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Ice Revolution 1

Masaki Meets Ice

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 21, 2008 05:31 | Go to Ice Revolution

-> RTS Page for Ice Revolution 1

Here's another new one:

page 1

box1) Even for me*,
*- this does not translate properly, but she's using a male from of speech, it plays a part later that wont make sense in english... I'll mention it then 2.
box2) there's a whole new world.
box3) And its...
panel) on ice!!
-that sounds like an ad for the christmas skating extravaganza at rockerfeller center-

page 2, 3

panel) Gracefully, elegantly fly on ice!!
title) Masaki meets ice

page 5

b1) Okay ma'am! // Hold on tight!
b2) Weeee!
b3) Wow, thanks a lot.
b4) Boys these days are pretty nice.
b5) ...haha...
box) My name is Oosawa Masaki.

page 6

b1) Heey, // the boy over there, can you kick the ball back here please.
bubble sfx.1) pow
bubble sfx.2) Bain
b2) owww
b3) You're damn good.
b4) I thought I checked out all the boys in this school...
panel) I'm such a fool, I should die.
b5) Wait! Senpai, that's...
box) In the spring of my 2nd year of middle school...

page 7

b1) Hey, kid over there!
b2) What happened to your uniform?
b3) It hasn't come yet.
b4) Ah.
b5) So you're the one that hasn't gotten it yet.
b6) Hah-hahaha! Don't worry about it.
b7) Even you might look a little sexy in your uniform.
b8) Hm... but like this, you have no hope right!?
panel sfx.) touch touch
b9) buoh
box) Although I look like this...

page 8

b1) Don't go around sexually harassing people!!
b2) I'm sorry.
b3) tsk... // Every single one...
box1) By gender,
box2) I'm female.

page 9

b1) Good morning Masaki.
b2) Yui.
b3) I see your uniform still hasn't come.
b4) pff-haha! You're such a trip!
b5) You ordered a uniform, and they sent you a man's uniform!
b6) But that's what suits you right!
b7) What's his problem? // I can't stand him!
b8) Its because he likes you. // WHA!?
b9) I hope your uniform gets here soon.
b10) Not that much.

page 10

b1) A jumpsuit is comfortable, if possible, I'd rather stay like this.
b2) Not again.
b3) Ah!
b4) Wait a second.
b5) Hiroki, here's your lunch.
b6) tsk...
b7) Oh. // Thanksk Yui.
b8) Wha?
b9) ufufufu.
b10) You...
panel) Try to catch me. // You... wait.
b11) I'm surprised you can keep this up EVERY single morning. Its been about half a year that I'm seeing the same cenario.
b12) Its already become a habit.

page 11

b1) When we were kids, // during the cooking training, // we made an oven explode didn't we?
-when we WERE kids???? you're in middle school! you're STILL a kid!!-
b2) Yeah we did.
b3) At that time, you said: // I'll never cook again! Fuck this! While in a blind rage.
b4) Yup.
b5) And now look at you.
b6) Masaki, for girls,
b7) when it comes to someone they like,
b8) they'll want to change.

page 12

b1) Siiiiiiggghhhh. // Yui's fallen into being just another girl.
b2) What do you mean "just another girl"?
box1) When it comes to someone they like...
b3) Yes Oosawa-kun?
b4) I don't understand.
b5) Out my way, out my way!
box2) Stories like that have nothing to do with me.

page 13

box1) I've always been treated like a boy.
b1) Pass.
box2) No one ever looks at me like a girl.
b2) hyan.
b3) You're up against girls, so hold back a little
panel sfx.) laughter
panel) that hurt
b4) A girl?
box3) And the reason behind all that is here,
sign) Oosawa Style Karate Dojo
box4) my house.

page 14

b1) HEY MASAKI!! // Drop your hips, your hips!!
b2) Don't get full of yourself because you won the nationals last year!
b3) Osu!
b4) There goes the teacher with his spartan training.
b5) Well, Masaki is a special case.
b6) Her first tournament was in 3rd grade. // She entered as a boy and was totally victorious.
b7) Anyone would want to build on that.
b8) Okay Masaki,
b9) watch and learn.

page 15

b1) Its not pull in, release then attack,
b2) pull in release and attack at once!
b3) All in one motion.
b4) Osu!!
b5) Right, that's it!

page 16

box) I don't remember when it started but my days have been only karate.
b1) Dad!
b2) Oh, Masaki, // hurry up and eat.
b3) That's not why I'm here. // How long do I have to keep changing with the guys?
b4) You act like a boy, so in time your body will become...
b5) Like hell it will!!

