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Gunners 1

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 8, 2011 17:29 | Go to Gunners

-> RTS Page for Gunners 1

here's another new one:
To anyone reading this, and to whomever may, and it's open to anyone, scan this, the names might change when more chapters come out. I'm not sure how the author wants some names read so they might change later, do keep that in mind.

page 1

panel) Tennouji Kitsune brings us a solid sci-fi action series!!

page 2

panel1) In a town full of scars, where is this boy off to?

page 4

box) The beginning and the end, both are right here.

page 5

panel1) Summer of 2019... // Our youth was definitely here.
panel2) The scent of oil burn, and the scent iron and concrete burning... // it was among things like that, that our youth was made around.
panel3) It's been 2 years since that summer.
panel4) And most of all,

page 6

panel) She's no longer here.

page 7

panel) July, of 2019

page 10

b1) Hey! Dotsuki is coming!
panel1) What!?
panel2) Get up!

page 11

b1) Amago!!
b2) Is Amago Yuu here?

page 12

b1) Sgt, he hasn't gotten to school yet, sir!
b2) hm?
b3) Is today the day that he goes to the weapons development...?
b4) Then you'll have to do, Shikato.
b5) This afternoon dismantle the practice machine the seniors are using.
b8) Amago always does it by himself.
b9) That's because...!! // he has no friends...
b0) Listen,
b1) it better be done by 1300 hours.

page 13

b1) That uniform is from Ouka high, right?
b2) Yeah, you're right!
b3) Oh! // He looked this way!
b4,5) Kawada station.
b6) Lucky, an air conditioned car!
b7) Man, this feels good!

page 14

b1) Man, you should've seen those guys from haku high!
b2) Gya ha ha ha ha
b3) Oh, I found some cuties!

page 15

b1) You guys are from Saint Mary's, right?
b2) That school for rich girls.
b3) wou...
b4) Would you please leave us alone.
panel1) What losers.
panel2) Whatever, enjoy the moment while you can. // Because there's not going to be a place for you to hide.
panel3) Right now, this country is...

page 16

panel) in the middle of a war.

page 17

b1) Check out the tanks!!
panel1) They're huge!
b2) Oh, you're right.
b3) I wonder if they'll let me ride a tank, if only once, after I join the army?
b4) Get serious!! Why don't you aim higher than just a tank?
b5) Please, like a dummy like you could get into the air force?
b6) I'm going to be a gunner!
b7) Gunner!? What's that?
b8) You don't know? It's a robot!
b9) The army has robots?
panel2) They're so cool!
panel3) Sorry, // but that's something the likes of you will never in 3 lifetimes be able to touch.

page 18

panel1) Even if you sign up for it and do the training, 80% are dropped because they're not fit for the task. // That's the present state of the Gunners.
panel2) And to think guys like this want to...

page 19

panel) Everyone... // they're all fools!
b1) Hey, hey. Do you seriously think you can protect your country like that?
b2) Oh?
b3) Are you going to fight back
b4) NOW!?

page 20

b1) Don't hit his face.
b2) We don't need the trouble of the military police hounding us.
b3) cough // cough
b4) These guys have an image to uphold, so he won't do anything but cry about it at night,
b5) RIGHT!?
b6) ...sses
b7) Stop,
b8) don't break my glasses.
b9) DON'T // TALK
b0) BACK // TO ME!

page 21

panel1) Oh.. no! // It's coming.
b1) ...ow me.
b3) HUHH!?
b4) Don't show me.

page 22

panel) just like i thought.

page 23

panel) These guys are going to die.

page 24

panel1) I can... // see people's death.
-wow, that line sounds familiar.-
panel2) But it's not like I can predict when they're going to die. // My ability isn't something that cute.
panel3) It's something closer to reality, // so real that I can smell the blood.
panel4) I can even see how // that person is going to die.

page 25

b1) What...
b2) the hell is with your eyes?
b3) Hey, // there's something wrong with this guy.
b5) Oh shit!!
b6) Kid, are you alright?
panel) FREEZE!!
b7) You're from Ouka high, right?

page 26

b1) I can't believe someone like you was beaten by those guys...
b2) What happened?
b3) Nothing.
panel) These glasses are a barrier to me.

