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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Feng Shen Ji 40

God of War

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 3, 2013 10:45 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 40

Feng Shen Ji Season 2 Chapter 2
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Box: He
Box: was called “The greatest warrior”.

Box: He alone was more than enough to ensure the safety of Xin Yue Kui’s visit to the rebel camp.

Box: Because he was powerful enough to face any danger and defeat any opponents.
Box: He was the Great God of the Fighting affiliation.

ST: Tian Kui

ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II
ST: Heaven’s Rebel Chapter, Part II “God of War”

Page 3
Member: We finally meet.
Member: He was rumored to be incredibly strong.

Member: Hard to tell since we haven’t fought him before.

Member: Do we have to fight him?!
Member: I’m scared, too!

Member: This guy… everybody is scared of him, but why…

Yun: Everyone attack!

Yun: Divine power – Mosasaur churning the river!

Page 4
Bubble: Tch!

Page 5
Yun: Taking the full blunt of my attack… as if nothing happened.

Tian Kui: Yun Zhong Zi… Is that all you’ve got?

Member: Strongest God of war!
Member: Ha Tu, Warrior of the Headquarters will fight you!

Member: Divine power: the Indestructible* – Charging Fists of Broken Heart
T/N: This was translated as Great Warrior back in chapter 2, but it does not fit the context anymore.

Page 6
Member: You Ji, Warrior of the Headquarters will fight you!

Member: Decapitating Chop!

Page 7
Tian Kui: Kah!

Kong Que: Bai Cai! Follow me.

Kong Que: Leave them to us, use this opportunity to escape.

Bai Cai: …

Xin Yue Kui: Hehe.

Xin Yue Kui: Kong Que, you can’t protect her.

Page 8
Xin Yue: Can we stop fighting each other, it really hurts me.
Xin Yue: Please come to my side.

Kong Que: Xin Yue…
Kong Que: I know you too well. You would kill me even if I were to surrender.

Member: Kong Que.

Member: Think about your own good. High Priest Xin Yue has already shown you patience and mercy.

Member: We went through death together and we were your best friends. We can’t bear to watch you continue in your mistaken way.

Kong Que: Ignore them.

Member: Sigh…

Xin Yue: Looks like she won’t listen to words.

Page 9
Xin Yue: Then… It is time for you to prove your loyalty to me.

Member: …

Member: High Priest. I know what I have to do.

Member: Leave Kong Que to us.

Xin Yue: Where is that Wu Geng?

Ah Lan: He went to train with the Great Swordsman at the Phantom island. They have yet to return.

Xin Yue: Phantom Island? … hehe…

SFX: open

Xin Yue: That is too bad…

Page 10
Xin Yue: I wanted to see his face.

Ah Lan: … The opportunity will come.

Kong Que: Ah Shi*. Please protect Bai Cai.

Ah Shi: I will.

Kong Que: Here, hide inside.

Bai Cai: Ah.

Page 11
Baby: Wah!

Bai Cai: Kong Que’s son!

Baby: Waaah!

Bai Cai: Please don’t cry! I beg of you.
Bai Cai: We are facing serious danger.

Baby: Wah…

Baby: uf…

SFX: Step!

Page 12
Member: Kong Que, come outside.

Kong Que: Yuan Dao, Wu Yi and Chi Xia…

Kong Que: Do you remember why you joined the Headquarters in the first place?
Kong Que: You told me that the rule of the Gods was corrupted by power and that they ruled with an iron fist that oppressed all those who lived beneath them.

Kong Que: We sworn to never accept their crooked ways.

Member: Empty wishes…
Member: It can’t change the present. If you wish to help the humans, there are other ways. Resisting the Gods through force is outdated.

Kong Que: … Outdated?...

Kong Que: If you let our fallen comrades hear what you just told me, they will only laugh at your weakness.

Page 13
Kong Que: Was the path we chose together all pointless? Were the deaths of our comrades all worthless? I will never accept that.
Kong Que: That is why I will fight till the end. You were friends with whom we went through death together, but that has changed. You abandoned hope, you no longer believe that you are capable of changing the present, and went against your ideals… It is sad, but I will never be able to live like that.

Member: Kong Que. You are digging your own grave.

Member: Don’t blame us.

