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Duel! 2

Even if I'm laughed at.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Mar 8, 2015 16:40 | Go to Duel!

-> RTS Page for Duel! 2

page 1

b1) Let's see... touche'? To do a thrust,
b2) starting from your en garde position, use your front leg...?
box1) What happened last night,
b3) Is my front leg supposed to be my right?
box2) keeps replaying over and over in my head.
box3) The excitement from last night hasn't calmed down.
box4) My body just...
box5) moves on it's own,

page 2

p1) Whenever I think of you, Alice.
title) Even if I'm laughed at.

page 3

b1) Minori!? What happened?
b2) Well... there's this fly buzzing around, so...
b3) Is that all? I'm just glad that you're not hurt.
b4) ha.. .ha ha
b5) I'm sorry grandma.

page 4

b1) The fencing club?
b2) You!?
b3) Well, I don't think there will be a problem with you entering now, but...
b4) Are you sure you don't want to stay with an art club?
b5) Yes, I am.
-I'll translate the name of the school when it gets mentioned.-
p1) I know without being told that I'm a fish out of water here, but...

page 5

p1) F-first i need to calm down, look them straight in the eye and say that I'd like to observe. // It's ok, this isn't something that I should be getting nervous about.
p2) All I need to do is tell them that I'd like to // start fencing!

page 6

b1) eek

page 7

b1) phew
b2) Aa!
p1 Alice!

page 8

b1) Alice...
b2) how many times do I have to tell you before you get it?
b3) Even though Nanase was the one to challenge you, // you know deep down that she's no match for you, right?
b4) Holding back while facing someone who's // chosen the same path as you is an insult to your rapier!
b5) Besides,
b6) I always go full force.

page 9

b1) Can you step aside Koume?
b2) I wouldn't want her to hold back against me either.
b3) HA!

page 10

b1) HAAH!
b2) ha
b3) nha
b4) parry (I think)
b5) Enough with your damn french, // you little frosh!

page 11

b1) Leap back.

page 12

b1) What the hell bon...!? That just a back flip!
b2) And isn't that against the rules?
b3) Just because you were France's representative in the youth olympics doesn't mean that... // DON'T IGNORE ME!!
b4) You really made a name for yourself in France, // and that's what gave you that bad attitude, right?
b5) What was it? You're one of the 3 hopes for the future,
b6) Momose Alice.

page 13

p1) She's... // one of the future hopefuls!?
b1) But... // this is Japan, where age and rank mean everything.
b2) So you need to start acting like a freshmen and mop up the floors.
b3) Wimp

page 15

b1) Are you alright, Nanase? // This is why I don't like girls that don't know how things work in our country.
b2) You still want to fight?
b3) I'm much weaker than you'd think.
b4) Wah
b5) Ah
b6) um...
b7) ha... // ha ha

page 16

b1) I won't smile.
p1) That's the girl from the other day.
b2) Hey, // isn't that Minori?
b3) And that blond girl farther in, // isn't she the fencing girl you mentioned before?
b4) Nishi?

page 17

b1) Found it.
b2) Oh, um...
b3) Why is Alice at our school?
b4) Actually, I should be thanking her. // Wait, she's a freshman too? // Oh, whatever!
b5) There are too many things I want to ask.
b6) H-here goes...

page 18

b1) Alice...
b3) No, I only came to observe.
b5) Wearing this uniform that fits so snug to your thighs is kind of embarrassing.
b6) But don't worry.
b7) Once you start going, you'll forget about how this looks.
b8) We'll have to give you #46 which has our biggest hip size. // For such a small body, you have quite the glutes on you.
b9) What's your name?
b0) Minori.
b1) I'm Koume, I'm a senior. // Now then Minori, get that uniform on.
b2) But // I'm...

page 19

b1) Good.
b2) You look really good in that. // So much better than a stuck up foreign princess.
b3) Th-that's not true at all! // Alice is like a million times better looking than I am!

page 20

b1) Are you seriously going to // start fencing?
b2) Yes,
b3) I am.
b4) It's like a dream come true! For someone normal like me to be in // the same club with someone as special as you, Alice.
b5) Sorry for being just a normal fencing club.
b6) Th-that's not what I meant...!
b7) Oh stop. // I only come here to fence.
b8) I never actually joined the club.
b9) Stop with the loner act. // You're both freshmen so try to get along.

