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Teppu 14

Wow, a grappling tournament of women only!

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Dec 12, 2011 21:56 | Go to Teppu

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page 1

title) Wow, a grappling tournament of women only!

page 2

b1) Roll Carnival?
b2) Yeah.
b3) It's a once a year tournament for women only where they do Judo and grappling.
b4) Both amateurs and professionals gather to pit their skills against one another and further the advancement of women's martial arts.

page 3

b1) If you do well in that tournament, I'll consider letting you into G-girl.
b2) I want to take part in that tournament too!!
b3) Of course you'll be entering too.
b4) Good luck to both of you.

page 4

b1) This is my transfer stop...
b2) Okay, see you later.

page 5

b1) A grappling tournament...?
b2) I'll need to do my best. -small print- It's so sudden too...
b3) You... really think highly of Ishidou, don't you?

pge 6

b1) Do you really think she's that talented?
b2) Whenever I'm sparring with her, I don't feel like I'll ever lose.
b3) Are you jealous?
b4) hell no.
b5) Don't worry, I like you both.
b6) But...
b7) she's just a little... too close to the line of insanity...

page 7

b1) So it's not so much that I think highly of her, but more that I'm worried about her.
b2) You however, are fine in that area, so I don't need to worry about you.
b3) Her personality is... a little twisted, isn't it.
b4) Yeah...
b6) but it's more than just "a little".

page 8

b1) But it's not like I'm worried of if she'll become a thug or anything...
b2) It seems like she was brought up as the daughter of a rich family...
b3) The daughter... of a rich family?
b4) She seems so proper in certain areas; however, she twists them in the wrong way...
b5) Really? All I see is a wild dog...
b6) ha ha
b7) Excuse me...

page 9

b1) You're Kontani Karin, right?
b2) I'm a huge fan of yours!
b3) I have been ever since Smash Girl...!
b4) I'm looking forward to seeing you in G-girl.
b5) I hope you win it all!!
b6) Thank you.

page 10

b1) The biggest problem with women's martial arts is,
b2) everything is always up in the air.
b3) Even if we do like the men do and build up a nice career,
b4) that doesn't mean we'll be shown or tv, or that we'll have a big venue prepared for us at some famous arena.
b5) That's why women have to do their best to shine during each of their matches.
b6) Afterwards, they'll need to sell their brand somehow to the advertisers to get a following...

page 11

b1) There are a lot of women who don't like having such an unstable outlook for themselves, and end up quitting.
b2) As if it wasn't bad enough that there aren't many female fighters to begin with, this just makes it worse.
b3) And that's why...
b4) at this G-girl tournament, things need to be as flashy as possible.
b5) To give the girls that see this unstable future a goal,
b6) AND, // it's a great chance to bring in some people who don't like women's fight to see what we can do.

page 12

b1) The girls that will be entering G-girl need to understand what the significance here is,
b2) the future of women's martial arts is riding on this tournament.
b3) Kiri,
b4) I'm... we're going to blaze out the path.
b5) So whatever happens,
b6) don't lose your love for women's martial arts.

page 14

panel) With Mawatari Yuzuko as my target, // where will this path I'm following take me?
b1) The wind is getting cool.
box) Summer will soon end.

page 16

b2) I never thought I'd be in a place... // where as far as the eye can see there are women.
b3) I guess this is what an all girl's school looks like, huh... -small print- It's quite the scene.

page 17

b1) Hey Karin, how have you been?
b2) Migyu!!
b3) I see you brought some big girls with you this time.
b4) Hi Kiri, I haven't seen you in a while.
b5) It's nice to see you too.
panel) Is your knee alright now? Totally fine.

page 18

b1) Let me introduce you to,
b2) How are you.
b3) the organizer of this event, Migi Youko.
b4) She's the one that handles all the promotions and matchmakings for this company.
b5) Also, she herself is a well known martial artist, and has been called the pioneer of women's judo.
b6) FYI, she's my promoter for the Valkyrie league that I'm in.
b7) That's... pretty cool!! -small print- There's a lot that she's doing...

page 19

b1) Truth be told, I'd like to hold this even twice in a year, but...
b2) it's nearly impossible to do so.
b3) I think this is good enough.
b4) Oh, before I forget. There's an entry here that I think is a joke,
b5) but since it's from your gym, I figured I'd ask. Take a look.
b6) Cameron Diaz?

page 20

b1) What the... I don't remember having a hollywood actress in our gym...
b2) Manami!!
b3) Nyah?
b4) How comes you're not showing up at the gym anymore,
b5) but I find you out here!?
b6) Watshi wa Manami ja nai, Cameron Diaz.
b7) That was YOU!?
panel) Doumo // SHUT IT!

