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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Feng Shen Ji 43

Bloody Battle

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 3, 2013 11:10 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 43

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 05
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
NTEX: So how do I describe this…? A blood feud… An arch-nemesis… The enemy we have fought for the past millions of years. Whatever you are, Gods’ High Priest Xin Yue Kui…
NTEX: The fact that I appeared right in front of you can only mean one thing.

Page 3
NTEX: The Dark Ones have declared war against the Gods. We will wipe you off the surface of the earth!!
NTEX: And this war shall begin with your death.

Bai Cai: Aah!!

Ah Lan: Who would have known Bai Cai was an agent of the Dark Ones.
Ah Lan: I doubt Xin Yue Kui expected this!

Xin Yue: Urgh!!
Xin Yue: How dare you!

Page 4
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Heaven’s Rebel Chapter – Part V “Bloody Battle”

Page 5
Xin Yue: Those are… the Dark Ones’ Phantom Leaf Warriors!
Xin Yue: This is bad! I’m surrounded!

Xin Yue: !!

Xin Yue: Aaah!

Xin Yue: Damn it! How dare you, a bunch of lowlifes, offend me?
Xin Yue: Do you even know who I am?

Kong Que: Xin Yue!
Kong Que: Watch out!

Page 6
SFX: !

Warrior: Kill!!!

SFX: stab stab stab stab

Page 7
Xin Yue: Wuaah!

Tian Kui: !

Tian Kui: A strange aura appeared over there.
Tian Kui: One that does not belong to either God or Man… but something else.

Tian Kui: Why would they… choose to appear now?

Page 8
Shi Xing: Tian Kui!
Shi Xing: This is not the time to worry about your master.

Shi Xing: Because I am your opponent!

Tian Kui: …

Shi Xing: The strongest warrior! To defend the Gods’ interest is the sole purpose of your life.
Shi Xing: No soul, no feelings! No thoughts! No understanding of right or wrong! You are nothing more than a stubborn rock.

Shi Xing: No matter how many stubborn rocks like you stand in my way…
SFX: crackle crackle crackle crackle

Shi Xing: I will crush them all!

Page 9
SFX: Roar!

Shi Xing: Your Indestructible Body won’t be able to withstand my attacks! I will destroy you -

Shi Xing: Right Now!

Page 10
SFX: Roar!

Tian Kui: …

Shi Xing: Tian Kui! You will have to pay dearly…
Shi Xing: For everything you did to me that day.

Shi Xing: Die!

Page 11
SFX: !!!

ST: …When did he… strike back?
ST: Being on the receiving end of my heavy attacks did not weaken him at all… The amount of power he is able to discharge in an instant was beyond my imagination!

Tian Kui: Shi Xing. You are right, I’m a stubborn rock.
Tian Kui: I will defend my beliefs no matter the cost… Including killing you, if I have to!

Tian Kui: I was the one, who guided you through your divine revelation, and I did my best to teach you everything I know, hoping that one day you would be able to surpass me.
Tian Kui: I would never destroy you willingly! NEVER!

Tian Kui: But you left me no other choice!

Page 12
Shi Xing: Urgh – Tian Kui!

Shi Xing: Even at the cost of my life, I will take your arm with me!

Tian Kui: !

ST: Divine power - Primordial Strength
ST: Burning Earth Blazing Wings. (maybe another word instead of city)

Page 13
Tian Kui: How scary…
Tian Kui: How fearsome…
Tian Kui: This power is much stronger than what I have seen during the battle against King Zhou of Shang! I didn’t expect the combination of the Immortal Phoenix and Shi Xing to be this powerful.

SFX: Tch –

SFX: crackle crackle

Box: Using his body as the ignition point, Shi Xing forced his Divine Power – Primordial Strength to its limit. Burning Earth Blazing Wings’ flame created a terrifying spinning inferno, engulfing everything in a burning sea of fire.

SFX: !

ST: My flame couldn’t pierce his body!

SFX: deep breath

Page 14
ST: Indestructible Dominion

ST: His divine power – the Indestructible* was just too powerful.
T/N: I have renamed the divine power – The Great Warrior to The Indestructible due to better fitting for the context.
ST: Dominating force emitted from within his body instantly repelled the power of my flame! Even though I was already at my limit, I couldn’t even take one of his arms!

Tian Kui: Shi Xing. I have no choice but to end this quickly.

Tian Kui: I will let you die from my most powerful attack.

Tian Kui: Divine Skill –

Page 15
ST: Heavenly Star Crushing Mountain

SFX: Zoom

SFX: !!

SFX: snap crack break

SFX: Aaah!

Page 16
SFX: Woaah!

Page 17
SFX: Kah –

SFX: Roar!

SFX: Crack!

Page 18
Tian Kui: Kah!

Tian Kui: It is done…

Tian Kui: The High Priest needs my help. I have to get back quickly.

Page 19
Tian Kui: The Elder Eye from the Gods’ Domain should have noticed if there was an important activity of the Dark Ones. Why weren’t we warned?

Tian Kui: !

Tian Kui: … He is still…

SFX: Cough…

Page 20
SFX: pant

SFX: pant

Shi Xing: Can’t… I can’t…
Shi Xing: Tian Kui is way too powerful! I can’t defeat him!
Shi Xing: I’m already…

Bird: Shi Xing… Are you admitting defeat…?
Bird: You returned from the land of the dead after experiencing the excruciating pain of rebirth, enduring everything, just to end like this?

SFX: …

SFX: Cough…

Bird: Then again, maybe you are right. All the pain will be gone once you fall.
Bird: The road in front of you might just prove to be too difficult. Let go of all that troubles you, extinguish the flame of hatred in your heart, and you will be saved. Your loved ones will not blame you because you have already given your all.

Page 21
Bird: Or, maybe you do not wish to stop here… maybe you still want to go on.
Bird: There is nothing but endless pain waiting in front of you, a hopeless path… It will end very badly for you, as this will only end with your death.
Bird: But if all that can’t stop you… and you still want to fight…

Bird: Then re-ignite the flame in your heart!
Bird: I can help you… You know what to do.

Bird: So, Immortal God… Have you given up?

Shi Xing: Shut up.

Shi Xing: If I’m to stop here, then why have I come here in the first place?
Shi Xing: Stop joking around… I will fight!

Page 22
ST: Burn… My life force.
ST: For those whom I have loved in the past.

Shi Xing: Tian Kui…

Shi Xing: This battle… For as long as I still stand…
Shi Xing: It will never end.

Tian Kui: Shi Xing. Do you really want to die?
Tian Kui: The Immortal Phoenix is devouring your transcendent vigor at a rapid speed.

Page 23
Shi Xing: When I first engaged in this battle, I was already prepared to die.

Tian Kui: You are prepared to die…
Tian Kui: So am I.

Shi Xing: Neither of us will ever retreat… That means we can only fight to the death.
Shi Xing: Let’s see whether I run out of life force …
Shi Xing: Or you get burned to ashes by my fiery wings first.

Page 24
ST: Burning Heart Blazing Wings

Shi Xing: Tian Kui. I will have to say good bye after this final attack. You have taught me everything I knew, I won’t forget that.

Tian Kui: …

Tian Kui: You have grown; I no longer have anything left to teach you… Come at me with everything you have got.
Tian Kui: The moon will be watching us from the heavens, don’t disappoint her.

ST: Fly… Immortal Phoenix.

ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part V “Bloody Battle” The End

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