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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Beelzebub 120

General of the army.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 17, 2011 18:59 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 120

This is for Red hawk scan's use only.

page 1

title) General of the army.
-sigh... I thought this might happen. I'm going to change a little how I've ranked some of the people that have already shown up in this series, Behemoth's men, I mean. I'll be using army ranks as I have before, but because there's a rank above general for war time only, I'm going to have to adjust their rank, just by 1, but and adjustment only. In marine ranks, there is no rank above general, marine and army are almost identical, so to avoid confusion, the pillars will be ranked as Lieutenant or Major General and Jabba the hut will be the sole General-
left of panel) For the sake of my master... that's the only reason I live.

page 2

right of panel) The Ishiyama students that got away from the demons!!
b1) Dammit,
b2) Why the hell do we have to run away!?
b3) Have you gone deaf? Because Aoi told us to!
b4) She's right! If Kunieda hadn't come and help us, we'd be knee deep in it!
b5) But why is it just us?
b6) Shouldn't we help the people that were drilled into the wall?
b7) Leave 'em be, it's not like they'll die from being drilled like that.
b8) Things have really taken a turn for the worse! Who would've thought that our school would be taken over?
b9) I guess this is what it means to be in a full frontal war?
0b) Why does he seem so happy?

page 3

b1) Hyaha
b2) Wha...
b3) What the...
b4) hell are these guys!?
b5) Look, they're behind us too.
b6) hih hih hih
b7) ouh
b8) keh keh
b9) Damn, they've surrounded us!
b0) They're making me sick!
b1) WAH!!
b2) Stay away from me!1
b3) Ryoko!!

page 4

b1) hingh
b2) Natsume!!
b3) Kanzaki, these guys suck!!
b4) hell yeah.
b5) Chiaki!
b6) On it.

page 5

panel1) ha ha, // these guys are impressive.
b1) Himekawa...
b2) Don't let your guard down, they keep coming.
b3) There's no end to them.
b4) What, are we in a zombie movie?
b5) ...you know, // this has been bothering me for a while now,
b6) but don't you recognize these guys?
b7) huh?

page 6

b1) Now that you mention it...
b2) OH!!
b3) These are students from our school!!
b4) The guys that transfered to a school other than St. Ishiyama!!
b5) hmph,
b6) That's exactly right.
panel1) I know this voice...
b8) They used to be your friends and comrades,
b9) but now they're my loyal dogs!
b0) Over there!!

page 7

b1) It's nice to see you again,
b2) Furuichi.
panel) I knew it...

page 8

b1) ... So you're Behemoth?
b2) Look at this,
b3) the general of the army himself comes out!

page 9

b1) No I'm not.
b2) huh?
b3) You're Behemoth, right?
b4) No, not at all.
b5) Oh, come now...
b6) Like I said, you're wrong.
b7) Punk... -small print- is this payback?
b8) I'm telling the truth.
b9) While it's true that I'm the one that formed the Behemoth 34 pillar squad,
b0) look at my age.
b1) huh?
b2) I've retired, the general of the army...
b3) is being handled by him.

page 11

b1) Pops,
b2) it's about time we go.
b3) Or that stupid kid will lose his temper.

page 12

b1) Hey, hey, // don't go around calling your master a stupid kid,
b2) Jabba Walk.
panel1) ... Jabba Walk!? // He's the crazy dragon Jabba Walk!?
b3) Hm?
box) The leader of the Behemoth 34 pillar squad, // Jabba Walk
b4) Woman,
b5) what do you think you're doing?
b6) Hilda!
b7) Oh no!

page 13

b1) Sodom.
bubble sfx.) piing
b3) Wha?
b4) ugh
b5) HILDA!!

page 14

-coolest page of this series to date!-
b1) growwwwwwwwwwl

page 15

b2) You even brought THAT along with you!?
b3) Don't kill her in there.
b4) growwl
b5) I was told to capture her alive.

page 16

b1) Jabba Walk...
b2) You're even crazier than the rumors... What do plan to do with that woman?
b3) Saotome Zenjuurou, // the winner of the great war...
b4) Don't worry, I won't kill her. She'll just be under our watch for now.
b5) LET ME GO!!
b6) Trivial matters aside, I really want to fight with you.
-that's Oga speaking-
b8) Don't worry,
b9) My student will be coming soon to pay the piper for me.
b0) You mean that kid that's just barking over there?
b1) HA HA!
b3) Not that I'm expecting much, but I'll be waiting.

page 17

b1) I said...
b2) LET ME GO!!!!!!!
b3) whoa

page 18

b1) H-hey...
b2) huh?
b3) What's that?
b4) A dragon?
b5) Is that CG?
b6) but how?
b7) What do you think of him?
b8) hm?
b9) Oga Tatsumi... the contractor.
b0) oh,
b1) he's nothing special.
b2) I'd wipe the floor with him before he knew what happened.
b3) If he found his way up here, I'd have a higher evaluation of him, but...
b4) Well, // I guess his only saving point is that he's Zenjuurou's student.
b5) Stop mouthing off!

page 19

b1) Like I'll just let you off, ass!
b2) That damn fool!
b3) Oh?
panel) Get him, Oga!!

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#1. by Animeace ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2011
Thanks for all the hard work off to read the chap now^^
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