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Duel! 1


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Mar 3, 2015 22:09 | Go to Duel!

-> RTS Page for Duel! 1

There was a korean manga that did fencing. Of course I can't remember the title, I don't know where to find it, and more and more fencing manga is being made. This time, the main character is a girl, and instead of being a bully that got in an accident, she's being bullied... oh just read it.

page 1

b1) Are you ready?
b2) Yes.

page 2

p1) Become a strong willed lady!! // The curtains open on a story of sweat, bonds, and chivalry!!

page 3

titel) Alice.

page 4

b1) Minori.
b2) Minori?
b3) Minori, your lunch!
b4) guoh!
b5) If you take that long to eat, won't you be late for school?
b6) I'm doing good on time, grandma.
b7) I'm just worried that you're still getting picked on like before because you always took so long to eat.
b8) I-I'm fine. // Everyone gets along well with me.

page 5

b1) If so, you don't have to worry about helping out at home. // You should hang out with your friends.
b2) Sure,
b3) thanks grandma!
b4) Today I put in 5 plums for you.
b5) That's great!!
b6) See you later,
b7) grandma!

page 6

b1) Smile.
b2) I need to do my best today too.

page 7

b1) Ah... // my hand slipped.
b2) I'm sorry,
b3) Minori.
b4) *cough*
b5) ha...
b6) ha ha...
b7) It was an accident, so don't worry about it.

page 8

b1) Nishida
b2) I need you to bring some print outs from the staff room.
b3) Be right there.
b4) Whoa, my hand slipped again.
b5) But you'll forgive me, right?
b6) Yeah, // I will.

page 9

b1) Who wants to come to the city with me?
b2) Me!
b3) Stay up there.
b4) Okay!

page 10

b1) What a klutz!
b2) Her reactions are so funny!
b3) ha ha

page 11

b1) Yo
b2) Hey, Seiji.
b3) hm? You picking on that girl?
b4) don't be silly.
b5) she's my friend.
b6) She'll always forgive me with a smile on her face.
b7) See you tomorrow,
b8) Minori.
p1) Stop
b9) See you tomorrow.
p2) If I had the courage to say just that word... // I wonder if things would change.

page 12

p1) What should I do...?
p2) How do I get her to stop picking on me? // Should I tell the teachers about her?
b1) the teachers?
p3) No, I can't do that, if I did // Grandma would get involved, and I don't want her to worry about me.
b2) Ah
b3) I'm sorry.

page 13

b1) huh?
b2) Did you see that?
b3) Shh, she can hear you!
b4) I'd die from embarrassment.
b5) ha...
b6) ha ha ha
p1) I need to smile. // I can barely keep it up!
p2) I'm about to break, // I need to hold it in.

page 14

p1) Hold it in.
b1) If I cry,
b2) my eyes will turn red.
p2) Grandma will worry if they do, // so...
p3) Turn that frown upside down, // Minori.

page 15

b1) ow

page 16


page 18

p1) Wow, what pretty eyes. // She's like a porcelain doll.
b1) Whaat?
b2) S-so... T-triste // no hablo espanol.
b3) Your a klutz!!
b4) And that was french, not spanish.
b5) You should pay closer attention when you're walking around like that.
b6) Die elsewhere.
b7) Am I the type that only gets yelled at?

page 19

b1) But that girl,
b2) she was really pretty.
p1) And she said whatever it was that was on her mind. // I wish I could be like that.
b2) haaah
p2) How different would things be if I could be like that?
b3) hm?
b4) Is that the wind?

page 20

b1) No.
p1) That's the sound of something // cutting through the air.

page 21

b1) It's that girl again.
b2) Whoooosh
b3) scrreeeech
b4) What kind of movements are those?

page 22

b1) The sound her foot makes is... relaxing.
b2) It's powerful, but isn't rigid.
b3) But above all that,
-sho ryu ken with a sword? Does the fencer in Soul Caliber have a move like this?-

page 23

p1) her overwhelming beauty stopped me.

page 24

b1) I don't think...
b2) phew
b3) I'll ever forget what I saw here tonight.