page 21

b1) Is there someone who hasn't gotten their entry done yet?
panel1) Hey, wassup? // Oh, you brought some sweets! // Give some to everyone.
panel2) How have you been? // It's been a long time.
b2) Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves...
b3) That's because there's usually only 2 or 3 women in a gym.
b4) It's pretty rare to find a place like this where only women can compete.
b5) Our gym is special.

page 22

box) From Takenaka gym // Togami Miyako
b1) I see a black sheep shivering in the fold...
b2) yeah... That's Toko (the first letter of her last name, and the last letter of her first name), this is her first competition.
b3) She's been going to our gym for 6 years now, but...
b4) What if I get put in an omoplatt and my shoulder breaks? What if I get put in a heel hold and I tear a ligament?

page 23

b1) I only started this because I heard it was a good exercise regiment.
b2) Besides... cake baking is my hobby...
b3) There was a time when I went to see an amateur match, and my friend that joined the gym with me had her shoulder dislocated.
panel) What? // Oh, looks like it's broken. (calmly) // Oh boy, that looks bad. (calmly) // KANA!!
b4) Apparently, that's stuck with me as trauma...
b5) It's not that I imagine it happening to me in a match, but... since I lose all the time I can never imagine how I would win in a fight...
b6) Everyone is the same, you need to stop dwelling on it.

page 24

b1) Well, just do your best out there.
b2) ...There are even people like this?
b3) Y-y-y-y-y-y-yeah...
box1) Everyone was weighed.
box2) The rules were explained.
box3) And the matches finally started.

page 25

b1) COMBAT!!
panel) Combat!?
paper) Match order

page 26

b1) My first bout is the 6th match?
b2) So there were only 2 people at the same weight as me...?
b3) And...
paper) Match 6 // Kirido Haruka // Match 7 // Ooyama Sachiko.
b4) The other one is...
b5) What's this? When did you get so fat?
panel) I'm NOT fat!!
b6) Normally, people from the same gym aren't allowed to fight one another,
b7) but given our weight, there's no helping it.

pge 27

b4) I can't believe...
b5) A total n00b like you want to participate in G-girl.
b6) All I said was I wanted to fight in rookie tournament.

page 28

b3) What are you getting so heated for?
panel1) get away from me.
panel2) We're // going to blaze out the path.
b4) You really piss me off.

page 29

b1) In today's match, I'll make it quite clear just how small...
b2) you really are in this world.
b3) I'll be looking forward to it.

page 30

b1) Match #6
b2) Ishidou Natsuo vs. Kirito Haruka.
b3) What's this?

page 31

b1) I'm glad we found a judo uniform in your size.
b2) No... // wait...
b3) This is the first time that I'll be fighting in one of these.
panel) and the belt color is wrong!
b4) Go get her!!
b5) They look like they're having fun.

page 32

b1) COMBAT!!

page 33

box) A few seconds later...
panel1) pissed.
panel2) gotcha
b1) And she's got her in a spider guard already?
panel3) I don't like those either.

page 34

b1) I can't move the top half of my body.
b2) This damn hold really annoys me!!
panel) Explanation!! Spider Guard: It's one of the guard positions of judo. You grab your opponents sleeves and put the soles of your feet on their arms to control their movement. If you get caught in it, you get worn out, and pissed at the same time. There's nothing good about it at all!!
b3) How do I get out of this?
b4) Put your foot on her thigh,
b5) then pull your arms out of her grip!!

page 35

b1) WHOA!!
b2) LOOK OUT!!
panel) She put all her weight into that...

page 36

b1) STOP!!
b2) huh?
b3) Red, that move was illegal, this is your only warning!!
b4) If you messed up, you would've broken her knees!!
panel1) Where did she learn that?
b5) I can't do that?
b6) If you do it again, you'll be disqualified.
b7) We'll start over, from the guard position.
b8) That girl is a natural at this.

page 37

box) The restart.
b1) Dammit, I let my guard down thinking she was a n00b.
b2) Or is it because she's a n00b she did that?
b3) This setup again?
b4) I can't stand this...
b5) Oh?

page 38

b1) WHOA!!
b2) Ohh.

page 39

b1) Her pace increased!!
b2) Is she going to try and win this by getting 10 points at once?
-in case you don't know, the "1 point" that you normally read in judo manga should be 10 points. Other moves that don't give you 10 give you 1,2,3 or 5 points based on what you did. You can add those up to 10, or get 10 in one shot. There are a few ways that I'm not going to explain because this is an MMA manga.-
panel) I didn't get her properly.

