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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Feng Shen Ji 45


+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 09:37 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 45

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 07
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
ST: Heaven’s Rebel Chapter – Part VII
ST: Corrosion

Box: Battle between the great gods had ended.

Box: The one whom they call “The Greatest Warrior” had fallen…

Box: On the other hand, Shi Xing had to spend everything he got.
Box: His terrifying injuries resulted from the battle, was proof enough of its ferocity.

Box: The wounds would have been fatal to any man or god, but he who carried the mark of death would not fall so easily.
Box: Igniting a burst of flame, he could regenerate his flesh in an instant.

Box: He would not be stopped by mere pain or fatigue.
SFX: Breathing sound… (like super tired).
Box: The Avenging God’s step would not stop moving forward.

Page 3
Box: Near the Harbor…

SFX: Stab Stab

Box: Dark One’s phantom leaf warriors ambushed Xin Yue Kui… In a blink of an eye, her weak fragile body had already been pierced by several deadly spears!

Page 4
Bai Cai: Aunty!

Kong Que: Xin Yue…

Kid: Wow! They got her!


Xin Yue: Outrageous! You barbarians… How dare you threat me so!

Xin Yue: I will never forgive any of you!

Xin Yue: Spirits of Corrosion!

Page 5
Xin Yue: Devour them all!

SFX: Crunch!

SFX: Crunch

Spirit: Hihi…
Spirit: Hihi…

Page 6
SFX: Crunch!

Bai Cai: Wow!
Bai Cai: How terrifying, those spirits of corrosion swallowed everything.

NTEX: Looks like High Priest Xin Yue will not go down without a fight.

NTEX: Phantom Leaf Warriors…
NTEX: Return.

Page 7
SFX: Drop, Drop

Xin Yue: How is this possible? Why am I ambushed by the dark ones?

Xin Yue: Wasn’t that old geezer from the Sage Hall supposed to be watching out for the Dark One’s movement?
Xin Yue: It was their responsibility… How could they let this happen?

Xin Yue: Can it be…

Spirit: Hihi…
Spirit: So much blood…

Spirit: My beautiful master… There is blood all over you… You look really tasty…

Xin Yue: Shut Up!

Page 8
SFX: Shake

Spirit: Hihi…
Spirit: My beautiful master… You are the greatest master in the world.

Xin Yue: Damn it… These monsters would even want to eat me if they see that I’m vulnerable.
Xin Yue: I must remain focused! Be strong! I must be very strong! I can’t afford to die here.

Xin Yue: My spirits of corrosion can only keep me safe for a short time…
Xin Yue: Even they… might not be able to stop these guys.
Xin Yue: NiTian ErXing…!
Xin Yue: He is a very dangerous foe… I can’t fight him head on!

Bai Cai: …

Bai Cai: Is everyone alright?

Kid: Yes… Just flesh wounds.

YZZ: We should be fine…

Bai Cai: … That is good to hear.

Page 9
Xin Yue: Cough… NiTian ErXing…
Xin Yue: If you kill me here, it will not do you any good… You are not stupid, right?

Page 10
Xin Yue: We can… negotiate.
Xin Yue: I… hold great sway among the gods, we can negotiate anything you want.

Xin Yue: Blood feud, Arch nemesis… can all be resolved.

TXWS: Haha… High Priest! Stop wasting your time!

TXWS: Between us and the gods, there is nothing to talk about.

TXWS: Because none of you can be trusted, hehe…
ST: Thirteen Generals (Admirals) of the Dark Ones
ST: TieXue WuShuang*
T/N: Peerless Iron Blood, it means the toughest guy around, unshakable determination.

Page 11
SFQW: The Gods are indeed smarter than us, but also more cunning.

ST: Thirteen Generals of the Dark Ones
ST: SuiFeng QiWu*
T/N: Dance with the wind.
SFQW: We only speak the truth, and will never go back on our words. We promised to wipe you off the surface of the earth, and that is non negotiable.

TXWS: Well spoken, little sister SuiFeng QiWu! Worthy of the title of “Dark Ones’ most beautiful General”!

SFQW: Shut Up.

NTEX: Yes… War is inevitable.