page 26

b1) I clapped without really thinking back there. // But what she was doing...
b2) What was it called again?
b3) What the hell do you
b4) want from me?
b5) Oh, triste... I mean

page 27

b1) That's right,
b2) It's called Fencing!
b3) After seeing this sword, what else but fencing could I be doing?
b4) No... it's...
b5) you're right, I'm such an idiot...
b6) Oh,
b7) wait,
b8) I just...
b9) Fencing is
b0) pretty cool.

page 28

b1) That 'whoosh' sound that you made,
b2) I can still feel it in my ears.
b3) That really isn't what I wanted to say...
b4) Could someone like me, // who's clumsy with no athletic ability...
b5) who belongs to the sewing club, // could I...
b6) with lots of practice
b7) be able to
b8) fence like that?

page 29

b1) With a half assed approach like that,
b2) you'll fail at whatever you do.
b3) Oh well,
b4) what I meant was...
b5) you know...
b6) Unless you actually try, you'll never know what you're capable of.
b7) Isn't that much obvious?

page 30

b1) Hey, // it's Minori.
b2) ah...
b3) Minori, you had such a good looking friend like this?
b4) Introduce us, Minori.
b5) phew
b6) ow
b7) hmph

page 31

b1) Minori... // I could've sworn I heard...
b2) your friend "hmph" me?
b3) Well,
b4) she // isn't my friend.
b5) I didn't think so.
b6) There's no way you would be friends with someone that pretty, right?
b7) ha ha
b8) You're right. // ha ha...

page 32

b1) kuh...
b2) kuh kuh
b3) You're right, Satomi.
b4) This girl does nothing but smile.
b5) See?
b6) She probably thinks that if she keeps smiling she'll get out of whatever trouble is in front of her.
b7) But that smile that she keeps plastered on her face does nothing but piss me off. // I want to rip it off!
b8) She said she wants to rip that smile off your face, smiley girl!
b9) ha ha ha ha ha!

page 33

b1) Ah...
p1) You didn't need to tell me. // I know that I'm a klutz, I don't talk much but cry a lot.
b2) Hey,
b3) do it.
b4) Smile. // Come on.
p2) That if I want to change myself... // but I'm afraid of Satomi, and it's only making things worse...
b5) Unless you try, you'll never know what you're capable of.
b6) Isn't that much obvious?
b7) Come on, smile!
b8) ha ha ha
b9) Minori?

page 34

b1) I'm not going to.
b2) I'll smile when I'm actually happy.
b3) I'll smile only when I want to.

page 35

b1) Why are you fighting back with that ugly face? // Where's the normal whipped dog Minori?
b2) Just smile like you always do.
b3-6) fuuh
b7) You know what's going to happen to you tomorrow, right? // Smile!
b8) Come on,
b9) SMILE!

page 36

b1) wipe, wipe
b2) WHAT THE...!!?
b3) No matter what country you go to, you'll find ass wipes like this. // Well, the person getting picked on is also at fault, but...
b4) hmph
b5) You mustered up all that courage to stand up against her, and all you did was not smile?
b6) Wasn't there anything else you could've done?
b7) Well, considering the person,
b8) you did well.

page 37

b1,2) sniff
b3) What the hell // do you think you're doing to my girlfriend?
b4) OW!
b5) I like that.
b6) There should be more girls like you.

page 38

b1) ha ha

page 39

p1) W-what just happened? She's like a... // I'm scared.

page 40

b1) I don't care about the reasons, but
b2) you pointed your sword
b3) at me...
b4) STFU!
b5) I'm gonna beat the shit outta you!!

page 41

p1) Wimp

page 44

b1) ahg
b2) gaha
b3) guah
b4) You still want some?
b5) tsk
b6) dammit.
b7) hmph
b8) I lost of practice time because of you.

page 45

b1) That...
b2) was amazing!
p1) How can she do something like that?
b3) ah
b4) Wait,
p2) If I could be like that... // even just a fraction...
b5) could you tell me...
b6) your name?
p3) I'd like to get closer to you.

page 46

b1) It's...
b2) Alice.
p1) Hidden in the eyes seeing her hero off lie both determination and thanks.

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