page 21

b1) hmph
b2) If you keep acting like that in a country you're not used to...
b3) There are people who worry about you, right?
b4) According to my private sources, our little Alice can't sleep unless she has her favorite teddy bear with her.
b5) Listen! I'm only here to practice on my own. // I didn't come here to find friends!
b6) And... don't you ever investigate my private life again!
b7) If that's really true, // why did you come back to this country where fencing is a niche sport?

page 22

b1) Alright Minori, let's begin.
b2) O-okay.
b3) In fencing there are 3 styles, Epee, Foil and Sabre. // We do the same as what's most popular in Europe:
b4) Epee.
b5) The way you score points is to hit your opponent with the tip of your rapier anywhere on their body. // This is the same kind of sword fighting that was used in the medieval ages, // the person who gets stabbed first loses.
b6) Basically a duel has been turned into a technique.
b7) A duel...

page 23

b1) The rapier used for epee is about 26.5 ounces.
b2) It's about the same weight as a metal bat used in high school baseball.
p1) So this is fencing...?
p2) It's heavier and harder than I thought... // You have to stab someone with this?

page 24

b1) Although it's called a duel, it's still just a sport.
b2) Now for the most basic of attacks, the thrust. // Hold up the rapier,
b3) and as you're stepping in...
p1) wow
b5) Don't stand there with your mouth agape, move!
p2) That's right. // I need to try to see what I'm capable of.

page 25

b1) Marchais (walking)
-if these are wrong, correct me. I know very little french, and even less fencing-
b2) Marchais... that was...
b3) was I supposed to go forward or back?
b4) ha
b5) Marchais is forward. // Calm down Minori.
b6) Marchais
p1) Ok, calm down, // forward.
b7) ha
b8) ahh
b9) I-if you train like your life depended on it, // you MIGHT get better...
p2) pfffft

page 26

b1) Even someone like me could get better if I
b2) trained like my life depended on it?
b3) Like I said...
b4) MIGHT.
b5) ha
b6) ho
b7) Marchais.
b8) Don't drop your arms.
b9) Now then,
b0) my leg goes...
b1) Wait, my hand goes up...
b2,3) Marchais.

page 27

b1) huh?
b2) Koume.
b3) Are you really going to let this n00b in the club?
b4) We all started somewhere, didn't we?
b5) Because you're so kind, you're letting her get these strange thoughts in her head,
b6) so I'll take your place and tell it to her straight.

page 28

b1) You'll never get any better at fencing,
b2) so give it up!
b3) Nanase.
b4) You're not helping.
b5) Things are finally starting to come full circle for our club, but you want to join for fun?
b6) You have neither the strength or the motor skills to do this properly

page 29

b1) Well..
b2) I'm a klutz and I have 2 left feet... // and I have no friends.
b3) I used whatever reason I could to escape from that harsh reality.
b4) But, after seeing someone put on a show, I was moved like I never thought capable.
b5) Laugh at me if you'd like, I don't care,
b6) but after seeing her fence, I wanted to do the same thing.
b7) Besides, // you'll never know what you're capable of
b8) if you don't ever try.

page 30

b1) Don't move, // I'm connecting your plug.
b2) How about we do this, if you manage to get a point off of Nanase
b3) within the time limit of a single period, you'll join the club.
b4) Excuse me, Koume... // there's no way I'd get a point off of her.

page 31

b1) Koume...
b2) What? Are you going to say she has no chance too?
b3) "This is crazy" // "There's no way a foreigner like you could do anything worthwhile in our country's national sport!"
b4) While enduring that kind of trash talk,
b5) there was someone who became France's representative in the youth olympics.
b6) Nanase, are you ok with this?
b7) Are you ready to start?
b8) Since you brought this up, I'll do it.
b9) But don't look at me if she starts to cry.

page 32

b1) You're already in 5th gear. // What about you, Minori?

page 33

b1) I...
b2) I'll do it.
b3) click

page 35

b1) kuh
b2) ha
b3) keho
b4) Nanase!
b5) You don't need to go all out on a total n00b!
b6) And didn't I tell you,
b7) Don't look at me if she starts crying?
b8,9) haa
b0) huuuh

page 36

b1) In this contest, from the mask to your toes is a legal hit,
b2) you can hit anywhere on the body.
b3) Listen carefully, the game that you've just stepped foot into is
b4) a fight for pride and honor between two knights,
b5) it's a duel.
p1) Her mettle is put to the test!

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