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Feng Shen Ji 41

The Avenger

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 3, 2013 11:04 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 41

Feng Shen Ji Season 2 Chapter 3
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Heaven’s Rebel Chapter – Part III
ST: The Avenger

Page 3
Kong Que: This guy…

Tian Kui: Shi Xing… Has he found his true self?

Member: Such powerful aura.
Member: Who is he?

Bubble: Is that Shi Xing?

Bubble: Ah…

Box: Shi Xing arrived. He scanned through the Gods that are still fighting.
Box: Among them was not the one he was looking for.

Box: The one Shi Xing wished to find…

Box: Was her.

Page 4
Shi Xing: High Priest Xin Yue.

Shi Xing: Do you remember me.

Xin Yue: Of course… Shi Xing. You have been dreaming for the past ten years, and now you have finally awoken. I’m happy for you.

Shi Xing: …

Shi Xing: …Happy?

Page 5
Xin Yue: Shi Xing. By the decree of Tian, I will announce your punishment.
Xin Yue: After your body resurrects from the flame, you will forget everything.

Shi Xing: Wait…

Xin Yue: Everything will become its opposite, everyone you ever loved…
Xin Yue: Will become the source your hatred.

Xin Yue: You will no longer care about humans, and you will feel joy for every one of them you kill.

Xin Yue: You, will become the most cruel and violent God of them all.

Shi Xing: Urg!

Shi Xing: I want to know why?

Page 6
Shi Xing: Why I was given such punishment.

Shi Xing: Why didn’t you just kill me instead?

Xin Yue: Do you not understand?

Xin Yue: You are the true son of Tian.
Xin Yue: He couldn’t bear the thought of killing you.

Shi Xing: True son…?
Shi Xing: I thought he had already forgotten about that.

Xin Yue: Tian is selfless and ruthless.
Xin Yue: But he cared about you.

Xin Yue: He had hoped that you would learn from this lesson. And realize that you mustn’t stand by the humans and go against his will.

Shi Xing: What if I have not learned anything.

Page 7
Xin Yue: Then there won’t be a second chance.
Xin Yue: Shi Xing… You should make the smart choice. It won’t end well if you go against Tian.

Shi Xing: Choice?

Shi Xing: I have already made mine.
SFX: Pop, Pop

Xin Yue: So what now? Are you here to take revenge against our and your own race?

Xin Yue: It would be quite laughable if that was true.

Shi Xing: You guessed right.

Page 8
Shi Xing: !
Shi Xing: Unscratchable body?

Shi Xing: Her body is covered by something strange, it corroded my hand!

Xin Yue: Shi Xing. It is such a shame.
Xin Yue: Attacking me is the same as rebelling against the Gods.

Xin Yue: Once again you have put yourself in a position of no return.

Kong Que: Ah! Those things that covered her body…

Xin Yue: Come out, my “Spirits of Corrosion”.

Page 9
SFX: !

Page 10
SFX: Clench

Shi Xing: Those guys…

Shi Xing: Are they the legendary spirits of corrosion?

Tian Kui: …

Yun: How could Xin Yue Kui…

SFX: Crunch

SFX: swallow

Xin Yue: Surprised?

Page 11
Xin Yue: Hehe… I don’t blame you. Even among the Gods, there are only very few of us who knew their true faces.
Xin Yue: Throughout the ancient history of the Gods, they were seen as the omen of disaster… Dark creatures forged by evil, hatred and despair.

Xin Yue: These are the spirits of corrosion I have raised… There are nine of them.

SFX: He.
SFX: He…
SFX: He…

Page 12
Kong Que: Xin Yue… Are you crazy?

Kong Que: Raising spirits of corrosion as pets? You will only get yourself killed!

Xin Yue: I’m the world’s most powerful conjurer. I can control them with ease.
Xin Yue: Besides, our fates have already been bound together.

Xin Yue: The power of the spell depends on the amount of transcendent vigor or soul it cost.
Xin Yue: When one’s transcendent vigor or soul depletes to certain level, they will start to transform…

Xin Yue: Twist, and then fall.

Xin Yue: Their blackened heart will devour their bodies from the inside out, and corrode the conjurer…
Xin Yue: Turning him/her into a monster that can do nothing but brings disaster into the world.

Page 13
Xin Yue: I have spent a lot of effort and finally found the way to control them… And of course I have to feed them on a regular basis.

Bai Cai: Are those monsters created from humans? That’s really scary.

Kong Que: Spirits of Corrosion…

Kong Que: Monsters born from corroded hearts… It is rumored that all it needed was for one to appear and endless destruction would follow.

Kong Que: Average divine power will not be able to defeat them!

