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Feng Shen Ji 44

Ming Yue in the Heaven

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 09:36 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

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Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 06
Translator: Sharogy

Page 1
Title: Ming Yue in the Heaven
*normally the title will reappear on a later page, but it seems to be missing this time.

Page 2
Shi Xing: Divine Power: Asura

Shi Xing: Come forth! Desolate Wolves!

Shi Xing: Aah!

SFX: si ss le

ST: Shi Xing
Shi Xing: They disappeared… but why?

Tian Kui: Because you haven’t mastered them yet.

Tian Kui: If you want to become a great warrior, you still have much to learn.

Page 3
Tian Kui: I rarely take upon the task to teach beginners, but…
Tian Kui: Your heritage is unique. The Sage Hall’s Elder has entrusted the task of tutoring you, to me personally.

Tian Kui: Till the day when you are fully grown and receive the approval of the elders.

Shi Xing: Great, with the strongest warrior as my teacher, I will be able to become even stronger right?

Tian Kui: I can only show you the path, but whether or not you can become even stronger, that depends on several other factors.

Shi Xing: Haha! Awesome! Let’s begin!
Tian Kui: Hmm, be serious… This is not a game. I will not go easy on you just because you are Tian’s true son.
Shi Xing: You all keep saying that I’m the true son of Tian, but I have never seen my father’s face.
Tian Kui: If you were able to become a great warrior, Tian will come to see you.

Shi Xing: Then… In order to become a great warrior, what are its requirements?

Tian Kui: You must be able to combine Power and Technique.

Page 4
Shi Xing: Power and Technique?

Tian Kui: Divine Power is like the vast sea hidden within your body.

Tian Kui: It can instantly become a wave of tsunami with immeasurable power.
Tian Kui: And Divine Skill is what transforms the vast and calm sea in to the giant waterfall…

Tian Kui: Of mass destruction.

Tian Kui: Crushing down from the heavens.

Shi Xing: Oh!

Tian Kui: Even water can break down rocks.

ST: Crackle Crackle Crackle

Page 5
Tian Kui: Divine power is boundless and everywhere, but Divine skill requires you to focus all the power in to one point, and push all its hidden potential to its limit in an instant.
Tian Kui: Every famous warrior in gods’ history was able to combine power and technique. As of right now, except the gods of Sage Hall and the great gods of six afflictions, there are very few who were able to achieve this.

Tian Kui: Shi Xing, Tian’s blood runs through your veins… You hold the power that is most akin to the ancient gods.

Tian Kui: That means you have the potential to surpass me, I look forward to that day’s arrival.

Shi Xing: Hmm… Tian Kui! I will do my best!

Page 6
Shi Xing: If Tian will only see me when I can prove myself worthy, then I will not let him down!

Tian Kui: …

ST: Shi Xing grew up in the gods’ domain, with Tian Kui as his teacher throughout his childhood. Tian Kui was his master of life, from Tian Kui He not only learned the techniques of battle, but also the knowledge and experience, and the many little things Tian Kui knew about the world of men…

Elder: Shi Xing… You have done well.

Elder: Tian Kui has taught you well.
Elder: We are satisfied…
Elder: We will grant you the permission to participate in the Great Assembly of the Gods (actually it should be the Great assembly of Naming of gods, with that I meant when one of the gods gets named as a great god, but sounds too lame to use.) and compete for the title of Great God…

Page 7
Elder: We believe your chances will be great.
Elder: But before that you must pass one more test.

Shi Xing: What kind of test?

Elder: …Go to the world of men.
Elder: Find the great god of fighting affliction and let him make you the castellan of a town, it would be even better if you could accomplish some political achievements.

Shi Xing: You want me to learn how to rule over humans?

Elder: Yes… The monkeys have grown smarter in the last few thousand years, but at the same time they have become more difficult to deal with.

Elder: We must rule with more efficacy, make them more obedient in following our instructions and make them understand who their masters are. That will be our policy for the near future.
Elder: And you must gain more experience of this kind.

Shi Xing: I understand.
Shi Xing: Since I have never been to the world of men before, this will be interesting.

ST: Central Plain, Borderlands

Page 8
Kid: The gods are here!

Kid: He is the new Castellan!

Guy: We better hurry and greet him!
Guy: If we were late we might commit the crime of lese majesty*
T/N: Intentional or Unintentional offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or state.
Guy: Right…
Guy: He came so suddenly, they should have told us!

Kid: Don’t be late!
Kid: Ming Yue! Hurry and go welcome the new castellan!

Ming Yue: Oh… Yes…

Kid: Hmm, I’m going ahead!
Kid: Remember to hurry!

Ming Yue: …

SFX: puk

SFX: pong

Ming Yue: !

Page 9
Ming Yue: Aww.

Ming Yue: Shit, my walking stick…

Ming Yue: Where is it...?

