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Feng Shen Ji 42

Realm Beond the World

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 3, 2013 11:07 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

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Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 04
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: Heaven’s Rebel Chapter – Part IV “Realm beyond the World”

Page 3
Wu Geng: …Was that just my imagination?
Wu Geng: I thought I heard Bai Cai calling my name.

Page 4
Wu Geng: We are in a totally different world right now. I couldn’t possibly have heard her voice.
Wu Geng: Maybe I was thinking too much.

ST: roll roll roll

Wu Geng: Oh?

ST: Ki Ki Ki

Wu Geng: He he… What a bunch of humongous Guardians. Three of you have come for me this time.
Wu Geng: …Looks like I will have to get serious.

Page 5
Wu Geng: Then, there is no need for me to play nice either.

Wu Geng: Come!

Wu Geng: I have learned a lot since I got here.
Wu Geng: Phantom Island is only the entrance to a world many times bigger than ours. Here they also have flowers and trees, beasts and birds, but they are governed by different rules that I can’t comprehend. It’s as if I’m looking through the reflection of our own world.
Wu Geng: This world has its own set of laws.
Wu Geng: When it detects the presence of a stranger like me trespassing into its realm, it will naturally try to force him away.

Wu Geng: I call those who came to attack me, the Guardians.

Page 6
Wu Geng: They were small at first, but as my strength grew, their strength and size grew accordingly.

Wu Geng: I have defeated them one after another.

Wu Geng: Again and again.

Wu Geng: And again…

SFX: Heave!

Wu Geng: Ho!

Page 7
Wu Geng: Hahahaha -
Wu Geng: You are too slow!

Wu Geng: Take this!

Wu Geng: As it been two years? Three years? Or even longer? I can’t really tell. Here, there aren’t sunrises or sunsets, nor are there any tools to measure the passing of time.
Wu Geng: I have grown taller while I was here. So it must have been two or three years already.

Wu Geng: During that time, training was my whole life.

Wu Geng: And the content of my training was…
Wu Geng: An endless battle with these guys!

Page 8
Wu Geng: They were pretty difficult to handle at first, and they gave me a hard time.
Wu Geng: But now they can no longer pose a threat to me.

Page 9
Wu Geng: The Guardians are forged with the power found in this world. When defeated in battle, the power within them is released back into this world.

Wu Geng: And this world’s power is…
Wu Geng: Is the Smelting Aura.

Wu Geng: I have slowly absorbed some of it…
Wu Geng: And driven by my own desire, I have shaped it into my lost arm.

Page 10
Wu Geng: In the beginning it would appear and disappear on its own, but now it’s like a real one. The only difference is that it can’t feel, but I’m sure I can come up with inventive ways to use it in battle.

Zi Yu: Not bad…

Zi Yu: To be able to shape smelting aura as a part of your body and keep it stable for an extended period of time, it is something even I can’t do.

Wu Geng: Uncle Zi Yu, I haven’t seen you in a while.
Wu Geng: Where have you been?

Zi Yu: I have been searching.

Page 11
Zi Yu: There are so many places waiting to be discovered within this world, I doubt that I can discover them all with the time I’m given.

Wu Geng: You are one strange fellow, Uncle Zi Yu.
Wu Geng: Always trying to get to the bottom of things.

Page 12
Wu Geng: We came here to train, and we trained, isn’t that enough?

Zi Yu: Many years ago when I stumbled upon this place out of sheer luck, I was already attracted to its many mysteries.

Zi Yu: Nothing here follows the laws of nature.
Zi Yu: And it appears to be chaotic at first.
Zi Yu: But it actually has its own set of rules.

Zi Yu: Everything here follows those rules.

Zi Yu: And the Smelting Aura is this world’s life force.

Page 13
Zi Yu: Where ever it goes, there will be life.
Zi Yu: Whenever something dies, their life force will be released once again in to the world, this cycle of life having been going on for the past billion years. Or, maybe even longer, I don’t know.

Zi Yu: We are just people who stumbled upon this eternal, unchanging world and stole a tiny bit of its power to use for ourselves in another world.
Zi Yu: We should be awed by its grandeur, and respect its strength.

Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: You are right.
Wu Geng: I have noticed it as well, that the lives here held a different meaning.

Wu Geng: Through my Mind’s Eye, I could sometimes look into this world while I was still in the other.
Wu Geng: It’s proof that our two worlds are connected, and that they can even affect each other… But how…?

Wu Geng: That is something I still don’t understand.
Wu Geng: It doesn’t matter.

Wu Geng: Recently I have started to reminisce about the world I came from… about the taste of Bai Cai’s cooking…

Wu Geng: Uncle Zi Yu, we have been here for way too long.

Page 14
Wu Geng: Let’s go back. Okay?