Shi Xing: High Priest Xin Yue… Putting the mark of death on me and cursing the entire town of humans.
Shi Xing: It must have taken a toll on your transcendent vigor.

Page 14
Shi Xing: Your transcendent vigor must be near depletion. These spirits of corrosion of yours must be the way you sought to save yourself.

Xin Yue: Yes… Thank you for your concern. But I will be fine.

Xin Yue: You should worry about yourself… My spirits already ate one of your arms.

Xin Yue: They will remember your scent.
Xin Yue: And won’t give up easily.

SFX: Sniff sniff sniff

SFX: blink

Shi Xing: Hungry? Monsters. Come at me.

Page 15
SFX: Kah!!

Xin Yue: Oh?

Box: Shi Xing covered himself in flames and flew towards the sky…

Box: He is about to release his true power!

Page 16
ST: Divine Power - Primordial Strength
ST: Burning Sky Blazing Wings.

Page 17
SFX: !

SFX: Waah!

Ah Lan: … Divine power – Primordial strength!

Xin Yue: That is what it was…

Xin Yue: Is that the Immortal Phoenix? Shi Xing, you have bound yourself to a very dangerous beast.

Shi Xing: Correct.

Shi Xing: The Immortal Phoenix is now with me, empowering me with unlimited strength while slowly devouring my life force.

Shi Xing: I don’t mind if he devours all of it… I don’t care if I have to die again. I only care about one thing.

Page 18
Shi Xing: That is to kill you! So the souls of all those whom you have cursed may rest in peace!

Xin Yue: Hehe…
Xin Yue: Avenging the humans… Shi Xing…

Xin Yue: It seems you have not yet learned your lesson.

Page 19
Tian Kui: Shi Xing.

Tian Kui: If you want to get to the High Priest, you have to beat me first!

Shi Xing: Tian Kui! Get out of my way!

Page 20

Page 21
Kong Que: What a terrifying power!
Kong Que: Both of them…

Bai Cai: Ah!

Xin Yue: …

Box: Tian Kui and Shi Xing clashed against each other with their shocking divine powers.
Box: After a thunderous boom…

Box: Shi Xing was knocked away!

Page 22
Tian Kui: Shi Xing…

Tian Kui: You are as stubborn as before, unable to see reason.

Tian Kui: That means…

Page 23
Tian Kui: I will have to destroy you once again.

Tian Kui: High Priest Xin Yue…

Page 24
Tian Kui: Shi Xing is a lot more powerful than before.
Tian Kui: High Priest, you might be in danger if you were to face him.

Tian Kui: Please leave him to me.

Xin Yue: Of course. Thank you for your trouble. Please be at ease, I will be fine.

Tian Kui: Then, take care of yourself.

Page 25
Xin Yue: I didn’t expect Shi Xing to be here.
Xin Yue: An easy task suddenly becomes a lot more complicated…

Member: This is our chance.

Member: The God of War has left.
Member: We should try to escape.

Bai Cai: What about Sister Kong Que?

Member: She will find a way.
Member: Don’t worry, we have escaped many times in the past from such hopeless situations.
Bai Cair: You have escaped from one worse than this?
SFX: …

Member: Ah! Hold on!

SFX: Kek

SFX: Kek, kek

Page 26
Member: It is the spirits of corrosion!
Member: Run!

Bai Cai: Ah…

SFX: Woah!

Kong Que: Don’t attack the spirits!
Kong Que: Come to me!

Yun: Divine powers are useless against them!
Member: I was told that they were only afraid of the power of mantra, and nothing else.

Page 27
Kong Que: But none of us knows how to use the power of mantra except Ah Lan!
Member: But Ah Lan has already…
Member: Then what do we do?

Bai Cai: …

SFX: Kek
SFX: Kek

SFX: Kek
SFX: Hehe…
SFX: He…

Bai Cai: Ah Gou…
Bai Cai: Where are you? We are in danger!

Page 28
Box: Not too far away…

Tian Kui: Shi Xing.

Tian Kui: You care too much about humans.
Tian Kui: And you are dumb enough to seek revenge for them… So stupid.

Page 29
Tian Kui: You should know your place.
Tian Kui: Because You are the most glorious and only son of Tian.

Shi Xing: Tian Kui. You have never known love for another, you can’t possibly understand me.
Shi Xing: And my pain, you definitely won’t be able to comprehend.

Tian Kui: I only know that you are stubborn enough to go against the High Priest, so I have no choice but to defeat you.
Tian Kui: It is that simple.

Shi Xing: Then…
Shi Xing: Let’s solve our problems the easy way.

Page 30

Page 31
SFX: ?
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part III “The Avenger” The End

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