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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 11

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 17, 2011 18:34 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 11

This is for CxC's use only.

page 1

panel) The twin sword warrior, // stands dignified.

page 2

box) Let's wash away the stress of our journey.

page 4

b1) "Princess Claire"?
b2) I still can't get used to it.
b3) You don't need to get used to it, just call me Carla like you have been.
b4) If we do that, they'll behead us.
b5) sigh... I wonder if they have baths like this in Britain?
b6) Shiori, you've already set yourself to go, haven't you? // But me, I'm...
b7) still undecided.
b8) I understand we really don't have any other option, but...

page 5

b1) I get it, you're worried about Tokinobu, aren't you?
b3) Like I'm trying to say...
b4) Trying to deny it like that only makes it more apparent.
b5) ... you're right.
b6) Shiori, what is it that you've been carving all this time?
b7) A protective charm.
b8) There are still some people from our hideout village that are on the run, right? // This is my little prayer for them, Tokinobu too.

page 6

b1) Yeah,
b2) me too.

page 7

b1) I was hoping that
b2) Futaba would have come along with us too.
b3) There's no possible way that could've happened.
-hey c.c., where's your scar? did u lose it along with your nipples?-
b4) Yeah, from the looks of it, she still wants to kill Renya.
b5) She's a big time klutz,
b6) but when it comes to this, she's a different person.

page 8

b1) What are you guys talking about?
b3) Is that what happened?
b5) They'll see you!

page 9

b1) What on earth are they doing?
b3) Don't you dare try talking to the princess while she's bathing!
b7) Who cares, let's just make the path, master.
b8) Haven't I said not to call me that?

page 10

b1) What luck... for us to run into a rock fall here.
b2) Yeah, if we don't get passed this point, we'll never make it to the ocean.
b3) Wouldn't it be better if we had more people helping? Like Shiori and Misuzu...
b4) Keep up the good work.
b5) Renya, do you want the princesses friend slaves to know what slave labor is?
b6) I have a question for you, sir Weinberg.
b7) From here on out, whenever we come across a job that needs physical strength to overcome, only the 3 of us will be doing it?
b8) Do you have a problem with that?
b0) Master, this really isn't the time for this. // We'll be knee deep in it if another guy like Mesh shows up.

page 11

b1) ... hey.
b2) Are there a lot of guys like that walking around your great country of Britain?
b3) Do you mean nightmares?
b4) Up until a few days ago, I thought of them as nothing more than urban legends...
b5) Then they're demons, right?
b6) ... if you mean that they're not human,
b7) then yes.
b8) But that move, it seemed like there was a theory...
b9) or better put, some kind of law governing it's use...
b0) You're pretty observant, you know.

page 12

b1) Here's how your theory should go:
b2) A nightmare's power is a single power of the many that a normal human has, that's more emphasized than the others.
b3) Is that how it works?
b4) Well, if we had that kind of amazing power, this rock would be blown away in a sec // OOOND!!!!?
b5) What? Water?

page 13

b1) Don't you think water that...
b2) dances in the air is cool?

page 14

b1) Wow,
b2) I'm in luck! // Isn't that the princess over there?

page 15

b1) Then does that mean you're someone from the homeland?
b2) No, // I'm Mesh's friend.
b3) A nightmare!

page 17

b1) Then does that mean...
b2) that is with that princess?
b3) That's right. She might have forgotten, but...
b4) That matters not.
b5) We can simply file through her memories to get what we want.

page 18

b1) Are you going about patting yourself on the back again?
b2) What could you possibly mean?
b3) kuh kuh kuh, if we're going to do this, let's make it memorable!
bubble sfx.) screech
b4) The problem is...

page 19

b1) the being that's apparently moving along with the princess.

page 20

b1) It'll be great if she left them without knowing what that princess has,
b2) but if she's going to enter my field, things will get really hairy.
b3) But getting rid of that woman is...
b4) I know, but it's not like we can't do anything about her.
b5) How about we "link" her with water boy?
-She's going to be in an Adam Sandler movie?-
b6) As you wish, sir Dash.
b7) There's one more thing I'd like to ask,
b8) could you guys please get along?

page 21

b1) I don't like fighting
b2) Yes, // as my lord wishes.
b3) Good.
b4) It's not very constructive to fight...
b5) when no one will lose their life.

page 22

b1) These guys were only trying to get things from me...
b2) They didn't try to give me anything.
-n e body else think of Gaara during this?-

page 23

panel sfx.) gueh
b1) But you guys are different,
b2) you gave me such an extravagant gift.

page 24

b1) You even put a nice bow on top.

page 25

b1) And as thanks for you kindness,
left of panel) Here's another dangerous one!!
b2) I'll kill you without making you suffer.

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