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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 10

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 21, 2011 21:01 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 10

This is for CxC's use only.

page 1

b1) Renya isn't here?
panel) What did he bet his life on?
b2) Why not?

page 2

b1) You don't mean, he...
b2) Went back to that village!?
b3) But if he did, he'll... // have to face that monster again!!
b4) I'm sure that that's the reason he went back.
b6) That's crazy!
b7) He can't win!

page 3

b1) Sir Veinberg!!
b2) You shouldn't look to him for help.
b3) He has a higher mission, and that's to protect you.
b4) You didn't need to put it like that. We need to hurry over and help out my master!
b5) Let him be.
b6) Did you try thinking of why he went back?
b7) Even when he knows he won't be able to beat the nightmare Mesh?

page 4

b1) That's right,
b2) it's because of the curse that's on him.
b3) MESH!

page 5

b1) Oh please...
b2) guah
b3) What on earth can a little peasant like you,
b4) do in the face of power that surpasses humans?

page 6

b1) OH NO! RENYA!!
b2) Why? Why do you fight!?
b3) I'm sure there's at least the brain muscle in your head,
b4) Ohhhh, I get it!
b5) You were planning on making this, // your grave. Weren't you, peasant?

page 7

b1) That's right,
b2) Renya doesn't plan on coming back alive.
b3) I don't know when it happened, but someone put a curse on Renya.
b4) And now that curse is growing within him.

page 8

b1) kuh
b2) That arm of his has a really nasty power hidden behind it.
b3) that power is the ability...
b4) to suck the life out of whomever he touches.
b5) In exchange for that power,
b6) he can no longer be sustained by regular energy.

page 9

b1) Wait a minute, does that mean...?
b2) Yes it does.
b3) He can't survive off of regular foods anymore.
b4) For him to live from now on,
b5) he'll need to fight with someone,
b6) and consume their life.

page 10

b1) If you're going to call this karma, then what kind of sins did he commit in his past life?
b2) What am I doing out here?
b3) Why was I even born...?
b4) RENYA!!
b5) I would've loved to live out the rest of my days just having fun with everyone.
b6) Yet, I got caught up in this mess, and...

page 11

b1) Whining aside,
b2) I just can't stand that guy!
b4) PEASANT!!!
b5) If that's the case,
b6) then let me take your life, // as a token that I actually existed!

page 12

b1) Did he just... with that hand of his!?

page 13

b1) Y-you little...

page 14

b1) I can't believe I, Mish the Mesh,
b2) was just grounded by you!
b3) Well, if you're not down at my level,
b4) I won't be able to beat you.
b7) ugh... damn. // I lost to much blood.

page 16

b1) Thanks for letting me...
b2) have such a cool entrance.
b3) WHY ARE YOU HERE!? -small bubble- No on talks like that!

page 17

b1) Oh, the princess?
b2) She went and said this:
b3) if you're not around, it's just not fun.
b4) In other words, you're her favorite servant.
b5) The hell is that?
b6) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... That's wonderful news that you've brought along!
b7) That means that woman is still close by, right?

page 18

b1) You made a dire mistake in taking off my mask! That mask served as a limiter for my power.
b2) Now I'll use my full power to rip you guys to a million pieces,
b3) and return to my mission!
b4) Then I'll just...
b5) cut right through that wind.

page 19

b1) Boost...

page 20

panel) Double burning masher.

page 21

panel sfx.) cut
b1) No... way!!!

page 22

b1) He's all yours, servant.
b2) Oh no...
b3) I need to put my defense back up!!

page 23

b1) The wind!!
b2) My wind isn't...!!

page 24

panel) Advent: Raging fire palm!

page 25

b1) gwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I can't believe I...!!
b2) You're kidding... right?

page 26

bubbel sfx.1,2) -heavy breathing- zeh
b1) You planned on dying, right?
b2) If so, you'll have to do it another time.

page 27

b1) I don't want to hear that from you.
b2) Really?
b3) Bro!!
b4) huh? You mean me?
b5) Thanks for everything.

paeg 28

b1) Y-yeah...
b2) Hey, Viney,
b3) you're calling me THAT?
b4) This isn't so bad,
b5) being thanked like this.

page 29

b1) I wonder if I should be happy about this...
b2) Renya found a reason for living.
b3) But,
b4) if it turns out he's the one that put that curse on him,
b5) will Renya remain an ally of mine?
b6) Or will he become my enemy?

page 30

panel) The tomorrow I'm longing for is...
box) What does she mean?

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