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Nyatto 5

Weakling, your name is man.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 7, 2011 21:12 | Go to Nyatto

-> RTS Page for Nyatto 5

This is for Twincest's use only.

page 1

title) Weakling, your name is man.
panel) Me or the chocolate... which do you prefer? // Put your heart into valentine's day.

page 2

b1) It's been completely cleaned out.
b2) Shouldn't you be saying something to the on responsibly for this?
b3) I know, but when I see her happy face, I just can't!
left of panel) Chikuwa's voracious eating has... // brought the Yoneda house to it's knees.
b4) You know, I think she was abandoned because she was eating everything in sight.
b5) I think you're right.
panel) I won't do that! // You stepped on a land mine there.

page 3

b1) WHOA! // I need to run, it's about time for today's lecture!
panel1) There's an important presentation today!
b2) Man, I wanted to bring my own lunch with me...
panel2) Now, now, I'll play some more with you when I get back.
b3) Konbu, take good care of Chikuwa. // I'll see you guys later.

page 4

b1) Calm down, Shigeru went to this "college" thingy.
b2) myuu
b3) Only a child would get sad over something like this. // Shigeru won't abandon us.
b4) Well, when you become an outstanding lady like me, you'll learn how to enjoy your time alone like this.
b5) Even if Shigeru isn't here...
b6) I'm not lonely...
b7) Oh yeah!

page 5

b1) Here, put this on.
b2) When going outside, a lady needs to dress up.
b3) Once you put that on, we're going to meet Shigeru!
b4) Don't suck on it!

page 6

b1) Yeah,
b2) this is good.
b3) Now, // for his lunch.
panel) There's some milk here.
b4) We're going to give Shigeru the lunch he forgot at home. It's not like we're visiting him or anything like that.

page 7

b1) Now, let's go!!
b2) huh...
b3) Now that I think about it, I've never been to Shigeru's school...
b4) The only option left is to ask someone for help... // I wonder if we can find a stray cat out here?
b5) meo-prrr
b6) Why are you making such weird sounds?
b7) prrrrr

page 8

b1) prrrrrrrrrrr
b2) A know-it-all cat just appeared!!
b3) But he looks like trouble. -bubble words- especially is personality.
b4) Chikuwa! Don't upset him! And no peeing!
b5) Do you know where this human goes all the time?
b6) Oh him? He never ignores us strays and feeds us.
b7) W-what? Shigeru, you...

page 9

b1) But I can't stand that damn human!
b2) Hey mr. stray, mr. stray! Listen, my family has gotten bigger! I just this super cute loli kitten! She rolled right up to me and let me have her!!
b3) Damn you Shigeru! You've even sold yourself to this male cat!?
b4) But since the master is so rude, it's no surprise that his woman is too, huh?
b5) WHAT WAS THAT!? // Just what of me is rude!?
b6) You know that between us cats, there's a way that we do things, right?
panel) I'm sure this kid here doesn't know.
b7) If you want me to be nice, then you'd better comply.

page 10

b1) H-here... are you happy?
b2) I can't believe I have to let this dirty stray sniff the likes of me...!
box) Cat trivia // Cats greet one another by smelling their butts.
bubble sfx.) sniff // sniff
b3) hn
b4) meow
b5) Hey, don't go there!

page 11

b1) Hyaahn
b2) hmm, // I see.
b3) You may not look it, but you're a cat.
b4) Your tail is the real deal, but you react like a human would... // The mere fact that you can talk to us is quite disturbing.

page 12

b1) It might be disturbing, but I've still accepted you as a cat.
b2) Follow me.
b3) But I must say,
b4) I can smell that man's scent all over you.
b5) So both your body and soul belong to your master, huh?

page 13

b1) You've got it backwards! I'm Shigeru's master!
b2) And as proof, // I've never once given my...
b3) body to him.
b4) Oh, is that how it is. // But if you're telling the truth, // why does your mouth smell just like him?
b5) meow
b6) What are you implying!?

apge 14

b1) purrrr meow
b2) It's this way. I wonder if you guys can keep up with me. // If you were a cat, this would be easy.
b3) Hey, wait a second!
b4) meow
b5) Chikuwa, you can do it.

page 15

b1) We're here.

page 16

b1) Giv Shigeru my regards,
b2) Konbu, // and Chikuwa.
b3) huh?
b4) How'd you know our names?
b5) And could you also tell Shigeru, // to leave me alone please?
b6) The more I listen to his dreams, // the more I start to believe that that fantasy will come true.
b7) Shigeru's... dream?
b8) I bet you it's something ridiculous.

