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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Beelzebub 114

The red tails' scheme.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jun 30, 2011 00:13 | Go to Beelzebub

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This is for Red hawk scan's use only.

page 3

title) The red tails scheme.
b1) And this is why I warned you,
left of panel) The teacher is mad.
b2) not to use that technique too much.
b3) ...hell, you can barely label that AS a technique.
b4) The fact that you swap bodies for about half a day is proof enough.
b5) To be blunt, you should count yourself lucky that that's all that happened to you.
b6) Huh? Why?
b7) Just recall what happened...

page 4

b1) the first day you actually drank Beelze's milk.
b2) uhh.
b3) I'm having a lot of trouble remembering.
b4) Alright Beel, just wait a second,
b5) I'll cool down your milk for you.
b6) ah
b7) hm?
b8) What? Do you want some too?
b9,0) buhda
b1) I guess it's ok.
b2) I didn't think you'd get hungry.
b3) dahbu
b4) AH.
b5) Beel!

page 5

b1) Oh!
b2) Nyoh!
b3,4) auh
b5) fuhmiiih!!

page 6

b1) NO
b3) Now listen here,
b4) if you guys can't share, then I'll drink it all myself!!
b5) Now both of you, sit down!
b6) aih
-shadow beelze pinched the real one-
b7) mih
b8) miyah
b0) nyah

page 7

b1) ...Is what I remember.
b2) The only thing I remember after that is you stopping me.
b3) I knew you weren't conscious of your actions.
b4) I'm surprised you used such a thing in a real fight.
b5) Well...
b6) since it was quite rare to see you injured, I figured it was a pretty good move.
b7) Seriously. // Do you know how hard it was to stop you?

page 8

b1) What's done is don.
b2) But with this, you know what you must do now, right?
b3) No...
b4) What you need to work on now,
b5) is perfect that super milk time.
b6) This time around, Behemoth will be leading the attack with his army, right?
b7) If you keep losing consciousness during the fight, it won't be much of a fight.
b8) You need to be the one that's in control at all times.

page 9

b1) Besides,
b2) you're not the only that's been getting better.
b3) Both Toujou and Izuma are...
b4) working their tails off so they can be good enough to fight demons.
b5) If you keep putzing around like this,
b6) they're going to pass you by.
panel) those guys are...?

page 10

b1) What's the side effect of swapping bodies?
b2) HUH?
b3) That only happened because you ignored my warnings and drank too much.
b4) Like hell I'd stay around if you did that again.
b5) Well, there is such a thing as the worst case scenario...
b6) I guess you'll have to train to reduce the time needed to return to your body to a couple of minutes.
b7) Sigh... first there was the whole shadow Beelze thing...
b8) Not being able to move around as I please is starting to take it's toll on me.
b9) Oh Yeah.
b0) What happened to the shadow Beel after all that?
b1) Did he disappear?
b2) What on earth are you saying?
b3) He's right over there.

page 11

book) Beginners Chess.
b1) What... is he doing?
b2) ah
b3) He's playing chess. -small print- I taught him.
b4) That's not what I mean!! Why is he even here!?
b5) What other choice did I have? You didn't defeat him. // And it's not like I could just leave him in that mountain, so I took him with me.
b6) REALLY!?

page 12

b1) Don't worry, he behaves himself when he's with me.
panel1) My cigarette.
b2) You could've fooled me.
b3) Ahdah
b4) Dabah duh
b5) See, he's was yearning to see Beelze again.
b6) R-really?

page 13

b1) AOI!!
b2) It's nice to see you back with us!!
b3) I'm...
b4) b-b-b-b-back.

page 14

b1) AOI!!?
b2) W-what's wrong, are you alright?
b3) We haven't seen each other in a long time, you know!!
b4) Are you still sick?
b5) Nene....
b6) uh,
b7) Yeah?
b8) Something crazy just happened,
b9) so how should I approach it?
b0) Whoa, wait... you left out the meat of the story, so I can't help.
b1) Yo, Kunieda.
b2) Himekawa.
b3) I heard that you were off training.
b4) But you look pathetic now.

page 15

b1) I heard you lost your house.
b2) Is everything alright?
b3) pfft.
b4) No need to worry,
b5) that was just one of many that I have.
b6) Himekawa's game apartment was super sweet!!
panel1) Yeah.
b7) It felt like a military base!
b8) Well, it was all blow away, but...
b9) Game?
b0) We all played an online game together,
b1) looking for the guy who tried to pick a fight with you.
b2) I-is that so...
b3) Did they play a game with a demon?
b4) Oh please, don't try to look cool now.
b6) You were nothing more than dead weight to the rest of us.
panel2) I can't do this! I wanna go home! is what you were saying. // Yeah. // ha ha // What's going on here?
b7) Kanzaki!!
b8) He's right.
b9) Nene just kept going in circles.
b0) It looks like they're all friends now.
b1) We didn't get to play.
b2) shut it.
b3) Nene...

page 16

b1) Oh, I nearly forgot! We're going to have a meeting, right?
b2) So we can go to your place, right?
b3) huh? At my place?
b4) We don't have anywhere else.
b5) W-well...
b6) we used to do it at my place all the time, but...
b7) But like I've told you before, Nene...
b8) I've made up my mind about not returning
b0) I'm only giving you the space to use.
panel) YAY!!

page 17

b1) I'm going to change, so go on ahead to the doujou.
b3) Our plan to get Aoi to return to the Red tails, while she's still on the fence,
b4) has succeeded in it's first step!!
b5) That was very careless of you, Aoi...
b6) We'll make ourselves at home with you, and you'll be back with us before you notice.

page 18

panel) YEAH!
b2) hm?
b3) Oh, it's you guys. I haven't seen you in a while.
4b) It's the baldies.
b5) We're in the middle of practice, so if you're going to have a meeting, do it elsewhere.

page 19

b1) Ohhhhhhh!!
b2) Cute girls just came out of nowhere!!
b3) They're the red tails.
b4) Red tails!? They're high class hotties!
b5) Teimou...
b6) Why...
b0) H-hey, stop that! We're here for the sole purpose of getting better!
b1) Enough with your lies!! You're here after Aoi, aren't you!?
b2) Little pests like you need to be exterminated!!
b3) N-not at all!
b4) I'm not!
b5) I only like men!!

page 20

panel) just die!!!
b1) W-what's with these guys?
b2) They're really damn good.
b3) Are they really girls?
b4) Of course they're good.
b5) I'm the one that taught them.
b6) Are you serious!?

page 21

b1) Well, whatever the case, I'm just glad the misunderstanding has been cleared.
b2) You're really not here after Aoi, are you?
b3) Give it a rest already.
b4) She has nothing to do with it!!
b5) YOU GUYS!!
b7) Aoi!!
b8) No way!
b9) There's no way we'd do something like that with your friends from school.
b0) It was just a little spar!
panel) They're all over her.

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