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Translations: One Piece 839 by cnet128 , Gintama 605 (2)

Minamoto-kun's story 3

The first is my cousin.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 16, 2011 01:09 | Go to Minamoto-kun's story

-> RTS Page for Minamoto-kun's story 3

page 1

panel1) Pure, righteous, beautiful? // Beautiful women are usually quite peculiar.
title) The first is my cousin.
box) The day before.
panel2) Moving day.
b1) Thanks for allowing me to stay with you.

page 2

b1) I'm glad to have you.
b2) Um, is it...
b3) okay if I ask you something?
b4) It's about what happened yesterday...
box) Recalling what happened yesterday.
b5) THAT'S not it...
b6) I mean where you said to have sex with 14 women, are you serious?
b7) Dead serious.

page 3

b1) The reason I said 14, it because that's the number of women Genji loved in the story,
b2) Fujitsubo, Murakami no Ue, Aoi no Ue, Rokujou Nomi Yasudokoro, Yuugao, Utsusemi, Sue Tsumuhana...
b3) Wait, I wasn't asking for a history lesson here...
panel sfx.) ding dong.
b4) 14 women...
b5) Coming.
b6) She might be a little off kilter, but I don't think she'd seriously say that.
b7) I'm sure she's just trying to make it so that a coward like me would have the courage to at least think that I could make a girl mine.
panel) If I get it into my head that any girl that opens that door, I'll have to make her my woman, then maybe then I can finally get a girlfriend.
box) He just doesn't want to admit that a weirdo is this close to him.
b8) AH! Terumi really is here!

page 4

b1) huh...? That face,
b2) Are you...?
b3) It's been a long time, hasn't it? Since we were in elementary school, right? -small print- Your face hasn't changed much.
b4) Kaoruko, what is it you want me to help you with?
box) Momozono Asahi (21) A senior at Shiun college. Terumi's cousin, Kaoruko's niece.
b5) Can you wipe the windows.
b6) The bathroom is right there.
b7) Okay.
b8) What is Asahi doing here?
b9) The rags are in the over head cupboards.

page 5

b1) Terumi, I heard you came to our literature club?
b2) Oh, and congratulations on your dad getting married!
b3) Should I... even say thanks? -small print- that's the reason I'm here now.
b4) You've changed a lot... you used to hate with a passion, helping people out.
b5) No I haven't, // I still hate it.
b6) Then why are you here?
b7) You need to ask? Because I'm her niece, plus I'm her student, and...
b8) I... I love cleaning.
b9) You're just trying to buy a good grade.

page 6

b1) Make her yours,
b2) she's your first one.
b4) What's wrong?
b5) She really was serious about me having sex with 14 women!?
b6) ... I can't.

page 7

b1) Asahi is like a sister to me, I don't think I can ever look at her with eyes of passion...
b2) Let's test that out.
b3) Kaoruko?
panel) The rag would be up here...

page 8

b1) IT WASN'T ME!!
b3) She hit me with all her might.
panel1) Kaoruko, where's the bucket?
panel2) oww.
b4) You see her as a regular woman.
b5) Genji also started by making a family member his,
panel3) Is this a test!? Or is it a chance to get laid!? // Wow, that's a lot of books.
b6) so, you're first conquest will be a family member too.

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#1. by Ssspe ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2011
Thank you for translating this ^_^
Moar chapter please D:
I wonder what will happen next chapter =).
Level [C] Translator

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Alias: shadow-skill
Rank: Level [C] Translator
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