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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Beelzebub 127

On the field training.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 5, 2011 22:45 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 127

This is for Red hawk's use only.

page 1

b1) We have to...
b2) fight against...
b3) Each other!?
left of panel) Coming all the way to decapitation island in hopes of learning black techs, Ikaruga says...
b4) That's my one condition for teaching you black techs.

page 2

title) On the field(battle) training.
right of panel) The sparks of a tough battle!! Round 1, ready fight!!

page 3

b1) The time to settle this...
b2) has finally come.
b3) Now we'll make it clear,
b4) which of us is cuter!
b5) Time to settle who's the #1 fancy monarch,

page 5

b1) Black techs is a dangerous technique where you allow a demon to possess you.
b2) You need an extremely strong will to be able to suppress the demon that you've let in your body.
b3) So for that reason,
b4) I'm going to have to check for myself if you guys have the...
b5) mettle to able to withstand the moves.
b6) And don't you dare hold back on each other.
panel) I never would've dreamed... // that I'd end up fighting Oga here.
b7) I'll kick you out if you have no intention of fighting.

page 6

panel1) "Don't hold back..."? // Are you kidding? I wouldn't be able to even if I wanted!!
panel2) But what about him? // Will he go all out? // No matter how much I attacked him, he didn't fight back at all!
panel3) I don't know if he'll get serious against a woman like me...
b1) This is sweet...
b2) Look at the stage she set for us...
b3) I've always wanted to do it with you...

page 7

panel1) Huh? // WHAAAAT!?
panel2) You've always wanted to do it with me!? What did you want to do with me!? // Exactly WHAT did you want to DO with me!!!?
panel3) Whoa, whoa, stop. // I know what he means. // I know, but... couldn't he have said it differently?
panel4) In fact, // he's all revved to go.
b1) Let's do this.
b2) Sorry, Kunieda...
panel4) huh?

page 8

b1) I'm going...
b2) to get the first attack!
panel1) This hurts... // And what a quick step in!
panel2) He's nothing // like this first time.

pae 90

panel1) So this is what it's like // to face Oga Tatsumi?
b1) I feel better now.
b2) You're completely focused on this.
b3) However, you're not going to beat me.
panel2) You're doing this for Hilda? // You're making me jealous.

page 10

panel1) Little puppies // KIIIIICK!!
b1) Shaaaah
panel2) Autumn mitts // PUNCH!
b2) ADAH!
b3) gueh
-2 all international translators, puppies and mitts are not a direct translation. 4 whatever language you're going 2 use, use the childish word for feet and hands.-

page 11

panel1) A-are you kidding me!? That his mitts are cuter than my puppies!? // It's as if his fingers are there, but at the same time not... What's that!? What's with that cuteness!?
b1) hmph...
b2) I didn't want to have to use this on you, but...
panel2) Now I'll have to hit him with my ultimate weapon! // Here comes my "Curly Wurly Tail"!!
b3) Eat thi...?
panel2) ...That's!? No way!! // He has a tail too!? No, wait... THAT'S!!

page 12

b1) kuh kuh, the last time we fought was when we were freshmen, right?
b2) Yeah, I remember. I also remember being on edge all the time.

page 13

panel1) HUH!? What the hell is going on here? // Even if you're going to retrace what's been happening up till now, this is too sudden!
b1) Has everyone
b2) gotten their opponents?
b3) Now you guys will be doing battle simulations.
b4) You're all going to fight the person in front of you.
panel2) Battle simulation!?
panel3) HEY! // What the hell did you have them do while I went to the bathroom?
b5) hm?
b6) I think we're missing a person...
panel4) WHAAAAT!? HELL NO!! THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I'M DOING THAT!!! // SAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE... But I'm still not happy about it!!
b7) Well, whatever.

page 14

panel1) That stupid man, what exactly does he think of me!? // I'm the general here! The G E N E R AL!! I'm the key person!!
b1) Himekawa,
b2) let's do this.
b3) Why are you so heated?

page 15

panel1) And why on earth... // is Himekawa in his super pretty boy mode!!?
panel2) Do something about it, Shiroyan! // Damn right you will! // This is irritating!
b1) I'm gonna bash your face in.
b2) Go ahead and try.
panel3) Wait a minute... I'm irritated! So very irritated!! // But if I jump in now, I'll have to take part in this battle!!
b3) kuh kuh...
b4) fuh fuh...
b5) This makes it easy.
b6) Let's use this
b7) opportunity to see
b8) Exactly which of us is the best.

page 16

b1) Yeah, no bs like last time!
panel1) OH SHUT UP!!
panel2) What the hell is going on here!? // Why is everyone so bloodthirsty!? // I'm not getting this at all! // I couldn't care less which of you is the best!!
panel3) And to make matters worse, When I think of how Oga is of with Kunieda on some little lovers trip, // it makes me feel even worse.
box) Running like a bitch.
panel4) So how about I go to the red tails... // Even if they call me pedophile, that's where I belong.

page 17

panel) They're doing the same thing over here, // but for some reason, I'm getting really into it.
b1) What's this Chiaki, are you done already!?
b2) Let's go, bring it!!
b3) Okay.

page 18

b5) Oh, it's the pedo!!
b7) Get out of here!
b8) Is it me, or are they treating me worse?

page 19

b1) Thi... this is crazy.
b2) It's like I don't belong at all with these guys.
b3) Dammit, I knew I should've gone along with Oga.
panel1) Wanna come with me?
box1) 2 days until the fated day.
panel2) When pigs fly.
box2) Furuichi Takayuki, struggling along the rugged road to a true general. -small letters- Don't give up, Furuichi!!

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