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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Change123 15

Change 123 chptr.15

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 18, 2008 03:03 | Go to Change123

-> RTS Page for Change123 15

Sigh... when friends know that u can translate, they tend 2 ask u 2 translate 4 them all the time. I dont mind that much, but this chptr was long, and a lot of talking too, especially at the end. Oh well, here it is:

page 3

title) Greatest Value (max)
note- there's only 1 sentence on this page... but it's written through the ENTIRE page, also, all the bubbles say the same thing:
bubble sfx.) badum (heartbeat)
page) Right now I'm, // probably face to face with // the once-in-a-lifetime // climax that everyone // has to face in their life.

page 6,7

b1) Amazing... my body really moved like I wanted it to.
b2) And I was able to save Takezou-san.
b3) Like this, I might be able to survive... // now I need to aim at my once chance.
bubble sfx.) puuh

page 8

b1) Cool.
b2) You know, I'd feel a lot safer if you'd just made me into a total superman.
b3) Re-tard!
b3/5) If I did that to someone who doesn't execise like you, your heart would explode.
b4) This is enough, your body will move as you want it, with this you can even do K-1.
b5) Besides, a total superman got ripped by her, right. -small print- ouch
b6) Anyway, you'll be running from her as defense and waiting for you one chance to strike.
b7) One chance?

page 9

b1) When a straight comes, guard, you should expect a fractured bone, and turn that force into a counter.
b2) Here!
b3) Aim for her throat.
b4) Nobody can train this area.
b5) The time she can stay active is a lot longer than before, but still, it shouldn't last that long.
b5/5) Make it hard for her to breath, and wait for her to return to normal.
b6) This is our only option.

page 10

b1) That's something even an amateur like you can follow.
b1/5) Hurry, up! 'Mr.' won't last much longer.
panel) Do I have to crush Motoko-chan's throat? // This isn't the time to second guess.
b2) Now, put this on and get going. It can also act as armor.
b3) Its all up to you Redder.

page 11

panel) I'd love it if her time as Zero ran out as I was running from her...
bubble sfx.1,2) badum
b1) Although he can move as he wants, are you sure he's okay?
b1/5) His battle experience is 0.
b2) Its fine, he's had a lot of image training.
panel2) H-here she comes!!

page 12, 13

b1) WAAAAHHHHH!! (she's fast!)
b2) eek...
b3) She's going to kick.
panel) If I jump backwards...
b4) Guard!

page 14

b1) fugeh
b2) If had only guarded there, she would've cracked my bones.
b3) A-anyway, I need to put some distance between us, and get used to her speed.
b4) Or else aiming for that counter is...
b5) Gueeh!!

page 15

b1) Ah!
b2) Can't bre...
b3) F-FOOL!! Don't stop!!
b4) Uhyaah!

page 16

b1) W-wearing the scarf...
bubble sfx.1-5) badum
b2) is way too dangerous.
b3) Phew... the scarf was not needed.
b4) I was trying to get him into the act, but that was my Saibai (cultivation) mistake. (correction) Saihai - leader's mistake.
b5) Counter...
b6) One chance counter!!

page 17

panel1) I don't remember fighting Redder in the past.
panel2) Then is this a dream?

page 18

b1) I.. I get it.
b2) The power is Mikiri-chan's,
b2/5) the moves speed is that of Fujiko-san.
b3) And the attack rhythm is Hibiki-kun's!
panel1) A left elbow, next is...
b4) A spinning kick!
b5) Good! I'm getting the hang of this.
panel2) But, if she uses a feint or something, // I'm dead!!

page 19

panel1) No, it should be fine. If she's Motoko-chan's surpressed anger then,
panel2) if someone stands up to her, she'll immediately attack!!
b1) He stopped... // Is he going to do it now!?
panel3) Hibiki-kun always comes head on, full power without any feints!
panel4) Here it comes!

page 20

panel) I take this and // turn it into a counter.
b1) Uwooooahh
b2) Yes!

page 21

panel) At her throat!! // -small print- See, I'm so nervous, my hands look like this.
b1) Kosukegawa-kun...
b2) Good Morning Kosukegawa-kun.
b3) Thanks for the food.
b4) Because I'm a weirdo.

