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Teppu 13

Speak in proper English.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 3, 2011 13:08 | Go to Teppu

-> RTS Page for Teppu 13

this is for animexis' use only.

page 1

title) Speak in proper English.
-if this is going 2 b in another language, Spanish for example, the title will change to Spanish.-

page 2

b1) FIGHT!

page 3

b1) This Minerva league match will operate under special rules, pounding will be allowed.
b2) Her opponent looks pretty confident...

page 4

b1) She holds the kick boxing title in Korea, she's a very good striker.
b2) In a woman's match where KO's a rare, // she's won by KO 5 times now.
b3) Her fighting style is like Ringi's.

page 6

b1) ...a feint?
b2) No, was he checking the distance?

page 9

b1) She went for a leg take down from that far!?

page 11

b1) STOP!!

page 12


page 13


page 14

b1) That was quick...
b2) Her matches are always like that.
b3) From the time she was 3 up until she got to college, she focused on judo.
b4) After college she switched over to Sambo, and won the nationals 9 straight times.
-between panels is describing what sambo is, google it. It's a Russian fighting style.-
b5) Now that she's doing MMA, she's won 22 straight... today will make it 23 straight times.
b6) And all her wins are quick, like what you just witnessed.

page 15

b1) So of course, she's been called the 'quick kill witch'.
b2) The beast of women's martial arts.
b3) ...does that mean that you were...?
b4) Yeah, she got me too.
b5) It was only my 2nd match, and it's the only blemish on my record.
b6) A loss is a loss, but at that time I knew close to nothing of leg techniques,
b7) so before I could realize what was happening, I lost.

page 16

panel) Where's Yuzuko?

page 17

b1) Congratulations on your title defense, and doing it in such a short amount of time.
b2) Thank you.
b3) but...
b4) I'm not too pleased that this fight didn't go the way I wanted it to...

page 18

b1) It's rare that we can fight under pound rules, but not once did I get to take advantage of it.
b2) Well, maybe next time.
panel1) My hair has grown...
b3) Is... that so?
b4) Well, we were told that you have something special to tell your fans?
panel2) Here you go. // Thanks.
b5) Yes, that's right.
b6) I'm...
b7) going to fight in the upcoming G-girl.

page 19

b1) This is the first big event for women that's going to air...
panel1) My elbow itches.
b2) So I was thinking of fighting too.
b3) If that's the case, then...
b4) I bet everyone is expecting you and Kontani Karin to have your much anticipated rematch?
b5) Ohh,
b6) Karin?

page 20

b1) Sure... In our little word of women's MMA, the two of us are the biggest stars...
b2) Well,
b3) that's how the fans see us anyway.
b4) And it looks like she really wants a revenge match too...
b5) Yeah... // Well...
b6) if it'll make people more interested in what we're doing,

page 21

b1) I'll be happy to oblige.

page 22

b1) Now you've really got my blood boiling.
b2) Although she doesn't look it,
panel1) that's what you'd expect from a witch.
b3) she has quite the personality.
b4) We're all expecting quick wins from you in the tournament.
b5) Now, onto Rinji.
b6) We know that you're entering G-girl,
b7) and with you're KO today, there are a lot of people who are looking forward to seeing you,

page 23

b1) Is there anything you'd like to say looking forward to the tournament?
b4) Right...
b5) Okay then, is there a fighter that you have your eye on?
b6) Someone that you'd really like to fight during the tournament...?
b7) My eye on...?

page 24

b1) YUZUKO!!
b2) Yuzu...?
b3) She's my friend, and is a very good fighter!!
b4) I... I don't know who that is. She hasn't given in her entry form yet, has she?
panel1) Please let me go.
b5) Also,
b7) Huh!?
b9) And just... who is that?

page 25

b1) HAH!
b2) It looks like you've gotten her attention, Natsuo!
b3) Why do you look so happy?
b4) hmmm
box) 35 y/o

page 26

b1) No.
b2) You will NOT be allowed to participate.

page 27

b1) That tournament starts next month, right?
panel1) dumb ass. // up yours
b2) And they allow pounds... there's no way in hell I'd let you in a tournament that dangerous.
b3) But Ringi is going to be in there.
b4) You're nowhere near her level.
panel2) nowhere near...?
b5) Besides, there's no need for you to rush like that.
b6) At least 6 months... // Right now, you need to learn techniques and train your body for...
b7) Not a chance!

page 28

b1) She's going to be there!!
b2) Mawatari Yuzuko!!
b3) I hate her guts, // and if she's going to be there...
b4) then I'll need to be there too!
box1) I can't...
box2) handle just sitting around and letting my anger build like this...
panel) This is all your fault!!

page 29

b1) I'll definitely regret it...
b2) I won't be complete if I don't.
panel) It's NOT my fault!!

page 30

panel1) This girl...
b1) I have NO idea what you're talking about.
panel2) How stupid are you?
b2) In fact, I'm pretty sure that you'll regret it more if you enter this tournament now.
b3) Fine, let's do this...

page 31

b1) ...here.
b2) This is it, right?
b3) This is where it's being held?
b4) I didn't expect that...

page 32

b1) This is where...
b2) Nacchan is going to have her match?
panel) This is the first step towards being in the same conversation as them!!

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