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Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam 1

Girls fly high!!

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 9, 2011 19:48 | Go to Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

-> RTS Page for Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam 1

Another new one for you kiddies!! And look at that, it comes wrapped with an anime announcement!! I hope you all saw the 1st Last Exile, I sure did and recommend it to anyone.

Now, as for names, they might change as the series progresses because I don't know exactly how the author wants these names written and pronounced. But enjoy while ignorant of the truth, I know I will.

page 1

box1) Vanship
box2) That's the general term used for the Claudia that's used to power airships.
panel) Last Exile: Steel wing Fam // It's been 8 years since the original Last Exile, and a new series takes off!!!
b1) That's the signal.
b2) "The whale has taken the bait! May the wind be at your back!"

page 2

b1) Alright! // LET'S GO!!
box) There's a certain group that uses the vanships to soar through the skies,

page 3

title) Girls fly high!!
-the title is on the top and bottom of the page. 1 in english, the other in japanese. whomever is scanning this doesn't need 2 put it twice.-
box) Sky pirates.

page 4

box) Sky pirates hideout: // Culterfull.

page 5

b1) Help me get this off, on 3. 1, 2...
b2) Hey, get outta my way!
b3) These are some good parts.
b4) Give me a hand over here.
b5) The hull will fetch a good price.
b6) I think the guys next to us here wanted some, right?
b7) Check out this Claudia airship! It's one of the best out there! // How about 600k for it?
b8) I'll give 300k.
b9) Get serious, the lowest I'm going is 550k!
b0) Not a chance.

page 6

b1) Nice work today, Fam.
b2) Yeah, and thanks for handling the navigations, Gize.
b3) Fam, you were amazing out there! // You got that captain so mad, he fell right into our trap!
b4) haha, thanks.

page 7

b1) Welcome back, Fam!
b2) Glad to be back, guys.
panel) Felicity // Luneh // Adel.
b3) Me too.
b4) Fam, did you do an S-split today too?
b5) hm?
b6) Hell yeah.

page 8

b1) Man, I wanted Felicity to see it too, that gracious turn!
b2) Right, Gize?
b3) Yes, that's right.
b4) I'm going to get started on today's food.
b5) Yay!
b6) Gize, I'm going to get changed, so make something for me too.
b7) Is Are you alright with potato pancakes?
b9) Dio!

page 9

-y is he still alive? didn't he die in the last episode of Last Exile? Then again, there was that girl that was trying 2 find a girlfriend, and I thought he died too...-
b1) Hey Fam.
b2) Don't "hey Fam" me!
b3) You were slacking off again, weren't you?
b4) I saw your S-split turn
b5) kyuuun // vrrrm
b6) And // you // know // what...

page 10

b1) Since you're a mere freeloader, you need to work to earn your keep! // In fact, everyone sees you as a member of our little community here, so...
b2) Not my business!
b3) HEY!
b4) ah.
b5) You shouldn't drink any water for the day yet,
b6) it's going to be a really busy day.
b7) it is... // What's happening today?
b8) Anything happening?
b9) Yeah, Dio said there was...
b0) um... // Well if he said tomorrow, that's when we start planting potatoes, but...

page 11

b1) Like I thought.
b2) Yeah.
b3) Well, it was Dio of all people who said it, so...
b4) He takes the cake when it comes to weirdos. 6 months ago he appeared out of nowhere,
b5) and he flies a vanship all alone.
b6) The kingdom of Turan and the Ades federation make strides towards a peace treaty. // Today at Gran Lake, they're going to hold a ceremony...
b7) Really...

page 12

b1) I hope this stops the Ades federation from being so aggressive, and we can live in peace.
b2) If I'm not mistaken, the kingdom of Turan is...
b3) the one where the king is ill, and his daughters are trying their hardest to rule in his stead, right?
b4) That's right! // The younger of the two, princess Millia, is the same age as us.
b5) Don't you find that amazing!? She's smart, and so pretty, and...
b6) It looks like such a pain in the butt, // no way I'd ever do that.
b7) Don't worry, // there's no way in hell you'd ever be queen.
b8) You don't have to be so mean!!

page 13

b1) As thanks to all you grace to us and the people of Turan, // I offer a prayer.

page 14

b1) Oh eternal, pure Gran Lake,
b2) grant thy blessing to the land, air, and sea. // Bless us with a great harvest.

page 15

b1) Lilly!
b2) Come now, Millia...
b3) your dress is getting soaked.
b4) This is the water of the holy Gran Lake,
b5) it's as if I'm being blessed anyway.

page 16

b1) Princess Lilly, princess Millia,
b2) I've brought a towel for your feet...
b3) ah.
b4) wahpuh
b5) owwww...