SFX: Pok

Ming Yue: Oh…

Ming Yue: Thank you…

Shi Xing: You are welcome.

Ming Yue: I have never heard your voice before…

Page 10
Ming Yue: Do you live here in the town?

Shi Xing: I just got here.
Shi Xing: You have not met me before.

Ming Yue: A traveler is it? Your voice sounds really young… what is your name?

Shi Xing: …

Shi Xing: I’m called Shi Xing.

Shi Xing: And you?

Ming Yue: I’m Ming Yue.
Ming Yue: Ah… Did you know that a new castellan has just arrived? We must hurry and welcome his arrival, because the gods must not be neglected. I have heard stories of people being whipped to death because of it…
Ming Yue: Let’s go together… hmmm… is… is that ok?

Page 11
Ming Yue: ?
Ming Yue: …what a strange atmosphere.

Shi Xing: …huh?
Box: Ming Yue was totally oblivious to the fact that the kind outsider in front of her was none other than the new castellan Shi Xing. He who had no need of formality walked freely in to the town unbothered by the many citizens that came to worship him, but in front of her, he stopped.

Kid: Woah! It is fixed!
Kid: I have another.

Box: Ming Yue lost her sight since birth, but she was more than capable of taking care of herself. She was the owner of a small restaurant in town and when she was free, she would help others stitching up their torn up clothes.

Page 12
Box: Shi Xing was attracted to her unique personality.
Box: He couldn’t help but notice her.

Box: It was there and then, that the fate of Tian’s son and a human lady was linked together.

Box: They grew closer and closer to each other, till they could no longer be separated.

Box: Their love had violated every single rule out there.

Box: As poetic and lovely of a story it was, in the end, it was doomed to fail ever since the beginning.

Page 13
Elder: Shi Xing… We sent you to govern the humans…
Elder: It was to make them serve us, but now you are trying to protect them.

Elder: It is an absurd notion for monkeys to have freedom and rights… How can you be so foolish?

Shi Xing: We are the foolish ones!
Shi Xing: Elder! I understand the humans very well! They should be given the rights to share our world with us, because they also possess intelligence and love!

Elder: They are only pretending to be like us, but they do not truly possess intelligence and love.

Elder: Correct, in the end monkeys are just monkeys.
Elder: Outrageous! How can they be our equal!

Shi Xing: Doesn’t matter, I have already made up my mind.
Shi Xing: In the land I rule, Human are Gods equal.

Elder: The title of Great God doesn’t interest me.
Elder: I will not participate in the Great Assembly of the Gods (or whatever name it end up with).

Page 14
Elder: Human are Gods equal…
Elder: To utter such forbidden words is a serious crime/offence. Shi Xing… Are you going to rebel against your own race?

Shi Xing: …

Ming Yue: …

Ming Yue: …Who is it?

Page 15
Tian Kui: Tian Kui.

Ming Yue: Is it Castellan Shi Xing’s teacher…? He often talks about you.

Tian Kui: You must be Ming Yue… the girl who put Shi Xing in trouble.

Tian Kui: Looks like there is indeed something special about you…
Tian Kui: You are the first human I have met who dared to stand in front of me and felt no fear.

Ming Yue: I can’t see what you look like, so naturally there is no reason for me to be frightened.

Tian Kui: It would be wise to be afraid.
Tian Kui: If you were afraid, then you wouldn’t have passed the boundary, and traversed the distance between a man and a god. (urg, here he implied that there is a distance between a man and god, and when u walk pass that distance, u tried to be gods equal etc).

Page 16
Ming Yue: Castellan Shi Xing has told me, that there are indeed differences between a man and a god, but those differences do not decide who rules and who obeys.
Ming Yue: The only thing that can decide is what is within our hearts. He wishes to create a world where men and gods can live as equals.

Ming Yue: In that world of his, there are no fear or hatred… and no need for worships.

Ming Yue: And by giving you this flower, I give you my blessings.

Tian Kui: …

SFX: Grip (tight grip)

Tian Kui: Preposterous, you better not let other gods hear what you have just said or they will give you the punishment of death.

Ming Yue: Great God Tian Kui, even though I can’t see you, but I can feel what is within your heart.

Ming Yue: You are just like Castellan Shi Xing in many ways and that is why I know you will not punish me.

Page 17
Ming Yue: You are both kind and gentle.
Ming Yue: I haven’t met any other gods, but if they are all the same like you, then Castellan Shi Xing’s wish for a world of harmony may just come true one day.

Ming Yue: I wonder what it would be like then.

Box: Tian Kui was silent.
Box: In that moment, he didn’t want to crush her dream.

Box: Shi Xing and Ming Yue’s hope was too far stretched. Among the gods, too few wished to change. The conservative faction who preferred to exploit their benefits was simply too powerful, nothing can change that. For men to become Gods equal… it was nothing more than a dream.