Page 12
NTEX: Millions of years of anger, how can it be so easily resolved by your meaningless words? And those conditions you just offered… are not enough for me to spare your life.

Xin Yue: Urgg…

Xin Yue: Breath… Breath breath… (hyberventilating)

NTEX: SuiFeng QiWu, please send her on her way. (to hell/heaven)

SFQW: Roger. (too modern?)

SFX: Kah. (unsheathing the sword)

Page 13
Shen Yen: …

Shen Yen: … NiTian ErXing…?
Shen Yen: So he was the brat that had escaped back then…

Shen Yen: And now he is already the Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones.
Shen Yen: …unbelievable.

Page 14
Kings: Great Elder.
Kings: The sound of Tower of Heavenly Shock’s bell can be heard in every corner of the gods’ domain…

Page 15
Kings: Did something of significance take place?

Shen Yen: Yes, It has been many years since the last time Tower of Heavenly Shock’s bell was rung. Its sound represents the great battle that awaits us…

Shen Yen: The Dark Ones has returned.

Kings: !

Shen Yen: Hundred thousand years ago, they were forced to flee to the realm of hell, but they never stopped their wild schemes to one day return to the surface.
Shen Yen: Barbaric, unreasonable race that they are, have always tried to destroy our peaceful world of harmony…

Page 16
ST: Sage Hall’s Great Elder
ST: Shen Yen*
T/N: Gods Eye
Shen Yen: I will not allow it to happen.
Box: Thousand year old elder, the head of the sage hall, wielder of the powerful divine power: seer’s vision, he who held the great seat within the tower of heavenly shock inside the gods’ domain, observed and studied everything that happens in the realm of hell and the realm of men. He, the wise and knowledgeable elder was also responsible for laying out punishment for those who had violated the gods’ commandments.

Kings: Where?
Kings: How big are their forces?

Shen Yen: Their vanguard force consists of two of Dark One’s generals and a couple dozen Phantom Leaf Warriors.
Shen Yen: Led by their Grand Marshal himself, NiTian ErXing.

Shen Yen: More of them will show up soon… They are serious this time.

Shen Yen: This vanguard force was supposed to ambush the high priest and the greatest warrior… but Shi Xing suddenly appeared out of nowhere and joined their forces… Tian Kui has already been defeated.

Kings: …Shi Xing?

Page 17
Tian Wu: Shi Xing…?
ST: Sage Hall’s Great God
ST: Sage King – Tian Wu*
T/N: Heaven’s Marshal
Tian Wu: He was able to beat Tian Kui… How interesting.
Box: Former Great god of the ferocious affliction, wielder of divine power: Heaven and Earth, retired for a position in the sage hall and was able to obtain the title of Sage King. Only those Great Gods who could push their power and technique to its limit, could obtain the title of Sage King, within the sage hall, there are five great gods in total who held the title.

Box: Former Great God of the rain affliction, wielder of divine power: Heaven and Earth, retired for a position in the sage hall and was able to obtain the title of Sage King.
ST: Sage Hall’s Great God
ST: Sage King – Xuan Feng*
T/N: Phantom Wind
Xuan Feng: Tian Kui was a powerful warrior of the Gods… His defeat will affect all of us greatly!

Bai Lian: Tian Kui… was only a brute.
ST: Sage Hall’s Great God
ST: Sage King – Bai Lian*
T/N: White Lotus
Box: Former Great God of the plague affliction, wielder of divine power: the underworld, retired for a position in the sage hall and was able to obtain the title of Sage King.

Shen Yen: The return of the Dark Ones, and the rebellion of Shi Xing, this is the most dangerous situation that we have yet to face.

Shen Yen: This is why I need the three of you to lend me your strength.

Shen Yen: The current situation is that High Priest Xin Yue has already sustained heavy injuries and is still being surrounded by enemies. Given the urgency of the situation, you must hurry and go help her.
Shen Yen: However, the most important thing is…

Page 18
Shen Yen: NiTian ErXing wants to start a war… It is not something we should be afraid of.
Shen Yen: But if we can take him out right here and now, we will be able to crush the Dark One’s moral completely, and stop the war from starting.

Tian Wu: Understood.

Xuan Feng: I always wanted to find out what he is capable of.