page 17

b1) Bro, // going around now saying your a girl, no one will take you seriously.
b2) Look at my girlfriend Mari-chan.
b3) This is what you call a girl.
b4) Besides Masaki, // In our dojo where girls are restricted, you're the only one that's allowed in there.
b5) You should feel proud
panel) Bro, there's rice on your face.
b6) Don't worry, I'm working on getting an indiscriminate boy-girl division.
b7) All you need to do is keep up your practice.

page 18

b1) That's not good!*
*-meaning lost in translation. and I'm sure u don't want 2 read an explanation on japanese grammar
b2) Good Seiken!
box1) These guys...
box2) don't even want to THINK of me as a girl.
box3) give me a break...
box4) Every single one.
panel1) What did you want to talk about?
panel2) Well, you see... // Y-yoshimitsu...

page 19

panel1) I...
panel2) I...I... I*... // I like...
*-here's where it comes up again, the way she refers to herself is like a boy. so she comes across as a tomboy, but here she used the feminine way of saying 'me/I'
panel sfx.1) pfft
panel sfx.2) Hahahaha
panel3) What was that Masaki?
panel4) "I"? // Are you trying to be effeminate?

page 20

box1) What an awful dream...
box2) Mom...
box3) Will I,
box4) never be able to be a girl?

page 21

b1) It finally got here.
b2) Its been a while since I've worn a skirt...
b3) Everything is flapping.
b4) Yo Masaki.
b5) Why are you cross-dressing so early in the morning?
b6) You little...
b7) I'm in a real bad mood today!
b8) I'm gonna beat you to a pulp!

page 22

panel sfx.) HONK
panel) Oh...shit!

page 23

panel) That hurt... // Somethings...

page 24

b1) Are you alright?
b2) Did you get...
b3) injured anywhere?

page 25

b1) I'm... // I'm totally fine.
b2) I'm not hurt... // either.
b3) If so good.
b4) Here.
panel) Ah...
panel2) Ahh...

page 26

panel Aahhh!!

page 27

b1) Ah, // there it is.
b2) Okay, // I'm going to leave now.
b3) Are you really okay?

page 28

panel sfx.) Nod nod
b1) ah.
panel1) What... is this?
panel2) What is this?
panel3) WHAT - IS - THIS?

page 29

panel) That was the first time, // I'd ever had my hand taken like that.
box) Ah!

page 30

panel1) Not good... // I didn't ask his name or anything.
panel2) He wasn't wearing a uniform either! // I don't know who he is or where he's from!
box1) Are you serious?
box2) No way! You've got to be kidding me! Give me a break! We might never meet again!
box3) Hm?
b1) Ah!
b2) That's it!!
b3) Oh, // that's correct Oosawa-kun!

page 31

b1) Ex..
b2) Excuse me...
panel1) Ohh, I'm getting nervous... // If I ask about this...
panel) I'll get to see him...

page 32

b1) W-what are ... those things that... look like shoes?
b2) huh?
b3) She's gone!
b4) Masaki. // Were you just talking to Katakura-san?
b5) Katakura?
b6) She transfered here 4 months ago, but doesn't talk to anyone.
b7) She's pretty but gives people the creeps, so you should stay away from here.
b8) hmmm.
b9) But now's not the time for that!!
b10) Wait.

page 33

b1) Would you listen to what I have to say please.
b2) You can't lose me!
panel) He's fast!

page 34

b1) W-why wont you just listen?
b2) fufufu

page 35

panel sfx.) heavy breathing
b1) I - FOUND - YOU!!
-small print- frozen in fear
b2) I only wanted to ask you about what you're carrying.
b3) So, what is that?
panel) Are you telling me... // That he followed me all the way out here? Its been 20 minutes.
b4) Who cares.
b5) It can be anything I want.
b6) Later.

page 36

b1) Do you have any idea how hard it was to get here!?
b2) Skates.
b3) huh?
b4) What's in that bag.
b5) Skates are what's in there.
b6) Skates?
b7) Yup.
b8) Do you // do some type of sport?
b9) To jump down from up there takes a lot of courage.
b10) And it looks like you ran here from Saaya's school.
b11) What are skates?
panel) He wasn't listening!