Page 18
Box: And just like every other dream, you will wake up in the end.

Ming Yue: …

Xing Yue: Tian Kui, Shi Xing can no longer resist, you can leave us.
Xing Yue: By his will, I give you the mark of death.

Tian Kui: …

Page 19
Tian Kui: Mark of the death…? Is that Tian’s will, or…

Ming Yue: Great God Tian Kui…? Are you here?

Ming Yue: I beg of you please forgive him.

Tian Kui: Too late.
Tian Kui: The punishment for Shi Xing has already been decided, nothing will change that.

Ming Yue: Then… let us bear the punishment together.

Tian Kui: …

SFX: Grip (tightening his grip)

Tian Kui: You fool.

Page 20
Tian Kui: Do you still not understand what fate awaits you.
Tian Kui: It is not something you can bear.

Tian Kui: Ming Yue.
Tian Kui: Close your eyes.

Ming Yue: …

ST: Mark of the death is the endless torment…
ST: In order to spare Ming Yue from such pain…

Page 21
Shi Xing: cough…
Shi Xing: cough…

ST: I killed her with my own hands. It was the only thing I could do for her.

ST: Shi Xing’s dream.

ST: Ming Yue’s dream, were both destroyed.
ST: It was a fate that was predestined since the very beginning.
ST: Thousand years of rule from the gods will not be shaken by the insignificant wish of two people. After that night, nothing has changed, even thousand years from now it will still be the god’s world.

ST: I knew that truth.
ST: But the instant when I cut off Ming Yue’s head, I felt sorrow and regret for a human, for the first time.

Page 22
ST: My sole purpose in life was to defend God’s pride and glory, but in that moment my purpose was shaken for the first and only time. Ming Yue’s death had left a scar deep within my heart.
ST: A dream where men are god’s equal, is it really possible?

ST: Ever since that night of sadness had passed, gods still ruled the world. Today, many years later, you have finally returned… Shi Xing, Tell me. Tell me the answer by giving it your all.

ST: If you can’t even defeat me, then your dream will never come true.

SFX: Whoom

SFX: Breath!

SFX: Step

Page 23
ST: Heavenly Star Crushing Mountain

Page 24

SFX: crackle crackle crackle

SFX: crackle crackle

Tian Kui: Shi Xing!
Tian Kui: This is futile!
Tian Kui: The essence of my divine skill is the endless waves of fist.

Tian Kui: It will extinguish everything, even the feathers of the immortal phoenix!

Tian Kui: Your only chance is to be even faster than me!
Tian Kui: My fists are like the meteor shower* that envelops the sky, are you capable of catching it?
T/N: Saint Seiya anyone?

Tian Kui: If you can’t…
Tian Kui: Then there is only defeat that awaits you.

Page 25
SFX: Whoom

Shi Xing: Too fast and too powerful! I will be destroyed soon…

Shi Xing: In the endless waves in front of me, every single drop of water was a thunder like punch…

Page 26
Shi Xing: Can I really catch it…?
Shi Xing: I can… This is the second time I have seen it.

Shi Xing: See it with the clear mirror that is my mind. Focus, concentrate… and see the countless shapes of fists.
Shi Xing: I will capture every single drop of water within the endless waves!

Tian Kui: Divine skill is the instantaneous discharge of all your power after you have focused it in to one point.
Tian Kui: Even water can break down rocks.

Tian Kui: You have the potential to surpass me.
Tian Kui: I look forward to that day’s arrival.

ST: …Surpass me.

Page 27
Tian Kui: !

Tian Kui: He caught both of my fists!
Tian Kui: In that instant…

Tian Kui: He was faster than me!

SFX: scratch sound.

Shi Xing: Heavenly Star Crushing Mountain is an all out attacking move that leaves you defenseless.

Shi Xing: The instant you unleash all your power, is the only moment you leave yourself vulnerable.

SFX: Kah!

Tian Kui: !

Page 28
ST: Burning Earth Blazing Wings

Tian Kui: …

Page 29
Tian Kui: You have done well. Shi Xing.
Tian Kui: From now on, there is nothing left for me to teach you.

Tian Kui: I have thought about… dreaming the same dream like yours.
Tian Kui: But too bad, I wasn’t like you… I wasn’t… like… you.

Shi Xing: I know/understand… Tian Kui, Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Shi Xing: Thank you.

Page 30
ST: It was inevitable that one of us must fall.
ST: Because the thing that you protected with all your life was the thing that I vowed to destroy…
ST: The only reason for me to return to this world was to fulfill the promise I had made to Ming Yue in the heaven.

ST: Before the God’s rule disappears from this world, I have to keep on fighting.
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part VI “Ming Yue in the heaven” The End

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