss was to her.
b4) "Empress of the East".
b5) Because Karin is from Kantou, her fans call her that.
b6) The reason behind it is because the champ is from Kansai.
-in case u don't know, kantou and kansai are the eastern and western parts of Japan.-
b7) They're Japan's MMA twin jewels...
b8) The "Empress of the East" Kontani Karin. // And there's...

page 49

b1) The witch of the west,
b2) Honma Mitsuko.
panel) There's another one here!!

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