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Feng Shen Ji 39


+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 3, 2013 10:42 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 39

Feng Sheng Ji Chapter 1 Season 2
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Box: In this world, some were born unlucky, destined to live a miserable life… But some were the exact opposite, always able to solve anything they faced with ease.
Box: They were born into this world to tell a tale. Hehe… I am obviously one of those.
Box: Not believing me?

Box: My tale will shock you to the very core for I am the prince of the great Shang, who came back from death. I went through years of hardships saving hundreds of lives in the process.
Box: Not only that… I also wield divine power and have battled against mighty Great Gods… Hard to believe right? All these unlikely events happening to the same person can’t be a mere coincidence. I will not pretend to be modest. I can only say that I was chosen by the Gods, for I am the King of the world.

Box: Right now, I, the King of the world, will start my new adventure.
Box: I will travel to the Phantom island and start my first real training.

Box: The Phantom Island… a place beyond our world, a place suited for practicing the smelting aura techniques.
Box: There, were things I hadn’t seen before, things I couldn’t have imagined…

Page 3
Box: What is the smelting aura technique?
Box: A question I still cannot answer.

Box: I was told that this mysterious secret technique was capable of forging anything one can imagine… Even mountains and seas. Compared to my divine power, I am more interested in the unfathomable secrets of the smelting aura.
Box: The closer we get to the Phantom island, the more intense it feels… The smelting aura was calling to me.

Page 4
Box: As if it had been waiting for me, for millions of years.
Box: My name is Wu Geng, and I have come.

Title: Heaven’s rebel Chapter, Part one – Rebirth

Page 5
Box: Nine months later…

SFX: bubble

SFX: boil
SFX: boil

ST: Mainland (Central plain) – Red territory
ST: Central plain – Red territory

ST: Tss, Tss, Tss, Tss
ST: Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle

Page 6
SFX: Ha...

SFX: Tss, Tss, Tss
SFX: Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle

SFX: Wo!!

SFX: Woa!!

SFX: Aaa!

Shi Xing: Ming Yue*… I’m sorry.
T/N: Sparkling moon.

Shi Xing: It is all because of me.
Ming Yue: I have no regrets, as long as I get to be with you.

Page 7
Tian Kui: Shi Xing…

Tian Kui: Forget it. You should know by now that escaping is impossible.

Shi Xing: I will go with you willingly.
Shi Xing: But I beg of you, please spare Ming Yue and the innocent people of this town.

Xin Yue Kui: Shi Xing, you are a God, you shouldn’t stand by humans…
Xin Yue Kui: Tian will be disappointed… Class distinction is a must, or our world will be thrown in disorder. Men are nothing more than monkeys…

Page 8
Xin Yue Kui: You have renounced your dignity for the love of a monkey.
Xin Yue Kui: No wonder Tian was angry.

Shi Xing: High priest, you are wrong! Humans are no longer monkeys!! They understand how to think, how to create… they understand how to love!!!
Shi Xing: The world today is no longer the world of hundred thousand years ago!!! Give me a chance to explain to Tian.

Xin Yue Kui: There is no need. Tian has already decided to punish you.

Shi Xing: …

Xin Yue Kui: This punishment will be eternal.
Xin Yue Kui: You will forget the love you had for humans, forever.

SFX: huf –

SFX: Ha…

SFX: Ha…

SFX: Ha…

Page 9
Box: The memories I had lost, returned to me once again.
Box: How could I have forgotten… something so important? I stared at her face, for one last time.

Box: She died in pain because of me… because I fell in love with a human.

Box: All the anger, sorrow and regrets froze in that instant.

Page 10
Box: I dreamed afterwards, for a long, long time.
Box: Then I woke up.

Box: All the pain that had been frozen suddenly came to me and ate at my heart.

Bubble: God who can’t be killed… you have found your memories.

Shi Xing: …

Bubble: With this cursed body of yours, it doesn’t matter how many times you die, because you will always revive.
Bubble: Just like me, we both share the same fate…

Page 11
Phoenix: You should already know what has happened to me… my true body was destroyed hundreds of years ago by the God of Gods, Tian the Black Dragon.
Phoenix: I bound myself to a man named Cheng Tang, who promised to share his life with me so I could prolong mine.
Phoenix: Afterwards his descendant, King Zhou did the same. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough… In the end I couldn’t escape the fate of being destroyed.
Phoenix: My transcendent vigor soon drifted away once again, waiting for someone willing to share his life with me.

Shi Xing: Immortal Phoenix…
Shi Xing: You chose me?