page 27

panel1) Since the time I saw how my mother would die, // these glasses have allowed me to live a normal life.
panel2) Barely.
b1) Yuu...?
panel3) Rokka.

page 28

panel) I wonder how // Rokka is doing.

page 29

b1) Mr. Totsuki, I'll go on ahead and finish the paper work.
b2) yeah, thanks for your help.
b3) I heard what happened from the police.
b4) I don't plan on having you repeat yourself like a monkey, but...

page 30

b1) You didn't hit them back, did you?
b2) Not even once, right?
b3) That's right.
b3) ...If so, then good.
b4) When you're done here, go to the 2nd repair tower and help repair the practice machine.
b5) I had Shikamoto dismantle the machine in your place,
b6) but that damn fool went and broke the whole thing.
b7) That fool is currently in the midst of doing 100 laps around the entire facility.
panel1) 40 more laps!! // ugh
b8) Nariyagi is already working on it, but help him anyway.
panel2) Here, this is the signature you need to get in.
b9) ...okay.

page 31

b1) Amago, you really didn't hit them once?
b2) Of course not.
b3) I wouldn't do something that would bring a bad name to the school.
b4) Is that so...
b5) Excuse me.
panel) I know what Dotsuki is trying to get at.

page 32

panel1) As a regular student, he'd like to compliment me on what I did. // However, as a soldier, what I did was beyond pathetic.
panel2) But I'm not a soldier. // And I have NO intention in becoming one.
panel3) The only reason I'm in this school, // is because my father would lose face if I didn't enroll, that's it!
b1) A...
b2) mago...

page 33

b1) It's all... your fault...
b2) that I ended up... like this.
b3) It's because you tried to do something you couldn't.
b5) hm?
b6) What happened to your face?
b7) Give it a rest.
b9) Why would you think that?
b0) Hya ha! HE GOT YOU GOOD!!
b1) NO HE DIDN'T!!
panel) This is the very reason... // I don't want to get involved with idiots!!

page 34

box1) Ouka military high school, Ouka high for short,
box2) is one of 10 schools that prepares it's students for war.
box3) Founded in 1927, they're now at war with this group from the north that calls themselves Prube.
box4) In order to keep up on the lack of soldiers,

page 35

box1) This school has taken on the responsibility of repairing the "Melcava" that's being used in this war.
box2) They're half humanoid weapons, we call the pilots: gunners.
b1) Amago, this way.

page 36

b1) I've been waiting for you.
b2) Could you help me check the cables?
b3) And just what part of you needs help?
panel1) You're almost done.
b4) hm?
panel2) There's no waste in what Nariyagi does. // He's our classes #1 genius.
b5) It's nothing. // I'll go get the tester.
b6) C-3 to C-6 checks out.
b7) D-1 to D-9 checks out.
b8) F... F5 is disconnected.
b9) HUH!? REALLY!?
b0) I think it's the actuater at the entrance.
b1) Thanks a lot Amago.
b2) Couldn't have done it without you.

page 37

panel1) There's NO WASTE // in what Nariyagi does.
b1) ... 's not true.
b2) huh?
b3) You don't want to become a gunner?
b4) Why not!? You're so good at it.
b5) Because I thought it would be a lot easier to find a job if I had a pilot's license.
b6) What? Did you want to become an arms dealer?
b7) Does your father know about this?
b8) He has nothing to do with my future.
b9) What's going on outside?

page 39

b1,2) Okay.
b3) What is this?
b4) It's huge!
b5) Is it a new practice machine?
b6) THAT'S...!

page 41

b1) A Melcava!!
b2) You're tired from the long journey, right?
b3) and I hear your belongings will arrive tomorrow.

page 42

b1) From today on,
b2) I'll be in your care.
b3) Yuu hasn't returned yet,
b4) but I'm sure he'll be surprised when he sees you,
b5) Rokka!
box) This reunion will be deep...

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#1. by kanapox ()
Posted on Aug 9, 2011
This is not ch1!!!!
#2. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Aug 9, 2011
Really? It was the chptr in this month's young ace...
#3. by kanapox ()
Posted on Aug 9, 2011
Actually, this was the chapter from last month, current chapter is ch4 (Young Ace 2011-09), this translation is from ch3 (Young Ace 2011-08, published on July 4th). In any case, thanks for the translation, I'm interested in this series because is the same author of "Upotte!!"
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