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Bamboo Blade B 2

Yuu choosing a club

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Feb 14, 2009 05:25 | Go to Bamboo Blade B

-> RTS Page for Bamboo Blade B 2

This is for CxC use only.

page 1

title) Yuu choosing a club

page 3

b1) Now,
b2) eat up, Yuu.

page 4

b1) Thanks for the food!
box1) My mom is a cooking instructor.
box2) That's why food at my house is always delicious.
box3) Every morining I get my favorite sweet omelettes.
box4) I've learned how to make them myself, but I still can't do it as well as my mom.

page 5

b1) I'm surprised you eat so much in the morning.
b2) That's because whatever you make tastes so good.
b3) Eat a lot and grow up.
panel) N-no way! I don't want to get bigger... // -sign- entrance // I don't want to get any bigger than I already am.
b4) I'm done eating!!
b5) Yuu, there's still some leftover!

page 6

b1) And here I thought I'd get you to try out the Okra soup from my new menu.
b2) There's also the Walley Pollack Roe I got from Kyuushuu.
b3) And the desert is going to be apricot jelly.
b4) This is all your fault mom!
b5) Its your fault that everything you make tastes so good!
b6) I've made enough for seconds too.

page 7

b1) See you later.
b2) Dad hasn't gone to work yet?
b3) He's still asleep upstairs. He starts work in the afternoon today.
b4) But I ate so much...
b5) I didn't leave enough for dad to get any...
b6) Don't worry, dont' worry.
b7) There's what you didn't finish from yesterday.
b8) Hey, hey, I get only leftovers?

page 8

b1) Have a good day Yuu.
b2) Classes start today right.
box1) This is my fater.
box2) A run off the mill office worker.
box3) Very average.
b3) What club are you going to join?
b4) Average.
b5) huh?
b6) Its nothing.
b7) I haven't decided what club I'm going to join.
b8) But I do know that I will NOT join the kendo club.

page 9

b1) Ookido Yuu-san!!
b2) Please join the basketball team!!
b3) No, the volleyball team!!
panel) Again!?
b4) Run for it Yuu!
b5) Yeah.

page 10

sign) Kendo

page 15

b1) Ookido Yuu-san,
b2) please join our club.
b3) No, ours.
b4) What a loud invite.
b5) None of that matters,
b6) to us anyway.

page 16

b1) Where'd she go?
b2) That way!
b3) Dammit...
b4) You'll never get away from us!
b5) Did they leave?
b6) Yeah, everything is alrigt now.
b7) Yaaaahh

page 17

b1) rieee!
b2) The kendo club has morning practices.
b3) Thats tough.
b4) Well, not like that matters,
b5) to us anyway.
b6) Lets go Yuu,
b7) we're going to be late.

page 18

sign) Principals office
b1) That's the way it is,
b2) Sumi-sensei, Takenaka-sensei.
b3) Excuse me?

page 19

b1) I'm sorry sir,
b2) could you say that once...
b3) You want to make...
b4) a single kendo team?
b5) That's right.
b6) There was a time when the name Hirin Middle school Kendo club was known throught the prefecture.
b7) We were always in the nationals, whether it was team competition, or individuals.
b8) There was even a time when the club memebers exceeded 60 people.

page 20

b1) And because of that the kendo club was split into 2, boys and girls.
signs) Boys // Girls
b2) Each with their own advisor.
b3) However, lately,
b4) probably due to the change in times, the amount of club members has severly dropped.
b5) Also, we haven't been doing well at tournaments either.
b6) And thats why I've been thinking it would probably be better to make it 1 club again...
b7) Wait a second please!
b8) If you're saying that...
b9) wouldn't the advisor...

page 21

b1) Yes, there will be only 1 advisor.
b2) Sighh
b3) Something terrible happened right at the start of a new semester.
b4) If there's only going to be 1 advisor, that means...
b5) That one of us will...
panel) be the thrid wheel!!

page 22

b1) The one who will be dropped as an advisor,
b2) will most likely be me.
b3) What are you talking about Sumi-sensei?
panel1) That's right!
b4) Because... although I have experience in kendo,
b5) I've never won a match before.
b6) But on the other hand, you have a colored belt, and you're really good.
b7) Of course you'll be the one who'll remain as advisor.
b8) That's not true Sumi-sensei.
panel2) Of course it is! I'll be the one who'll remain as advisor!!

page 23

b1) Ah! But,
b2) everything will be fine if we get a lot of people to join the club right?
panel1) Yay! Let's join the kendo team!!
b3) Th-that's true...
panel2) But I doubt things will go that easily. // There aren't many people who want to join the kendo team.
panel3) And this year, even if we were to double the total amount of team members,
panel4) I doubt the principal would change his mind.
b4) Okay!

page 24

b1) I'm going to scout girls to join the kendo club!
b2) Lets work together to get a lot of team members.
b3) Okay, then I'll go scout boys for the team.
b4) Great, then lets try our best!
b5) I wonder how this is going to turn out.

page 25

b1) Wait!
b2) Ookido Yuu-san!
b3) Please Ookido-san!
b4) Can you at least leave me alone during break?
b5) Enough!