page 22

b1) I'm sorry Ralph-san...
b2) She dodge it!?
b3) No...
b4) He missed
b5) ah...

page 23

b1) gyaah!
panel1) I just wasted // my only chance.
panel2) But I can't, // crush Motoko-chan's throat.
panel3) Because, I...

page 24

b1) I like Motoko-chan's voice.
b2) Gaaah!

page 25

panel) Kosukegawa // kun!?
b1) Her small hands too, // how she spaces out sometimes.
b2) guheeh.
b3) Shit, he's going to pass out!

page 26

b1) Mikiri-chan,
b2) Fujiko-san,
b3) and Hibiki-kun,
b4) I...
panel) Stop! Even if it is a dream...
b5) All the parts that make up Motoko-chan,
b5) I love them all!!

page 28, 29

panel) STOP!!!

page 30

b1) She...
b2) She stopped!?
b3) ah?
b4) Motoko-chan?
b5) I'm sorry...

page 31

b1) ah.
b2) Everything should be fine.
b3) I'm sorry Ralph-san, I...
b4) You did good! On a normal battlefield, you would've died, but,
b5) that had the best impact on her.
b6) But I can't agree with the guy who made this plan!
b6/5) Even though it was an attempt to heal Motoko-chan, this is going too far!
b7) Wanna knock him out?
b8) Not hit him... Right!
b9) I want to make him say 'Gyafun'.

page 32

b1) Gyafun.
b2) Will you let me off the hook with that, Kosukegawa?
b3) Ka-kannami!?
b4) You were the one pulling the strings!!??
b5) The details can be explained in the hospital, right now we need to get the injured there as quickly as possible.

page 33

b1) Sorry // Takezou.
b2) I was supposed to be the one to take that role.
b3) I convinced the doctors that those wounds were from a match between schools, and I'll give the director a donation later.
b4) Then, lets set up a plan for later right now.

page 34

b1) First, there's 2 things that I know now because of this case.
b2) #1 is her anger personality that calls herself Zero.
b3) From her answering a question, we know that Zero is a new personality.
b4) She would probably fit in the category of explosive. An alternate personality of high ferocity.
b5) Her name would suggest that she existed before Hifumi (1,2,3).
b5/5) It looks like she's not just a non-thinking killing machine.
b6) What does the therapist think is the best way to deal with this?

page 35

b1) At first, I thought that combing Motoko-kun with Hifumi would be best, but now,
b1/5) combining Zero and Hifumi should be done first.
b2) Can you do that?
b3) Probably, the hint is the second thing I learned from this case.
b4) Its because Fujiko-kun said that if anything were to happen to you, she'd kill Ralph.
b5) Believe me, if anything happens to him, // I'll kill you.
b6) She wouldn't normally use those words, this is a definite intent to kill.
b7) I get it, its easier to get Hifumi to feel anger than Motoko.
b8) Yes, and after this incident, Hifumi should know that Zero is very dangerous.
b9) You're in an injured man's room, be quiet!
b10) They'll probably work with us to combine with Zero.

page 36

bubble sfx.) knock knock.
b1) yes.
b2) Its good to see you up, Gettou-san.
b3) Kosukegawa-kun, how are your injuries.
b4) I'm fine, there's no problem with my head, and this is just a fracture.
b4/5) They said, once your blood transfusion is finished, you can go home with me.
b5) That's good to hear, What about everyone else?
b6) Thanks to Nahder-san's needles, and Kannami's first-aid, no one's going to die.
b7) Ah! // Anna-san brought your glasses for you.

page 37

b1) Kannami said that he should be able to do something about your personality's, so don't worry.
b1/5) But still, today was really tiring... hahah.
b2) yeah...
b3) All the parts that make up Motoko-chan,
b4) I love them all!!
b5) Kosukegawa-kun, its okay to call me by my first name.
bubble sfx.) snore
b6) Thank you.

page 38

panel1) As I started to fall asleep, I thought // at the time when Zero was surpressed,
panel2) only for a second though.
b1) I'm sorry...
panel) That Motoko-chan had combined with Hifumi.

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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#2. by boricua ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2008
Thank you!!!!!
#3. by tailender1 ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2008
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