page 37

b1) Uhh, its cold.
b2) It'll get colder the farther you go.
b3) Whoa

page 38

b1) Its so pretty.
b2) This is a rink, its made with ice.
3b) Is that why its so cold.
b4) Ah.
b5) She's wearing some really pretty clothes.
b6) There's a competition soon.
b7) This is like a dress rehearsal.

page 39

box1) How nice.
box2) My competitions dress is
panel) osu!!
box3) that.

page 40

b1) Hmm, She looks
b2) like she's having fun.
b3) Of course she does.
b4) Saaya loves figure skating.
b5) Figure skating...
b6) hmph.
b7) A little while ago, she was so cold me making a face like this.
panel) like this, like this! // What kind of look is that?
b8) You're in a whole new world when you're on the ice.

page 41

b1) That's what I'm always telling Saaya.
b2) Put on a pretty dress, // dance to an elegant song.
b3) Express a wonderful program.
b4) That's why // you can be a different person than when you're on normal ground.
panel) A different person than... // when you're on normal ground!

page 42

b1) Okay, // do you want to try skating?
b2) Wha?
3) You followed Saaya all the way out here right? // I'll lend you a pair of skates.
panel) To be like that...

page 43

b1) Oh!
panel1) Why is he on the ice?
box1) He said he's never skated before.
box2) Now then,
panel2) Lets see how far // his athletic ability can take him.

page 44

b1) Okay,
b2) Lets give it a roll!
b3) whoa, whoa!
b4) Hey! // how do you glide like that?
b5) tsk..

page 45

panel1) Okay Masaki,
panel2,3) Watch, // and learn.
b1) Like this!

page 46

panel1) What?
b1) Oh!
b2) Whoa, whoa, whoa.
b3) Hoh
b4) Hah.
b5) Okay!!
panel2) Amazing, // he's already got the jist of it.
b6) Whoa
panel3) huh?

page 47

b1) haha...
box1) That's funny.
box2) Right now,
b2) hyan
box3) I just looked like a girl.
box4) Skating is fun
b3) Will this make me into a girl!?
box5) If
box6) He were here...
panel1) That' hurt. // Are
panel2) you okay?

pge 48

box1) That'd be nice.
b1) I'd get to feel like I did again!
b2) What is he doing?
box2) He has a strong body.
box3) You get bruised up by doing that.
panel1) Why'd the coach bring him here.
panel2) He does have strength and stamina. // But figure skating is about ice techniques.
panel3) And he doesn't have...
panel4) a shard of that element.

page 50

b1) Yo...
b2) You're amazing!!
b3) That's so cool, I want to do that too!!

page 51

b1) Come on, just show me.
b2) He!!
b3) He's here!

page 52

panel1) I saw him again.
box1) ah. // Wait, I'm
box2) still in my jumpsuit!
box3) My clothes are all wet, and my head kinda stinks, and I'm not emotionally prepared for this.
panel2) On top of all that, // at this rate,
panel3) he'll never think // that I'm a girl!!

page 53

b1) What's wrong?
b2) If I stay here, he'll see me.
b3) I need to get out of here.
b4) Here we go!
b5) Wha...
b6) What is he doing? Does he plan on barreling through the fence!?

page 54

b1) huh?

page 56

b1) Made it.
panel) wha...

page 57

b1) Ah,// Good afternoon coach.
box1) phew. // That was close, that was close!
b2) Kaoru.
b3) Wait for me Kaoru.
box2) Kaoru...
panel1) Kaoru!!
panel2) Alright! I got his name!!
panel3) Da! // Hey, hey.
panel4) Who the hell is that! Do you want to eat one of my Seiken!?

page 58

page) If I want // to have his hand offered to me again, // and not after I've fallen.// Then I'll need to learn how to skate here. // If I learn how to skate like a lady.

page 59

b1) I've been looking for you!!
b2) Whoa.
b3) What's with you, you're scaring me.
b4) Y-you...

page 60

b1) Do you, // want to earnestly try it?
b2) Figure skating! // I'll teach it to you. // How about it?
b3) huh?
b4) Me?
box) This guy is an amazing find.
panel1) Even if he starts at the middle school level, he wont be too late.* // if done well, he'll
*- most world class skaters start at 3 years old
panel2) He might be even better than Tachibana Kaoru.. No
b5) He might be the man to stand on top of the men figure skating world!!
panel) Ya-Ha

page 61

b1) Figure skating... // I'll be...
panel1) Masaki, for girls...
panel2) when it comes to somebody they like, // they'll want to change.
panel3) Figure skating!!! // A stunning encouter!!

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