page 27

b1) whoa

page 28

b1) She... // she's fast.
b2) I want her...
b3) I want her more than before.
b4) haahhh
b5) They finally gave up.
b6) But still,
b7) this is turning into a serious problem...

page 29

b1) That hurt...
b2) Ah!
b3) Are you alright!?
b4) I'm sorry, I was looking where I was going.
b5) Ahh, look at the size of that knot on your head.
b6) I'm alright, I'm alright.
b7) Now... was I trying to catch dragonfly's here?
b8) Mr. dragonfl...
b9) I seriously doubt that.

page 30

b1) Oh, Sumi-sensei!
b2) Yes, I'm Sumi.
b3) Have I met you before?
b4) I'm pretty sure you're...
b5) the girl that all the clubs are after...
b6) You don't remember me?
b7) From Kawakami gym.
b8,9) Ah! // Ah
b10) Yuu-chan!

page 31

b1) You're Ookido Yuu-chan!?
b2) Yes, its me!
b3) You've gotten so big, I didn't notice you!
b4) It has been 2 years.
b5) Kids are something else, you take your eyes off of them for a second, and they grow before you know it.
box1) 2 years ago Sumi-sensei came to the Kawakami gym to improve her kendo.
box2) She said that she became the advisor of the girls kendo team of Hirin middle school, and she wanted to better herself.
box3) We got to know each other because Ken-chan would always drag me to the gym to help him train.

page 32

b1) Are you alright sensei!?
b2) Sumi-sensei!
b3) Get up Yuu!
b4) Get up!
box) Neither of us got any better.
b5) That's right!!
b6) Ookido-san, you have experience in kendo right?
b7) ...y-yeah...
b8) I don't like where this is going...

page 33

b1) Please join the...
b3) ah.
b4) I'm sorry.

page 34

b1) Seriously...
b2) I'm not good at anything, why does everyone want me..
b3) I'm so tired.
b4) Ookido-san.
b5) Have you decided on a club yet?
b6) No, not yet.
b7) But I'd like to join the arts & crafts club.
b8) Doesn't look like there is one at this school.
b9) Really?
b10) But there is a home economics club.
b11) Home economics?

page 35

b1) Like the arts and crafts, there's patchwork, and knitting, baking cookies and making pudding... of course you get to eat whatever you make.
b2) You can even make a cute apron with elastic frilss on it to wear while there! You can make whatever you like there.
panel) Wow... // Th-this is like a dream come true!
b3) I think I'll go there!! I really want to part of the home ec's club!
b4) Then, you want to go check it out with us after school?
b5) Oh, can I bring a friend of mine from another class?
b6) Sure.

page 36

b1) Huh? Ookido-san, come to the basketball team with me.
b2) I was asked by a senpai to bring you along with me.
b3) I'm sorry.
b4) You were being chased by a lot of people earlier right.
sign) Home Economics

page 37

b1) Hey, what's your name?
b2) Me, I'm
b3) Ookido Yuu.
b4) Ookido-san, it looks like you're used to this.
b5) Your technique is really good!
b6) Really!?
b7) Yuu's mom is a cooking teacher.
b8) There are a lot of people in this club.
b9) Yeah, and they're all girls.
b10) This is the biggest club in the arts category.

page 38

b1) If you'd like, try some.
b2) I just finished baking them.
b3) Wow, these are good.
b4) They taste better than what you buy in a shop.
b5) The cheese cake I'm making will be done soon, try some of that too.
b6) Oh! It smells good in here.
b7) Hey, give us some too.
b8) Yeah, we're really hungry.
b9) Don't just walk in here like you own the place!
b10) You're covered in mud, that's nasty!
b11) Be quiet, who cares.

page 39

b1) Get out now!
b2) We're in the middle of cooking, coming in here like that will only mess things up!!
b3) Wh-what's with that
b4) And there are some girls who came to see what our club is like,
b5) You're scaring them!
b6) If you want to come in, put on some clean clothes, wash your hands, and wear an apron!
b7) Got it!!
b8) tsk, whatever... fine...
b9) Sorry about that.
b10) Wait.
b11) I'll give you a little bit.
b12) Really?
b13) Thanks.

page 40

b1) Sorry about that, since we don't have an advisor the boys will sometimes waltz in like that.
b2) But rest assured, it doesn't happen often.
panel1) Okay!
b3) Ozawa-san, the oven wont light, come take a look at it please,.
b4) If you'll excuse me.
b5) Let's see, let's see.
panel2) Ozawa-san is so cool, she's very effeminate, and grown up. // Having a senpai like her would be nice.

page 41

b1) This is fun.
b2) I'm glad I came.
b3) I think I'll stay here!
b4) Ozawa-san, is it okay to stay here this long today?
b5) Whoa, where did the time go.
b6) See you guys later.
b7) Ozawa-san, you're going home already?
b8) Ozawa-san is in 2 clubs.
b9) huh?
b10) You mean she's not this club's leader?
b11) No, I am.
b12) Ozawa-san is a junior.
panel) Wow, she was taking care of everything, so I thought...
b13) Do you want to check out my second club too?
b14) Yes I would.
b15) I'll come too!

page 42

b1) Here you go.
sign) Kendo
b2) Hmm, your second club is kendo.
panel) Some people would dare call that destiny...
b3) So cool.

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