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Minamoto-kun's story 1

The beautiful aunt.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 23, 2011 01:28 | Go to Minamoto-kun's story

-> RTS Page for Minamoto-kun's story 1

Yay! A new series!!

page 1

panel1) A pretty boy is the enemy of all girls! // New serialization Minamoto's story.
b1) stop
b2) He's so cute, I can see why the upperclassmen like him.
bubble sfx.1) kusha
b3) I can't stand the sight of him.
panel2) pee-yu!
bubble sfx.2) glush
panel3) STOP IT!

page 2

panel) Life is short, fall in love boys! // -red words at bottom- Sensual love is the duty of all men! // -pink letters- A modern day "Genji Monogatari".
title) The beautiful aunt.

page 3

box) Minamoto Terumi
b1) That dream again? // I'm covered in sweat.
b2) How long has it been since that happened?
b3) It was my 2nd year of middle school, so... 5 years.

page 4

b1) All because the guy who the most popular with the girls // said, "I'm the best looking girl here!"... // ended up being picked on by them.
panel1) Ahahahaha // I got daily showers of rotten milk.
b2) Thanks to that, I can no longer drink milk. // And I feel nothing but fear towards women.
b3) I thought I'd be safe if I went to an all boys high school... but there were 3 all girls school close by, and the train was always packed with them!
b4) eek
b5) it was hell!

opage 5

b1) But there was something I learned in that hell,
b2) that I need to fight to survive!
b3) ugh
b4) First I need to cure my hatred of milk!

page 6

b1) I'll get over it all.
b2) Then I'll bang every chick I come across!!
b3) That was too much.
b4) ugh
b5) I feel sick.

page 7

b1) oh.
b2) Dad. -small print- Coming home in the morning?
b3) ... and a pregnant woman. -small print- who's that?
b4) She's your new mother.
b5) I can understand just how shocked you are!! // In fact, I didn't know she was pregnant until yesterday!!
panel) Nice to meet you.

page 8

b1) Hm? A suit...? // Is today your first day at college?
b3) This might not... WILL not be the best time to say this, but you're going to have to find somewhere else to live soon.
b4) This place is only big enough for 2 people.
b5) She's been disowned by her family and has nowhere else to go.
b6) An associate professor at the school you'll be going to,
b7) is my sister, you'll be staying with her.
b8) That man is ridiculous!

page 9

b1) Dad's sister... my aunt. // I guess there was no one else in the family besides her to rely on... // But they're on bad terms, // am I going to be alright?
b2) That girl is cute. // Look closer, it's a guy. He has a tie on. // huh? That has to be a girl.
b3) Minamoto.
b4) Murakami...
b5) Man, it's so easy to find you.
b6) All you have to do is find the people wondering whether or not you're a girl.
b7) Why don't you cut your hair?
b8) There was a time I was bald, and I was still mistaken for a girl.
b9) What's that book?
b0) This? This would be the reason I chose this school.

page 10

b1) Who's that beauty with the drill hairstyle!?
b2) She's not going to the hall, she's sitting on stage! Then... // she's a teacher!?
b3) She's the associate professor, // your research needs work.
b4) She's this college's best
b5) Oh, aunty.
box) Fujiwara Kaoruko. College associate professor.
panel) Even if you're my friend, say that again, and you'll pay!

page 11

b1) Her name is Fujiwara Kaoruko. // She hates men, and is single because of it. // Your last names don't match.
b2) That's because my father took the last name of his wife... although he was the first born son.
b3) He was always ridiculous.
b4) But this is rare.
b5) You usually don't act like this...
b6) Well, the only reason I enrolled in this school,
b7) is because she's here.
panel1) Laugh if you want.
b8) Using the "Genji Monogatari" as her base, she went around Japan researching old documents.
b9) now, her writings are filled with all types of information.
b0) Check out that body that would make any college girl jealous!!
b1) She's my ideal woman!! // My virginity exists solely for her to take!!

page 12

b1) ...you really feel that way?
b2) I didn't know that she was your aunt.
b3) I'll be seeing you more often, best friend!!
b4) I should tell him before it gets exposed and thinks...
b5) Y-you know... because of // house circumstances, I'm going to be living with her now.
b7) I'm so jealous!!
b8) This is a good setting for one of my dreams of getting with the beauty that I've looked up to as a kid...
b9) Don't cross THAT line, best friend.
panel) wipe your nose.
b0) No need to worry about that.

page 13

b1) I wanted to come and say something to her before I actually moved in... but is she even here?
panel1) This place is a lot better than mine.
b2) I heard the entire story.
b3) Come right in.
b4) Wait!
b5) how much is the rent?

page 14

b1) Don't worry about it.
b2) Yesterday,
b2) that brother of mine, for the first time in his life, actually bowed to me. // It felt really good.
b4) That's enough for rent.
b5) Come in.
b6) I'd better not get on her bad side...
panel) Thanks for having me.

page 15

b1) W-what is it?
b2) You have a really pretty face.
b3) You've been picked on by girls, haven't you.
b4) Am I right?
b5) How does she know!?
b6) Do you hate girls?
b7) huh?

page 16

b1) Do you also hate a woman's body?

page 17

panel1) These really are attractive!
panel2) I can see why Murakami would be so serious about her... // WAIT!
panel3) Why the hell am I staring at her like this!? She's my aunt!!
b1) It doesn't look like your hatred of women is incurable.
b2) I thought you hated men...
b3) Yeah, I used to.
b4) Which of the characters from Genji Monogatari do you like?
b5) My favorite is Lady Murasaki.
b6) R-right...

pge 18

b1) Raising an abandoned child // into the type of mate you'd like.
b2) Don't you think that's the best type of love out there?
b3) It would be pretty boring just having you live here,
b4) so become a part of my research.
b5) I'll start by curing you of your // hatred for women.
right of panel) Things start to move!!

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
Cool and thanks. You seem to be faster than PRO on this one, lol.

Still, it's quite....different from your normal series XD
What made you pick up this one and translate it?
#2. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
Normal? You mean like the S&M manga I translated? Or how about the futanari manga? (c; I'll translate something so long as I find it good. Also, if it's not too long.
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
Oh, which ones are those? I never noticed. Ehem...not that I wanna know <.< >.> <.< >.> but still as a future reference...you know..<.< >.> <.< >.>

(That's a great rule to live by, do what you love instead of what others want to be done)
#4. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
The S&M is Domina no Do. I stopped after 5 chapters, it was a little too sickening for me... men+dildos= immediate quit!!!

The Futa was Bra(Swing) Girls. That's completed; however, the last 5 or 6 chatpers weren't done with my translations. Another group picked it up, beat me to a couple of chapters, then finished it off b4 the original group could get the last 3 chapters out.
#5. by PROzess ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
@T1: What you mean faster?
I haven't worked on it at all....
#6. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
I'm confused...
Page 1 - is "A pretty boy is the enemy of all girls!" the pink characters directly above series name, "New serialization Minamoto's story." the slanted text, and "pee-uh!" the text by the short-haired girl's head?

and page 2 - if "-pink letters- A modern day "Genji Monogatari"." is the text to the left from the red text, then what does the PURPLE text below say?
#7. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
Oh...well you did good with domina no da...I agree with you. I dunno where it's going.

About bra girl...I just jumped over it, lol. I thought it was a guy in girl's clothes.

@PRO: Dude...you didn't? D: OH well it's fine...gonna check if something's good is out today. :D

#8. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2011
Damn, that was a typo that I didn't c, it's supposed 2 say "pee-yu". And the purple letters say "new series"
#9. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2011
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