page 17

b1) And there you have it.
b2) That's my plan for a cat paradise...
b3) huh?
b4) What part of my plan was bad?
b5) ALL OF IT!
b6) Excuse me!!? That's the dream I'm betting my life on!!
b7) What kind of society can you build with cats alone?
b8) -small print- hello? // huh? There almost completely naked cat eared girls on campus!?

page 18

b1) Could it be...?
b2) Konbu!
b3) Chikuwa!
panel1) Konbu? Chikuwa?
b4) I feel like...
b5) eating some Oden. -small print- Class dismissed.
panel2) What about my plans?

page 19

b1) Seriously,
b2) where did that Chikuwa run off to?
b3) hm?
b4) hmph... everyone is awe struck by my beauty.
b5) Ohhhhh!

page 20

panel1) My beautiful lady, would you allow me this dance? // No, please, allow me.
b1) They're all trying to get me for themselves...
b2) Ahh, I'm so sorry. // But there's somewhere I need to go.
panel2) Please wait, my lady. // Wait, please.
b3) There's a man who's already won my heart.

page 21

b1) Konbu, // why are you here?
b2) Man who's...
b3) won my heart.
panel) He tried to get the cat eared girl, and she rejected him.

page 22

b1) Damn you Shigeur!
panel1) The cat girl is now kicking him. // And he's taking full advantage of his position to look up her skirt. // I can't believe him.
b2) What? Did you come here just to hit me?
b3) Oh, // that's right.
b4) I came to give you // Thiiiiis!!

page 23

b1) The cat girl is covered in the white stuff now!
b2) Shigeru...
b3) Th-this is my fault!?

page 24

b1) This is your lunch that I brought out to you! // So don't leave a single drop!
panel1) What incredibly sexy food!!! // Damn that Shigeru making her do that!
panel2) What the hell do they normally eat? // I can't believe he's making such a pretty girl do that... // Why does that virgin get such a... // -by the balance- whoa, whoa. What? // Voice of reason - there are people watching. // voice of lust - Eat her.
b2) What? // Konbu... // Alright, I will!
panel3) Me too! Me too! This way! Me too! // -bowl- Thanks for the meal. // Agreed!

page 25

box) Meanwhile,
b1) Ma'am, is this poorly dressed girl that stole my Oden B-set your relative?
b2) No, she seems to be lost.
b3) I feel so sorry for her, she must've been starving.
b4) Here, eat this too.
b5) myah

pae 26

panel1) She's... TOO CUTE!!! -small print- Is this what they mean by moe!?
b1) Being alone is frightening, right?
b2) I'll search them out for you. // What's the name of the person you're looking for?
b3) Chikuwa, // it's me, Shige-shige.
b4) Chi... // Shige...

[page 27

b1) Chinge...
-this can't be translated properly and still have the joke make sense while keeping the true meaning. chinge means pubic hair.-
b2) I see, so you're searching for pubes.

page 28

b1) Shigeru...
b2) you're all beat up.
b3) Instead of letting this cat freak do it, let me lick you!
b4) meow!
b5) No, me!
b6) Cat ears!
b7) Stop that! Konbu is my...
b8) Shigeru...
b9) she's my precious...

page 29

b1) PET!
bubble sfx.) All shocked!

page 30

b1) I used to think of you has a friend, but from today on, we're enemies!
b2) I don't know anything about you, but we're now enemies!
b3) Are you stupid? Are you some kind of freak? Cut your dick off and die from loss of blood!
panel1) I'm making enemies in a hurry here. // Now that you mention it, yeah...
b4) As a woman, you're an enemy of mine!
b5) huh? Yoneda? You mean that cat freak?
b6) Why does she have cat ears?
b7) Wait, you have it all wrong, I'm the master here!
panel) They're both playing this game!?
b8) In other words, you wanted to lick up my body?
b9) Why would you think that?
b0) The real problem is that you left us...
b1) meow.

page 31

b1) MEOW!
b2) You damn fool! // I hate you!
panel) They just switched games again. // The pet became the queen. // And he's looking up her skirt again.
b3) Why are you guys making so much noise back here?

page 32

b1) Professor! // Why does she also have a cat eared girl? -small print- This one is young.
b2) "Also"?
b3) The cat freak, Yoneda // has a cat ear girl, and he's calling her his pet...
b4) I can't believe the freak.
b5) hm...
b6) I get it now...

page 33

b1) If she's a pet, it's fine. -small print- if you bring her here.
panel1) You're fine with it!?
b2) So don't forget to bring them with you whenever you're here.
b3) Chinge!
b4) Pubes.
b5) huh!?

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