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Teppu 15

Bullying is lame.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Feb 1, 2012 00:48 | Go to Teppu

-> RTS Page for Teppu 15

This was supposed to be out earlier in the month, and I totally forgot. Sorry.
This is for animexis' use only.

page 1

panel) Isn't it wonderful to have a goal you're aiming at?
title) Bullying is lame.

page 2

b1) Takedown!
panel) Natsuo is acting a little different from before!
b2) Red, 2 points.

page 3

b1) Shrimp.
between panels) The basic move for escaping a pin.

page 4

b1) She grabbed the push off hand that Kiri was going to use to escape from her pin...
b2) She got her good.
b3) Now then,
b4) she moved exactly like I expected her to.
b5) Back grab.
between panels) It's when... just look at the damn picture, this is a manga dammit!
b6) Red, 4 points.

page 5

b1) She got 6 points off of me as soon as the match started!?
b2) I don't believe I made such a rookie mistake!!
b3) guh

page 6

b1) ... and she let Kiri get out of that so easily.
panel1) Hold her down a little longer.
b2) A hip throw.
between panels... u ppl really don't know what a hip throw is by NOW!?

page 8

b1) That's the move Mawatari Yuzuko used against Manami in their match!
b2) You pretend like you're going to do a hip throw, have them react and get on top of them!

page 9

b1) After seeing them spar in the gym so often, you'd never believe that
b2) Kiri would have her back taken so often.
b3) Sweep!
b4) Red, 2 points.
panel) And there's something else... // but I can't explain it...

page 10

b1) Raise your hips!
b2) If you do that, you'll throw off her balance! // And you can get her off of you!!
b3) Dammit.

page 11

b1) Her leg!!

page 13

b1) I know!!
b2) It's just like how we practiced!! She's going over all the moves we've practiced up to this point.
b3) In fact, things are going so well, it's like we're watching an exhibition, or a learn at home video.

page 14

b1) Counter!
between panel) -yeah, we've seen this one b4 too.

page 15

b1) A spinning choke hold!!
between panels) -once again, this is a manga. We can c what's happening.-
b2) WHAT!?
b3) She missed...?
panel1) It's hard to tell.
b4) She didn't get her properly.
panel2) Why...
panel3) How are you able to use that move? // When did you learn this!?

page 16

b1) Dammit!!
b2) What a shame.
b3) I tried to copy what I saw someone else do,
b4) but it's more difficult than it looks.

page 17

b1) I have absolutely no idea what's going on here.
b2) Excuse me,
b3) Nacchan is the one that's winning, right?
b4) You're Natsuo's friend, right?
b5) Yes.
b6) My name is Ninomiya Kei.
panel) It's nice to meet you. // Same here.
b7) My name is Togami Miyako.
b8) Right now Natsuo is the one that's winning.
b9) She has a very big lead in points.

page 18

b1) In a grappling tournament, you gain points by getting your opponent in a bad position, or by putting them in pins.
panel1) Knee on the belly. (2 points) // You use your knee to control your opponents movements.
panel2) Sweep. (2 points) // When the person on the bottom gets on top of their opponent.
panel3) Mount position (4 points) // When you get on your opponents torso.
panel4) Pass guard (3 points) // When the person on top gets around their opponent and holds down their head.
b2) So if you know what the positions are supposed to look like, it makes understanding what's going on a lot easier.
b3) There are a variety of ways to put your opponent in those positions,
b4) however, it's like most other fighting sports where you're trying to get 10 points.
b5) So it's not like judo where you either throw or pin the person for 10 points, right?
b6) That's right. But you can still think of it like that, and you'll understand what's happening.
b7) Thanks for the thorough explanation.
panel5) That really helped. // Anytime.
b8) You're welcome.

page 19

box1) Everyone that was watching thought the same thing, this is unreal!
box2) Ishidou Natsuo // Kirido Haruka

page 20

box1) Whether it was Ishidou Natsuo's attacks, or her counter Kirirdo Haruka's attacks,
box2) Natsuo would never finish off Haruka, she would only continue to gain points, over and over.

page 21

box1) And that repetition has given us...
box2) Ishidou Natsuo // Kirido Haruka
box3) This result.
b1) This is what is... what I couldn't explain before.
b2) This match isn't taking this long because Natsuo is bad at finishing off her opponent...
b3) She purposely created this situation.
b4) She's getting Kiri back for all the times she lost during practice.
b5) That's right.

page 22

b1) I was watching everything you did... // I took note of everything you did.
b2) And now my body is at the level where it can keep up with my mind.
panel1) That girl...
panel2) has finally // shown her true colors.