page 17

b1) Teddy, I don't believe you...
b2) I-I'm so very sorry princess Millia!!
b3) Dry me off already!
b4) Seriously,
b5) if you plan on being someone that serves royalty directly, you can't keep making mistakes like this.
b6) Is that so?
b7) Wasn't it you who just said you didn't mind getting wet by the water of Gran Lake?
b8) Ah.

page 18

b1) Even the Ades federation reveres this place.
b2) Although I'm sure they plan on invading everywhere else.
b3) Even this peace treaty,
b4) I bet you there's something underhanded that they're after!
b5) Millia!
b6) Because!
b7) It's all their fault that so many of our people have died!

page 19

b1) Millia...
box) Turan flagship, Lasses.
b2) It's time, // let's go.
-your guess is as good as mine as to what's written in those little bubbles.-

page 20

b1) Our great and valiant father Augustus,
b2) lead us out in battle to the day of our victory.
box) Ades federation flag ship // Impetuous.
b3) We'll be at the site of the treaty signing soon,
b4) president Luschinia.
box) This is the story of a certain blue planet.

page 21

panel) The story of world engulfed in war for 100 years... // the extent of Ades' reach.
box1) In an attempt to put the world under their own finger, // the Ades federation, and their leader Augustus, is invading all countries.
scroll1) The great northern country Grakies
scroll2) Gran Lake
scroll3) Sky pirates space.
box2) Culterfull
scroll4) An alliance of small countries.
scroll5) Uncharted territory.

page 22

scroll1) An alliance of small countries.
box1) The kingdom of Turan was the first to stand against what Ades was doing.
scroll2) Northeaster country.
scroll3) Land seized by the Ades federation.
box2) Capital city Morvalid
scroll4) Ades Federation
box3) And there are the Sky pirates hideouts. Countries that answer to no one.
box4) Site of the peace treaty signing.
scroll5) Land seized by the Ades federation
box5) Castle Igrashia
scroll6) Kingdom Turan
scroll7) Commonwealth of Ades
scroll8) Ancient Notos.

page 23

b1) Fam, why are you always cleaning the cup?
panel1) it's not like it's yours.
b2) It's no big deal.
b3) It's my dream to one day earn this cup.
b4) Your dream?
b5) That's right,
b6) 1 more time...
panel2) I want to enter the grand race once more.

page 24

b1) It's the Ades whales,
b2) there's a lot of them!
b3) To the west, 135 miles away.
b4) At Gran Lake.
b5) WHAT!? At Gran Lake?
b6) Weren't they going to sign a peace treaty??

page 25

b1) Gize
b3) Hurry it up!
b4) We're going to make a killing off of this!!

page 26

b1) We've spotted the Ades federation's flagship and it's escorts.
b2) So they're finally here... they sure made us wait.
b3) Goodness, they're late.
b4) Oh, maybe they overslept?
b5) Teddy, // I doubt the Ades president is at your level.
b6) Here they come.
b7) the have 5 ships... 12... 21
b8) ...what's this?

page 27

b1) The sky is... // no longer blue!

page 28

b1) Why do they have so many ships with them? They're not...!!
b2) princess Millia.
b3) Gran Lake is a vital holy spot,
b4) they wouldn't do something like starting a war here.
b5) But!

page 29

b1) We came here to negotiate, not fight.
b2) Send a signal flare.
b3) Sir, // Turan is seeking to know our true intentions.
b4) Send a signal flare,
b5) the color is...

page 30

b1) huh...
panel) We of the Ades federation, right now,

page 31

panel) Declare war on the kingdom of Turan.
b1) For the sake of all our lives being connected as one,
b2) we've come here today to fight.
b3) All units, go straight for the jugular!
-this is a double page that has one dialogue bubble going through both pages, since the bulk of it is on 32, I'm going to put it there.-

page 32

b1) -this bubble here- GLORIA!!!
b2) All units,
b3) FIRE!

page 33

box) Commander of the 2nd flag ship // Cuyvern.
b1) Capture the 2 princesses alive, // kill everyone else.
b2) Gloria!

page 34

b3) GLORIA!!

page 35


page 37

b1) Stop this!
b2) We're at the holy Gran lake!!

page 38

b1) Ades federation president,
b2) Luschinia...

page 39

b1) He's heading straight for the kingdom!
b2) kyah!
b3) My princesses, please, this way!
b4) Wow...

page 40

b1) The federation totally pulled one over on Turan.
b2) Pretending like they were going to sign a peace treaty, but...
b3) This is awful // so one sided.
b4) Gize, what shit is that?

page 41

b1) "The young girl with wings"...
b2) It's Turan's flag ship lasses.
b3) The ships around it are shielding it, // but at this rate, it'll go down soon.

page 42

b1) Gize, prepare a signal flare and hand me flash light.
b2) We're going after Turan's flagship!
b3) The signal is 7 blue and 5 black.
b5) I've made up my mind...

page 43


page 44

b1) We have plenty of vanships coming this way!!
2b) Damn sky pirates...
b3) They're here already?
b4) Here we go!
b5) I'm getting first dibs.