Phoenix: Yes, I can give you power beyond your imagination, while eating away at your life force until your transcendent vigor depletes.

Phoenix: Great God Shi Xing…
Phoenix: Do you accept?

Page 12
Shi Xing: …

Shi Xing: I accept.

Phoenix: Then, we shall be symbiotic partners.

Shi Xing: Immortal God…
Shi Xing: Let our fiery wings burn your tears away.

ST: From now on…
ST: There will only be…

Page 13
Bubble: Anger in your heart.

SFX: Tap

Page 14
SFX: Tap
SFX: Step

Page 15
ST: Bai Cai
Bai Cai: …

Dark one: It is your first time here, in the Ice and Snow Realm. How do you feel?
Dark one: This is the other side of Hell…

Page 16
ST: Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones
ST: NiTian ErXing*
T/N: Act against the heaven

NTEX: I want you to know that Hell also possess mountains and seas, just like the real world.
NTEX: The only difference is its lack of life. Without the warmth of the sun, nothing will grow.

Page 17
Bai Cai: Your people has lived in Hell for the past hundred thousand years?

NTEX: Yes… ever since we were defeated by the Gods… After the battle, they tried to wipe us out.

NTEX: Our ancestors retreated again and again, and ended here.
NTEX: The Gods gave chase all the way, but then realized that they couldn’t eliminate us here and gave up.

NTEX: We survived in this reflection of the world, as Hell is a taboo for the Gods. But whenever they found us in the real world they would always try to wipe us out immediately.

NTEX: For the past hundred thousand years, we have lived in the shadows.

Bai Cai: … It must have been tough.

NTEX: I will not accept such cruel fate.

Page 18
NTEX: I will return to the surface, and take back what was ours from the hands of the Gods.
NTEX: But we don’t have the strength to do this on our own… We need the power of men… Humans are just like us, living under the Gods oppression. We should join together to fight against our common enemy, so we can live a life free of them. And you will be our first human ally.

Page 19
Bai Cai: Too bad I don’t have any special powers, I don’t think I can be of great help.
Bai Cai: Unfortunately, I don’t have any special power, I don’t think I can be of great help.

NTEX: No… Bai Cai, you are wrong.

NTEX: You have yet to discover your true potential.

NTEX: So do those friends of yours. They will be surprised when they will find out what you are capable of.

NTEX: You have already learned a lot in the past few months.
NTEX: I will try my best to teach you, and help you obtain what you have been wishing for.

Page 20
Bai Cai: Am I allowed to tell my friends?

NTEX: Not yet.
NTEX: The Gods have always been wary of us, and that goes the same for the rebels. Your friends might not accept our friendship, which is why you have to keep it a secret for now.

NTEX: Else you might not get what you wish for and bring disaster to your companions.
NTEX: Make sure to remember what I have said.

Bai Cai: Yes, I will.

Bai Cai: I’m leaving…

Page 21
Bai Cai: …

Bai Cai: My wish.

Page 22
Bai Cai: Nine months have passed since Ah Gou went to train with the Great Swordsman…
Bai Cai: I have not heard from him since then.

Bai Cai: When will he come back…

Bai Cai: …

Page 23
Bai Cai: I will tell him my secret when he returns.

Bai Cai: Big brother told me not to tell the rebel gods… but it feels like I have been lying to them.
Bai Cai: Ah Gou is human, it should be ok to tell him about it.

Bai Cai: I wish I get to see him soon.

Kong Que: Bai Cai.

Kong Que: Is there something troubling you?

Bai Cai: Sister Kong Que.

Bai Cai: I just couldn’t sleep, so I went outside for some fresh air.

Kong que: Hehe, You must have been thinking about Wu Geng!

Bai Cai: Sister, please don’t make fun of me.

Page 24
Kong Que: Bai Cai.
Kong Que: Have you and Wu Geng married yet?

Bai Cai: Not yet.

Kong Que: Let’s get you guys married when he returns.
Bai Cai: Ah… Sister, that is a bit too sudden.

Kong Que: Life is short. I believe if you can find someone you wish to share your life with, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Kong Que: My husband and I have made many wonderful memories. Even though he is no longer here, I will never be able to forget the time we have spent with each other.

Page 25
Bai Cai: …Sister.

Kong Que: Then it is decided.

Kong Que: Let us celebrate, and forget about all the troubles for now.

Bubble: Great idea.

Bubble: How can I possibly miss out on such great party?