Zi Yu: Sure…

Box: Harbor

Kid: Boo-hoo…

SFX: Shh…

Bai Cai: It is already… finished.

Page 15
Bai Cai: In an instant…
Bai Cai: Everyone was defeated.

Page 16
Bai Cai: The one who did it, was not one of those scary Spirits of Corrosion.
Bai Cai: But our friend.

Box: Ah Lan.

Bai Cai: The Ah Lan I knew was always cold and never let anyone know her thoughts. But I do not believe that she really betrayed us.

Bai Cai: Is that the unspeakable grievance I see hiding deep within her icy gaze?

Box: The past.
Box: Earlier

Page 17
Bai Cai: Shit! We are surrounded!

Bai Cai: !

Kong Que: This is…

Kong Que: Assassination Butterfly!

Ah Lan: Kong Que.

Page 18
Ah Lan: It is time for you to stop struggling.

Kong Que: Everyone, be careful!

Ah Lan: Slash.

SFX: Tsk X9

Bai cai: Aaah!

Page 19
Bai Cai: Everyone…

Ah Shi: Aww…
Ah Shi: It hurts…

Kong Que: …

Ah Lan: Being hit by my assassination butterflies, you can still be saved.

Ah Lan: But if you were to be bitten by those spirits of corrosion, you would be dead.

Page 20
Bai Cai: Why are you doing this to us, Ah Lan? We fought side by side for the same dream. Aren’t we friends with whom you went through death and countless hardships?

Ah Lan: Fighting for the same dream, going through death and hardships together…? They all sound like a fairy tale to me.

Ah Lan: It is a tale told by those who weren’t involved. What right does someone like you, who never knew what we had to go through, have to judge me?

Ah Lan: To entrust your hopes to an empty dream is something that is very painful to do.
Ah Lan: I have grown tired of those days, when I chased after a dream.

Bai Cai: …

Xin Yue: Telling those things to a little girl, I doubt she can understand.

Xin Yue: Hmm… You must be Bai Cai.

Page 21
Xin Yue: You look lovely from up close.
Xin Yue: Wu Geng… is my sister’s child. And you are his wife, so that means…

Xin Yue: I’m your aunt in law.

Bai Cai: No, you are the enemy.

Xin Yue: Hahahaha…

Xin Yue: Kids are just kids…

Xin Yue: Have a good sleep, and a sweet dream.

Page 22
Bai Cai: !

Bai Cai: Urg…

Xin Yue: Then… Kong Que. We can finally catch up for old time’s sake.

Kong Que: If you want to kill me then go ahead.

Xin Yue: Hmm…

Page 23
Xin Yue: All I ever wanted was to resolve our differences. Even when I killed your husband back then, I only did it hoping that one day you might come around.

Xin Yue: I have always loved you, and for you I will spend a little bit more of my transcendent vigor.

Xin Yue: Curse of the Soul Usurper
Xin Yue: It will make you forget your past. And from now on we can be good friends again.

Yun: Damn it.

Kid: Kong Que…

Xin Yue: Accept it.

Page 24
Bai Cai: Please wait.

Page 25
Bai Cai: Auntie.
Bai Cai: This is wrong. The most important thing when it comes to resolving your differences is sincerity! How can you start with wiping someone’s memory? Our memories are the most precious thing we have.

Kong Que: Huh?

Yun: What?

Ah Lan: …

Xin Yue: This Brat… How could she have broken free from my mantra?

Bai Cai: My noble and beautiful aunt… your words are music to my ears. A God that is as beautiful as you should have a kind and compassionate heart.
Xin Yue: So annoying. Spirits of Corrosion! Eat her up!

Page 26
SFX: Crunch!

Xin Yue: …Missed.

Bai Cai: Auntie, I’m over here.

Bai Cai: Will you please let us go?

Xin Yue: …

Xin Yue: !

Page 27
Kong Que: Bai Cai…, You…

Bai Cai: Sister Kong Que, I’m sorry for keeping it from you.

Bai Cai: I met someone a long time ago… a friend. He taught me many things.

Xin Yue: Hehe… I see. So you are not just another little girl.

Xin Yue: You know the Dark Ones’ Vanishing Art.
Xin Yue: What connections do you have with them?

Bai Cai: …

Xin Yue: !

NTEX: Tell her, there is no longer any need to keep it a secret.

Page 28
NTEX: Bai Cai is my most precious little sister and a friend to us, the Dark Ones.

Page 29
Bai Cai: Big Brother.

Kong Que: …

Ah Lan: That guy is…

Xin Yue: NiTian ErXing!
Xin Yue: How dare you appear in front of me?

NTEX: …Why wouldn’t I dare? Besides, I have prepared a welcome gift for you.

ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part IV “Realm Beyond the World” The End

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