page 45

b1) We're losing altitude! What we believe is a sky pirate has just shot a claudia jamming bomb on us!
b2) Sky pirates?
bubble sfx.) click(x3)
b3) Just letting you know,
b4) that we're going to
b5) steal your ship away from the battle!
b6) WHAT!?

page 46

b1) Are they saying they'll let us live? // In exchange for Lasses?
b3) The choice is yours,
b4) are you going to die out here?
b5) or will you live along with us?

page 47

b1) Signal back,
b2) 3 short, 1 long, 2 short.
b3) Lilly! You can't be serious!!
b4) If we die here, // who's going to protect Turan?

page 48

bubble sfx.1-3) flash
b1) I love people who understand what's going on around them.
bubble sfx.4) tap(x6)
b2) Fam, they're coming.
b3) Okay.

page 49

b1) kyaaah!?
b2) Gize! // Take the controls!!
b3) Got it.

page 50

bubble sfx.1,2) clang
b1) A girl?
b2) she's good.
panel) Signal flare.

page 15

b1) Do you think he'll do it?
b2) If it's him, we have nothing to worry about.
box) Sky pirate's floating dock.
b3) 7 blue and 5 black!?
b4) Why does she always go for the extravagant like this?

page 52

b1) Damn that Fam...
b2) Is she serious?
b3) You know the rules here, we follow the first one.
b4) Get ready boys, we have a whale to hunt!!
b5) Atamora, open the hatch!
b6) Dio?
b7) Now then, which one should I play with?

page 53

b1) What
b2) on
b3) earth?
b4) There's no way we can do something like this!?
b5) What could possibly be going through those sky pirates minds!?
b6) Begin the countdown after you see the blue light!
b7) Everyone get seated, and put your seat belts on!
b8) Lilly!?

page 54

b1) Guys,
b2) buy me some time like always.
b3) Sure.
b4) As you wish.
b5) Happy birthday to you!
b6) Dio!!
b7) Ahahahahaha // May the wind be at your back!
b8) Hey dammit! I'm supposed to be the first one!!

page 55

b1) Did Turan team up with the sky pirates?
b2) They can't get away from our formation.
b3) Find out where each of our ships are, // and have them cease all movement! Order them to follow our orders.

page 56

b1) Yahoo
b2) ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
b3) Immelman turn!

page 57

b1) Wow...
b2) ... I can do that too!!
b3) Get into the smoke and drastically reduce our speed!
b4) Ma'am!
b5) Once we reach coordinate W05, wait until further instructions.
b6) nnnn...
b7) We can't see anything like this.
b8) Stop firing the signal flares!

page 58

b1) Orders from the commander, // fire at the ship that shot the green flare.
b2) Alright, ready the guns to fire.
b3) Cannon 5 ready to fire.
b4) Cannon 8 ready to fire.
b5) Cannon 12 ready to fire.

page 59

b1) The 2nd fleet's ships 3 and 4 took heavy damage!
b2) The 3rd fleet has been sunk!
b3) They shot each other?
b4) Damn sky pirates...
b5) did they steal our signal flares?

page 60

b1) Fire an emergency flare! Tell them not to be fooled by the enemies tricks!
b2) Fleet 6 is heading straight for us at high speeds!
b3) They're going to ram us!
b5) Wow... they're winning!
b6) Th-this is just crazy!!
b7) Fam, I'm going to send out the signal.
b8) Okay.

page 61

bubble sfx.) flash(X2)
b1) We've received the blue signal.
b2) The countdown has started, everyone, please brace for impact!
b3) Lilly...
b4) yessir!
b5) Who are you?
b6) Here we go!

page 62

b1) SPIN!
b2) WHAT THE!?

page 63

b1) kyaaaaah!!
b2) They're totally upside down! If they stay like that...
b3) they'll crash!

page 66

b1) They took their... // own lives?
b2) We have a report from the viceroy of the 2nd flagship, Cuyvern.

page 67

b1) The Turan flagship sunk itself into the Gran Lake and has been lost.
b2) We believe the princesses share the same fate as the ship.
box) A valley next to the Gran Lake.

page 68

b1) That was a great plan.
b2) Well, we do know the most about claudia units after all.
b4) Don't look at me.
b5) This wasn't my plan, it was Fam's.
b6) Fam?
b7) Gize, check this out!

page 69

b1) It's truly the princess!
b2) Fam, don't be like that.
box) With the blue skies as the setting,

page 70

panel) The girls' adventure has begun!!
b1) Set our course to the castle town, Igrashia!! // We're going after Luschinia!!
box) The girls stand!

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#1. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2011
Whatttt I did not know a new last exile was coming outtttt awesomeee!!
Thanks bro, is this for free use or exclusive?
#2. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2011
it's for anyone's use.
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