Page 26
Xin Yue Kui: Right?
Xin Yue Kui: My good friend, Kong Que…
ST: Xin Yue Kui

Xin Yue Kui: … It was unfortunate that we didn’t get to catch up the last time I came to visit. Hopefully this time it will be different.

Kong Que: Xin Yue Kui… I didn’t expect to see you here!

Bai Cai: Ah… She was the one…

Xin Yue Kui: It is not always fun being someone important… as I’m often forced to put the interest of the Gods above everything else, and do things I don’t really want to.

Xin Yue Kui: But today I came to see you as a friend. I have really missed you.

Kong Que: I thought we ceased been friends a long time ago.

Page 27
Xin Yue Kui: It really hurts when you say that. We grew up and studied together in the Gods’ Domain, and have been friends ever since.
Xin Yue Kui: Maybe there were simply too many misunderstandings between us.

Xin Yue Kui: The reason I’m here today is to dissolve the differences between the Gods and the rebels.

Xin Yue Kui: You guys can come out now.

Ah Lan: …

Page 28
Rebel: That is… The Gods’ High Priest and their strongest warrior!

Rebel: It is him!

Rebel: What does he want?

Yun Zhong Zi: …

Page 29
Xin Yue Kui: Don’t worry, if I wanted to harm you, I wouldn’t have come here myself.
Xin Yue Kui: I came here with good intentions. I offer you peace.

Rebel: A peace offering?

Xin Yue Kui: Ask yourself this: what you have achieved so far by going against the Gods?

Xin Yue Kui: Poor drifters… Before, you were misguided by the words of a selected few who wished to rebel… But I can ensure you that the Gods’ rule is absolute, and nothing will ever change that.
Xin Yue Kui: The path you have chosen, will only lead you to your grave. It is time for you to reconsider. What have you been fighting for? Was it worth it?

Xin Yue Kui: Besides… the mastermind, Fu Yi, who spread the lies…

Xin Yue Kui: Has finally repented his crimes after nine month of imprisonment, and sworn fealty to Tian.

Yun Zhong Zi: Bullshit! He would never yield!

Xin Yue Kui: He realized he was wrong. What is so strange about that?
Xin Yue Kui: You should learn from him. And if there are things you are unhappy about, we can always talk about it. But don’t put yourself in an inescapable position, ok?

Page 30
Xin Yue Kui: Those who wish to have peace, come and stand on my side.
Xin Yue Kui: All your past crimes will be forgiven… I beg of you, please, come to me and we will defend together the God’s sacred dominion…

Bai Cai: She is really good… as if her words are cursed…

Bai Cai: I’m having a hard time resisting her with her gentle looks… I almost wanted to walk over.

Rebel: All lies!

Yun Zhong Zi: You will not trick us! If we surrender now, we will be at your mercy once again!

Yun Zhong Zi: ?

Page 31
ST: Lan

Yun: Ah Lan!

Bai Cai: What!

Rebel: …

Kong Que: Ah Lan.
Kong Que: Why?

Ah Lan: Kong Que, things have changed.

Page 32
Ah Lan: It’s are no longer the same as before… if Fu Yi has already surrendered.
Ah Lan: If Fu Yi already surrendered… it’s no longer the same.
Ah Lan: What would be the point to keep on fighting?

Rebel: Ah Lan.
Rebel: It is not true…

Rebel: …

Yun: Stop… Guys… Don’t…

Rebel: …

Page 33
Xin Yue Kui: Oh…

Xin Yue Kui: So the rest of you do not wish for peace?
Xin Yue Kui: Then, I guess you all wish to fight to the death.

Kong Que: All members of the Headquarter are free to choose their own path.
Kong Que: I won’t stop them from joining you.

Kong Que: But those who still stand on my side are also free to make their own choices… and will not surrender to you…
Kong Que: No matter how powerful you are.

Page 34
Xin Yue Kui: That is a shame. Kong Que, I have hoped that you would join me, but I guess that is no longer possible.

Xin Yue Kui: Things like integrity and dignity are of no value.
Xin Yue Kui: I have met many with a strong will… but in the end I always manage to find a way to make them kneel before me willingly. Before me there is no such thing as “never surrendering”.

Xin Yue Kui: Only how much they can take before they give in.
Xin Yue Kui: There’s only so much they can take before giving in.

Bai Cai: …

Xin Yue Kui: Tian Kui…
Xin Yue Kui: Sorry for troubling you.

Page 35
ST: Tian Kui
Tian Kui: … with my pleasure.
Tian Kui: … my pleasure.
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II - Part One “Rebirth” The End

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