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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Duel! 3


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Apr 1, 2015 20:58 | Go to Duel!

-> RTS Page for Duel! 3

page 1

b1,2) Ha
p1) This will be the last year that I'll be able to fence with Koume.
p2) I want this to be the year that we finally... // stand together at the national stage!!
p3) And for that...!!

page 2

b1) If you want to take a rest, do it at home. // N00B!
b2) kuh
p1) We finally got enough members, and we're all working towards that stage. // We don't have the time to go teaching // a n00b fencing from scratch.
p2) You amount to nothing more than
p3) trouble for us.

page 3

title) Marche!!
p1) A thrust filled with emotion!!

page 4

b1) ugh
b2) hah...
b3) ah...
b4) Nanase, time out!
b5) Hold on a second!
b6) There are times when the judge calls for time like this during a match, right?
b7) ...I know.
b8) You don't need my permission.
b9) Minori, are you alright...
b0) Of course not.

page 5

b1) I'm completely out matched
b2) in there.
b3) In fact, it's beyond even getting
b4) a point off of her.
b5) From the time she took her stance,
b6) it was like Nanase was trying to
b7) pierce me through with ballista.

page 6

b1) Alice...
b2) You need to aim your attacks at your opponents shoulder.
b3) Step directly at her.
b4) For the most basic step in fencing, the lunge, // you stick out your attack hand a little,
b5) and thrust as you step in!

page 7

b1) Th-thanks for going out of your way to give me advice.
b2) Your fencing was so pathetic that, // I started to feel bad for the fencing world for having this go on.
b3) I... I"m sorry.
b4) Now go on!
b5) A klutz like you can only do one thing.
b6) Keep moving on like a boar, right?

page 8

b1) Your opponent is a high school girl just like you,
b2) your chances aren't zero.
b3) If you don't give up,
b4) a chance will come around.
b5) Unless you try, you'll...
b6) never know what you're capable of, right?

page 9

b1) RIGHT!!
b2) tsk
b3) Alice, // do you seriously think Minori will get a point?

page 10

b1) No.
b2) Didn't think so.
b3) Then why did you give her advice?
b5) ugh
p1) When Koume suggested that Nanase fight it out with Minori...

page 10

b1) "I'll do it!"
p1) I knew that she was serious about wanting to fence, // But...
p2) since she her athletic motor skills are so poor, // no matter how much she tries to do well,
p3) all that awaits her is discouragement.
b4,5) haa
b6,7) Marche!

page 11

b2) Keep it up, Minori!
b3) You can do it, Minori!
b4) You're almost there!
b6-8) haa
b9) Minori,
b0) Get up.

page 12

p1) Even if you can't win, // show me that you have the determination to
p2) keep this up!
b1-3) haa
b4) hn
p3) This is enough, right? // Just stay down.
b5-8) haa
b9) hng

page 13

b1-4) haa
b5) tsk
p1) This hurts, and I'm tired. // In fact, I don't even know exactly what hurts anymore.
p2) It takes all I have just to stand, and I can't life my arms anymore.
b6,7) wheeze
b8,9) haa

page 14

p1) Be that as it may, I don't want to run from here, nor do I want to be driven out.
b1) tsk
p2) Even for just a second more, I'd like to remain here... // I want to keep fencing.
b2) wheeze
b3) Ma...
b4) Marche
b5) haaa
b6,7) haa
b8) fuh
b9) Marche
b0) haa
b1) 5 SECONDS!!
b2) huh!?

page 15

p1) No way.
b1) Minori,
b2) get her!
b3) squeeze
b4) beep

page 16

p1) I want to keep fencing.
p2) In this place, with this rapier,
p3) I'm going to change.

page 17

p1) I don't think I'll...
p2) ever forget what I saw tonight.

page 18

p1) And because of what I saw, I swore,
p2) that I'd become as unyielding as Alice.

page 22

b1) Was that a tie...
b2) No, it wasn't.
b3) That's a point for Nanase.
b1,2,5,6) haa
b3) kuh
b4) That hurt.

page 23

b1) This might be insulting coming from me, but... // I can't accept the result.
b2) I had this image of fencing being more gallant and undemanding.
b3) But it's hard, scary, and it hurts...
b4) But it's still a lot of fun. This is the first time in my life that I've ever felt like this.
b5) I must say that I'm surprised at that myself.
b6) Nanase, I would like to thank you for taking a total beginner
b7) like me seriously.
p1) And for giving a coward like me the courage to take that first step...

pge 24

b1) Alice,
b2) thank you very much.

page 25

b1) Alice, // it's getting dark out.
b2) I'm not stopping.
b3-6) haa
b7) This is too much fun.
b8) Anne, until I beat you, I'm not stopping.

page 26

b1) Have a good day.
b2) hnn...

page 27

b1) Mind if I let her join?
b2) If you're the one giving the order, // I don't mind.
b3) So we get a girl returning home who doesn't care for our customs,
b4) and a klutzy cry baby.
b5) Our freshmen are all trouble,
b6) but they make it worthwhile.
p1) First step, taken!!

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