Bai Lian: Then Great Elder, please lock on to their location and open the gate of instant/flash/split second.

Shen Yen: Good.

Shen Yen: The location is… Tai Yin Mountain’s harbor.

Shen Yen: The gate of flash will be open for two hours.
Shen Yen: The three of you please make haste.

Page 19
Kings: Rest assured, great elder.
Kings: We will let those who dared to offend us, know the true power of the gods, and make them give up their foolish attempts.

Kings: We are leaving.

Kings: …

Shen Yen: Take Caution. (or be careful).

Page 20
Shen Yen: …

ST: Will the war against the Dark Ones…
ST: Start again?

ST: It came just the right time… hehe.

Page 21
Xin Yue: … You want to kill me?
Xin Yue: Hehe… Forget it!


Xin Yue: Hehe…
Xin Yue: Hehe…

Xin Yue: Hahahaha…

Page 22
Xin Yue: I can’t be defeated…
Xin Yue: To be honest… I’m hurting all over, I wanted to cry… but I will not cry, because crying means admitting my defeat. I will not be defeated!

Kong Que: …

Xin Yue: No matter what it takes I will find a way to survive, no matter the cost!

Xin Yue: Even if I had to sacrifice the lives of my comrades.

Xin Yue: Spirits of Corrosion. You are free!

SFX: !
SFX: Glass breaking sound

Spirits: Woaah!

NTEX: Hmm…

Page 23
SFX: Gasp… Gasp… Gasp…

Bai Cai: The eyes of those spirits have all shattered! What is going on?

Xin Yue: You… have been suppressed by the power of my mantra for so long.

Xin Yue: … must be really hungry, right? Devour them all till your hearts’ content.

SFX: Grinding teeth sound…

SFX: Tss Tss


SFQW: Xin Yue Kui has released the true form of the spirits of corrosion!

Page 24
Spirit: Boo… hoo… hoo…
Spirit: Boo…
Spirit: Boooo…hoo…hoo…

Page 25
Bai Cai: Wow! They are huge!

Bai Cai: Is that… how the spirit of corrosion really looks like?
Bai Cai: They who wouldn’t stop laughing… now all start to cry!

NTEX: Spirits of corrosion came from the black and desperate souls… Xin Yue Kui gave them sights through the power of her mantra, so that they could see the lights again, making them easier to be tamed.

NTEX: With her curse lifted, the spirits have all returned to their original form… The monsters that bring nothing but disasters, they are the devourers of all life.

TXWS: Are there nine spirits of corrosions in total? This looks interesting.

SFQW: … They will be difficult to deal with.

Spirit: Wuah…
Spirit: Boo… So pitiful… I’m so pitiful…
Spirit: So much regrets…
Spirit: Boo… So cold… So sad…
Spirit: Why does no one care about me…

Page 26
Spirit: So hungry.

Spirit: So cold.
Spirit: So sad…
Spirit: The blood is so fresh…
Spirit: Where is it?


SFQW: WuShuang! What are you waiting for!?

TXWS: Sister SuiFeng QiWu! I’m coming! Hah!
TXWS: Some spirits of corrosions is nothing to be worried about!

TXWS: In front of us, the Dark Ones’ General, they are nothing!

Bai Cai: Sister Kong Que, here is your child.

Page 27
Kong Que: Those crazy spirits are coming this way! Quickly, let’s find a place to hide.

Bai Cai: Yes…

Spirit: …Give it to me.
Spirit: I’m so pitiful…

Random: Hurry…
Random: The spirits of corrosion have already lost control! They no longer recognize friend or foe!

Random: !

Random: Waaah!

Random: High Priest! Please save me! We have already sworn our fealty!
Random: Don’t let the spirits eat me! High priessss -

Spirit: Slurp.

Page 28
SFX: Gasp… Gasp…

Xin Yue: I wouldn’t have released them if I had another choice.
Xin Yue: When they are in this state they would even try to eat me…

Xin Yue: But at least they have created an opportunity for me to escape.
Xin Yue: I have to hurry…

SFX: !

Xin Yue: …

Shi Xing: High Priest Xin Yue.
Shi Xing: Where do you think you are going?
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part VIII “Corrosion” The End

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