Kong Que: Nobody here is to blame.
Kong Que: We all made our own choices.

Page 14
Kong Que: From this point onward, we are no longer comrades…
Kong Que: But arch nemesis.

Member: Shall we go help her?
Member: Hmm… We should wait a bit.

Bai Cai: Sister Kong Que… has to fight on her own… What shall I do?

Bai Cai: I can’t let them hurt her.
Bai Cai: But… How should I tell them...

Bai Cai: …That I can also fight!

Member: Fine! Then we will not go easy on you!

Member: Kong Que!

Page 15
Member: Die!

Xin Yue: Whoa… She is serious.

Xin Yue: … Kong Que’s “Divine Skill”.
Xin Yue: Finally, I get to see it again.

Kong Que: Divine Skill.

Page 16
SFX: !!!
ST: Dance of the Silver Flame

Member: Aah!

Member: Aah! So fast! Only saw the silver flash, and I was…

Member: Was that Divine Skill?...

Kong Que: …

Page 17
Bubble: !!

SFX: Aww !!

SFX: Tch !!

SFX: Swoosh!!!

Member: !

SFX: Aaah!!

Page 18
SFX: oo
SFX: sh

Bubble: Aaah –

Bai Cai: Wow! She moves so elegantly, as if she was dancing! Sister Kong Que’s swordsmanship is incredible!

Member:. Don’t you know what Divine Skill is?
Bai Cai: What is that?

Page 19
Member: It is a special skill set, unlike the divine power we were born with. It is something that takes a lot of time to grasp.

Bai Cai: I knew Sister Kong Que had the power to healing, but I didn’t expect her…

Member: You misunderstood… She didn’t fight recently because she was pregnant.
Member: … But before that …

Bubble: She was the strongest fighter of the Headquarters of the Fallen Gods.

Page 20
Kong Que: !

Member: What?

Box: On the other side…

Page 21
SFX: Aaah –

Tian Kui: …

Kong Que: Watch out!
Kong Que: Get away from him!

SFX: Urg!

SFX: Tss, Tss, Tss

Page 22
ST: Indestructible Domination

Page 23
SFX: Aah!
SFX: Woosh!

Box: Tian Kui unleashed his incredible divine power, sending everyone close to him flying. Struck by his Indestructible Domination, Yun Zhong Zi, Ha Tu and You Ji were badly injured. Even Kong Que who stood far away had to make an effort to not fall back.

Box: Terrifying power dominated the battle field… as if he was making a statement
Box: That he, was the true master of this battlefield.

Page 24
Xin Yue: Tian Kui…

Xin Yue: Kong Que is the strongest here.

Xin Yue: Everything will end once you defeat her.

Tian Kui: …

Tian Kui: I understand…

Yun: Aah!

Ha Tu: Urg… Urg…

Page 25
Tian Kui: Kong Que.
Tian Kui: Show me your divine skill.

Kong Que: The strongest warrior Tian Kui! Why would someone as powerful as you let yourself be manipulated by Xin Yue? Where is the righteousness in your heart?

Tian Kui: Xin Yue follows Tian’s decree.
Tian Kui: In my eyes, that is righteousness.

Kong Que: Bullshit!

Page 26
SFX: Tch !

Ah Lan: …

Xin Yue: Hehe.

Page 27
SFX: Urg!

Baby: Waah!

Bai Cai: Don’t cry! Don’t cry…

Bai Cai: This red colored Great God… He’s too frightening! He’s dominating us! If this continues… Sister Kong Que will…

Kong Que: Urg…

Kong Que: Ble…

Page 28
SFX: Cough

Tian Kui: Splendid divine skill, but you should know by now that is not enough.

Tian Kui: You can’t defeat me.
Tian Kui: I never kill those who surrender. Lay down your weapons and don’t resist, that is your only option.

Page 29
Tian Kui: … Don’t force me to kill you.

Kong Que: …

Bai Cai: Sister Kong Que will die… I can’t allow that!

Bai Cai: I must go save her!
Bai Cai: She always took good care of me, and now it is my turn to help her! I’m sorry big brother! For I can no longer keep our secrets!

Tian Kui: ?

Bai Cai: Huh?

Xin Yue: … Killing intent!

Page 30
Tian Kui: …Shi Xing?

ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part II “God of War” The End

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