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Beelzebub 125

Ikaruga Suiten

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 22, 2011 14:43 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 125

This is for Red Hawk's use only.

page 1

title) Ikaruga Suiten
panel) A little break in the training!!

page 2

b1) Decapitation island.
panel1) The boat steams on.
b2) It's 124 miles (200km) from the mainland,
b3) a small island with only about 300 people on it.
b4) It got it's name for being an exile island.
b5) This is where exiled criminals were sent.
b6) What's "exiled"?
b7) It's the 2nd heaviest punishment, next to execution.
b8) In times past, when someone did something really bad, they were banished to islands like this.
b9) Who are you calling an exilee, punk.
panel2) I just remembered my dream.
b0) ugghhh it's cold.

page 3

panel1) Aren't you cold? ahh
b1) hmmm
book) Island tour guide map
b2) Do demons really live in a place like this?
b3) Good question.
b4) For all we know, we could be going to a place with demons all like Koma.
b5) Not true, it's quite rare to meet a demon like me, Aoi.
b6) Also, I think this is a more sever punishment than being exiled.
b7,8) adah
b9) hm? What's up Beel?
b0) So you are cold?
b1) ...Hey!
b2) Don't fall now.

page 4

b2) ... put some clothes on!
b3) DABUH!!
b4) What?
b5) I-it...
b6) It's nothing.
b7) Damn, he's so cute.
b8) Aww, how adorable.
b9) Are you guys newly weds?
0b) huh?
b1) Are you out on a family trip? You guys are very young, you know.
b2) HUh...? WHAT!?
b3) No... WE'RE NOT!! // WE'RE JUST... UM...
b4) What are you saying, lady.
panel) you got it wrong.
b5) Oh, you're not?
b6) Forgive me, from my point of view, you guys looked like a nice couple.
b7) Hey, stop bothering them. -small print- let's go.

page 5

panel) Wait, don't leave me here!
b1) Do you mean...
b2) That to people who don't know us, we look like a good couple?
b3) Hey, hey.
b4) YES!?
b5) Aren't you starting to get the feeling, that with...
b6) the island's name, and how it's barely inhabited,
b7) that we're in a detective movie, or comic? // "Jinkies, where here to solve a mystery"!!
b8) Not in the least... what are you talking about?
b9) Watch, that old lady just now will be the first victim.

page 6

b1) It's not like we came here on vacation, you know.
b2) So why don't you have your attitude match your motives?
b3) You came here to get better so you can rescue Hilda, right?
b4) auh
b5) Our objective is to meet with Ikaruga Suiten,
b6) the person that mr. Saotome sent us to meet!!

page 7

b1) Priestess,
b2) a letter from a mr. Saotome has come for you.
b3) Saotome?
b4) That's right.
b5) whoa!
b6) That punk.

page 8

b1) Where does he get off writing me a letter now of all times?

page 9

b2) But, YOU destroyed...
b5) What's with him?
panel) Acting all high and mighty

page 10

panel1) No, no! Look, I'll show you the proper way to do this. // Dah? // Get out of there! // I wonder why?
b1) It looks like we're the only ones that got off on this island.
b2) Man, I'm hungry.
b3) Oh, isn't that a restaurant over there?
b4) That's good.
b5) We can also ask about this Ikaruga guy we're supposed to meet.
b6) Hey kids, let's go!!

page 11

b1) W-why are all these dolls here?
b2) The owner has some awful taste...
b3) Hello, anyone here?
b4) ... doesn't seem like it.
b5) Did we get here before operating hours?
b6) Oh, there's someone.
b7) Excuse me, we need a table for 3.
b8) ...hello...?

page 12

b1) Isn't that also a doll?
b3) It's a mannequin, but what's it doing here...?
b5) Aren't these...
b6) shh
b7) Whatever, let's go somewhere else.
b8) I hate things like this.

page 13

b1) You know...
b2) I haven't seen a single person in all that time that we've been here.
b3) What's going on with this island?
b4) This is bad.
b5) It's starting to get dark.
b6) Is this Ikaruga guy even on this island?
b7) ugh... I'm starting to get nervous.
b8) The least mr. Saotome could've done was given us this guy's phone number...
b9) Maybe... But I don't think we'd get any reception out here.
b0) The next boat home is in 3 days, right? // This will be the stupidest joke ever if it's just us stuck out here for that time.
b1) He's right!!

page 14

b1) It's about time they reach their destination.
b2) I'm quite shocked that you let just those 2 go alone.
b3) Aren't you worried?
b4) hmph,
b5) Just like her father, Aoi is too straight forward, but clumsy at the same time.
b6) So on that front (sex) there's nothing to worry about.
b7) Besides,
b8) this is something she needs to experience.
b9) Ikaruga Nazuna...
b0) It's been a while since I heard that name. // I never thought you'd be one to ask anything of her.
b1) Well, when going down a poisonous road, use a snake, right?

page 156

b1) Apparently, she's going by Ikaruga Suiten now.
b2) hmm
b3) After meeting her,
b4) I hope that Aoi will stop straddling the fence and make her decision.
b5) "straddling the fence"?
b8) Okay, do 50 more.
b9) YESSIR!!
b0) Hey, how about we switch, and I get the girls?
b1) hell no.

page 16

b1) huh...
b2) what?
n3) Isn't that the mannequin we just saw?
b4) What's it doing out here?

page 17

b1) ... leave
b2) huh?
b3) outsiders...
b4) d-d-d-d-d-don't b-b-b-belong
b5) LEAVE!!

page 18

b1) What is this thing?
panel1) it's giving me the creeps. // He just kicked it!!!
b2) What the...
b3) this one is also a doll...?

page 29

b1) Actually...
b2) there's a lot of them.
b3) Whatever,
b4) we'll just have to break them all!
b5) Why do you look so happy?
panel) Who is this watching over Oga and Aoi?

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