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Minamoto-kun's story 4

Get used to a woman's body.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 17, 2011 19:44 | Go to Minamoto-kun's story

-> RTS Page for Minamoto-kun's story 4

page 1

title) Get used to a woman's body.
panel1) Learn by experiencing, both women, and academics. // -circle at top right- Genji x 14 women x beautiful aunt.
panel2) His first conquest is his cousin Asahi!
b1) You have something important to discuss?
b2) Just the two of you?

page 2

b1) That's fine, I'll be alright by myself.
b2) Oh, okay. Thanks.
panel) sigh...
b3) Why the hell do I have to happily clean the room that Terumi is going to be using?
b4) Stop, stop, don't get angry. I'm doing this to garner a better grade, hell, if I'm lucky, I could end up with a recommendation from her... -small print- Literature is pretty hard!!
-I made a mistake here, I put literary club, but it's supposed to be Literature major. Sorry about that, I misread the kanji.-

page 3

b1) I can't believe you're telling me to do it with family... and a cousin no less!
b2) It's because she's your cousin.
b3) You don't really think that someone with no experience what so ever would be able to sweet talk a girl, do you? // I'll need you to start on the conquest of 14 women immediately so you can help me out with my research.
b4) ...There she goes again with 14 women... She really is serious about that.
b5) Give me your hand.
b6) She's done some really crazy things up till now, but she still is the associate professor, and lecturer on ancient literature... -small print- I'm sure she has a reason for this.

page 4

b1) Get used to a woman's body.
b3) Calm down, it's not like you were touching me directly.
b4) -small print- That's not the problem here.
b5) I think I finally understand the reason you were...
b6) picked on.

page 5

b1) From times past to now, it's actually the basic need to be popular with women.
b2) Men that are comfortable with the female body are flexible, so it's easy for them to get popular with the ladies.
b3) Considering those facts, I thought this would be the best method, -small print- But it didn't work.
b4) Maybe I should remove you from my research and use you as a sandbag...?
b5) Since that seems to be your field of expertise.
panel) bitch...!
b6) What do you think you're saying?
b7) Since you did it without warning, I was just surprised is all.
b8) I'm going to change!!

page 6

b1) Then you can feel up this body as much as you want.
2b) What's wrong? Aren't you going to be done by breakfast?
b3) ... Well, this is wrong, isn't it?
b4) You're my aunt...
b5) What? Because I'm your aunt? You don't need to worry about that.
b6) I'm giving you free reign to touch me as you want,
b7) so go right ahead and touch me all you want.

page 7

b1) hiihn... Oh, wow...!
b2) hm?
b3) This silky smooth skin that feels like a freshly peeled boiled egg, and this feeling at the center is...
-that's right son, that's a woman's tit. There are only 2 or 3 places on her body that feel that good or better.-
b4) It's about 10mm (about half an inch), is this...?
panel1) haah, // I'm tired.
bubble sfx.) splash
b5) I wonder if they're done talking?
panel sfx.) knock knock
b6) When you come in, watch your step.
b7) Where I step?
b8) Excuse me...

page 8

right of panel) I'm so jealous that he got to feel her up!!
b1) Terumi!! Your nose is bleeding!!
b2) Don't worry, he's alright.
b3) Oh my goodness, I can't believe I did that because of my aunt...
b4) Can I use your bathroom?
b5) Sure.
b6) You don't need to worry either, if we do this daily, you'll get used to it soon.
b7) DAILY!?
b8) That's the first time in a long time I saw someone with a nose bleed. Did he have some chocolate?
b9) I want some chocolate too.
b0) Get used to a woman's body, and make Asahi yours.

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#1. by Ssspe (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 18, 2011
That was fast. Thank you for your hard work :).
And please bring more chapter when you have free time xDD.

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