page 23

b1) Since when?
b2) When did she catch up AND pass me!?
b3) You're no longer thinking straight. -small print- Why go for this move?

page 25

b1) Knee on the belly.
b2) Red, 2 points.
b3) It hasn't been that long!
b4) When the hell did she pass me up!?
b5) "The fight is won or lost far away from the witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road..." right?
b6) Then why am I losing!?
panel1) Physical strength, reaction speed, the refining of techniques, and understanding different situations. // I've done this day after day, hour after hour, and what for!!?

page 62

b1) Making what you imaged real.
b2) Whatever she saw or experienced with her body, // she's able to do it herself.
b3) In fact, she doesn't even need to practice like most people do.
b4) With just some fuzzy thoughts on what to do, // her body will naturally select the best option for her.
b5) People in the know call that,
b5) talent.

page 27

panel1) I'll be the one that gets revenge // for Manami!!
panel2) This is // so boring.
panel3) Then he... // Really?

page 28

Panel1) my...
b1) Back grab, red 4 points.
box) Ishidou Natsuo // Kirido Haruka
panel2) My place of...
b2) Let me get my leg out of here and...

page 29

b1) Single back!?
b2) I can't budge. // I can't move either my upper or lower half!!
b3) Times up.
b4) WHAT!?

page 30

b1) HARUKA!!
b3) With her knee in the way, I can't...
panel) Hey, hey... when did you learn tha... // I already know.

page 31

panel1) You just thought of it now, didn't you? // Dammit!!
panel2) Dammit all!!!
b1) STOP!!

page 33

panel sfx) clap(x8)

page 35

b1) Kiri, I'm sorry.
b2) I didn't think she'd whoop you like this.
b3) Nacchan.
b4) That was great, you looked so cool out there!

page 36

panel1) Oh please.
panel2) This was nothing special. // My goal is to beat ol' thick brows, this tournament is just a means to that goal.
panel3) Besides... // What I did today might have worked against that opponent, but against her...

page 37

b1) Thanks.
panel1) What happened to me? I've never been like this before.
panel2) This tournament // was extremely fun!
b3) Hey, Natsuo...

page 38

panel1) What kind of painful training have you done till now? // Have you worked so hard you started to bleed?
box1) Closing ceremonies.
panel2) Have you ever been disappointed in your talents // and couldn't sleep at night because of it?

page 40

panel1) The kind of talent that everyone covets, // was used as though it was as easy as breathing.
panel2) You're one of those people.
panel3) I wonder if you...
panel4) really understand what that all means?

page 41

b1) Good job everyone.
b2) I'm glad that no ended up injured today.
b3) Kontani,
b4) about what we discussed before.
b5) yeah...

page 24

b1) Fine.
box1) I'm...
box2) expecting much.
b2) I'll allow you to enter // an amateur tournament.

page 43

box1) From her ridiculous talent, and...
box2) the sadistic side of me that expects her to feel the weight of reality.
b1) Go get your ass handed to you.
box3) But I wonder which I have higher hopes of?

page 44

b1) Come now...
b2) if you say something like that,
b3) I'll...

page 45

b1) Start to like women's MMA.

page 46

b1) I've failed as an instructor.
box1) Dance for me,
box2) oh negative feelings of jealousy and desire, hatred.

page 47

box1) While looking forward to the time when that
box2) pure and childish feeling comes to sublimation.

page 48

b1) I'M BACK!!
b2) MOM!!
b3) There's something I want to talk to you about...
b4) Are you there?

page 49

paper) I have the late shift tonight. So I made dinner for you, it's in the kitchen. // from mom.
b1) Mom?

page 50

b1) Bro...
b2) you were watching tv?
b3) Move.

page 51

b1) You know,
b2) I'm // going to a gym right now.
b3) It's an MMA gym!!
b4) There was a tournament today.

page 52

b1) And I got this there.
b2) The judo bear.
b3) It's the prize for best technique.
b4) There are a lot of nice people at the gym too...
b5) It's a lot of fun!! // If you'd like, you can come along too...

page 53

b1) EEK!!

page 54

b1) I said MOVE...

page 55

b1) I'm sorry.

right of panel) She won, even got her body to move as she wanted, but still can't bury the feelings.
b1) ugh...
panel1) Don't cry!!
panel2) Remember you swore // you wouldn't cry about this ever again!
b2) Dammit,
b3) I haven't gotten any better.

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#1. by kanapox ()
Posted on Feb 2, 2012
This freaking series gets better and better.... thanks for the translation!
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