page 40

b1) Oh no!!
b2) I don't have her thumb in the right position!!

page 41

b1) She just...
panel1) Go put a hold on her!
b2) The second Kiri got her back, she put more strength into her arms.
b3) Considering the timing with which she did it, her reaction time and courage is above that of a high school girl.
panel2) Who's words were those? They said:
panel3) "We all know the saying, don't think, feel. // But in judo it's the opposite, don't feel, think."

paeg 42

b1) However...
b2) in this girl's case, it's...
b3) It looks like...
b4) I'm going to learn a lot from this.
panel) Up yours!

page 43

b1) Blue, 8 points.
b2) Red, 3 points.
b3) Blue, Kirito Haruka, wins by unanimous decision.
panel) I didn't get to finish her off...

page 44

b1) I lost.
b2) I didn't get 10 points.
b3) Grab her neck and go!!
b4) Don't wait!! ATTACK!!

page 45

b1) Kiri, you wiped the floor with her.
b3) nyah!?
panel1) grrrr
panel2) Huuuh!?

page 46

b1) Well, you guys still have your afternoon grappling match,
b2) so use that to make it clear who won.
b3) Damn right!
b4) No, that's not really what I was getting worked up over.
b5) Cameron Diaz, please get ready, your match is coming up.
b6) Right away.
box) Match #9, Cameron Diaz win by KO.

page 47

box) Match #10
b1) Red, Togami Miyako win by decision.
b2) I won...
b3-6) Congrats.

page 48

b1) This is the result of all the hard work I've put in.
b2) Yeah. You have 1 more match after this, so do your best there too.
panel1) Hard work...
panel2) Hard work(x3)
panel3) What I'm after is...
b3) We'll now be taking a 30 minute break.

page 49

paenl1) What are you going to do for lunch? // I brought mine with me.
b1) Nacchan!!
b2) Kei...
b3) I came to cheer you on!! Don't tell me I missed your match!?
b4) No, I have 1 more.
b5) Really? That's good.

page 50

b1) You're Kontani, right!!
panel) Oh?
b2) I saw your last match!! It was so cool!
b3) I hear that you're always taking care of Nacchan.
b4) No, not at all...
b5) Naccahn?
b6) Who would thought that YOU would
b7) have friends.
b8) I can't believe this bitch just said that.

page 51

b1) G-girl? That tournament for rookies, right?
b2) Yeah.
b3) If I do well in this tournament, they'll let me participate.
b4) That's pretty cool.
b5) Yeah, but I lost the 1st match.
b6) Then you need to win the second one!
b7) You're right.
b8) But this is amazing!! Depending on what happens, you'll be in G-girl, right?
b9) Yeah.

page 52

b1) Truth be told, I'm not really interested in G-girl itself.
b2) Besides, the people who have already committed to it are so amazing, it feels like I don't belong.
b3) But Mawatari Yuzuko...
b4) so long as I can beat her, I'll be fine.
b5) I don't think she's as bad as you're making her out to be...
b6) It's because I'm jealous.

page 53

b1) Because she's that good, has a ton of potential, and has the mind set to keep working at it to get better. Not only that, she has a nice personality...
b2) To make matters worse, she the same age as I am!
b3) If she were older, then I could just say that she has time on me and overlook it.
b4) If she were younger then I'd just say that she was more talented than me and not care.
b5) She was born the same time as me,
b6) and was given the same amount of time as me, and she'll be there.
b7) It'll look like the time that I was given was nothing but a big waste, and I cant' stand that.

page 54

b1) That's only because the environment she was raised in, and how her talents were handled are different...
b2) And if that's the case, she could be saying the same thing about you right now.
b3) I'm well aware of that.
b4) But looking at things this way makes it easier for me to put my mind around it. // There are a lot of different emotions swirling in me...
b5) And it's complicated dealing with all of them.
b6) However, at the same time...
b7) I'm having fun doing this.

page 55

box) Match #30
panel1) They're both so tall.
panel2) Nacchan, don't lose.

page 56

b1) COMBAT!!
panel1) I don't really want to participate in G-girl.
panel2) Neither do I want to go pro.

page 57

panel1) I want to feel it again.
panel2) And wiping that smile off of her face would be best.

page 58

b1) Nice tackle.
panel1) Her arms are really long.
b2) Because she went after my head like that...
b3) my reaction was late!!
panel2) Now then,
b4) how should I cook you up?

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#1. by kanapox ()
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LOL! Cameron Diaz... bwahahaha!!!
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