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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Feng Shen Ji 46

Xin Yue Kui and Shi Xing

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 09:38 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 46

Feng Shen Ji Chapter 08
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Shi Xing: High Priest… Tian Kui has lost…
Shi Xing: There is no one left who can protect you.

Xin Yue: Ah… Shi Xing!
Xin Yue: Hold on!

SFX: !

Xin Yue: Urg!
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Heaven’s Rebel Chapter – Part VIII
ST: Xin Yue Kui and Shi Xing

Page 3
Shi Xing: I will never forget what you did to me.

Shi Xing: The sorrow you have caused me and everyone else in the borderlands.
Shi Xing: Only your death will bring peace to those innocent souls you have cursed.

Xin Yue: Shi Xing, I had no choice.
Xin Yue: The one who decided to punish you was Shen Yen*!
T/N: God’s Eye

Xin Yue: I was only following orders.
Xin Yue: Don’t you remember what you did? Your suggestion of “Men are Gods Equal” has angered all the elders in the Sage Hall! Every single one of them!

Xin Yue: And by forfeiting your rights to participate in the Great Assembly of the gods, you have abandoned your pride and duty as a god…
Xin Yue: That is why I and Tian Kui were sent to punish you.

Xin Yue: Do you really think I can go against Shen Yen’s will? It might look like that I controlled the politics of the gods, but he was the mastermind behind the scenes… I was forced to do many things I didn’t want to!

Page 4
Xin Yue: Think about it, to lay down the curse, I had to spend a significant amount of transcendent vigor, if I wasn’t forced to do so, then why would I? If you want to exact your revenge, then go and kill Sage Hall’s Shen Yen, but not me, I’m also a victim!

Shi Xing: Are you done? I will find Shen Yen eventually, you don’t have to worry about that.

Shi Xing: But you are not the pitiful victim you pretend to be.

Xin Yue: Wait. You can’t kill me, if you do, you will never be free of your curse.

SFX: !

Xin Yue: It is true, Shi Xing, I can lift your curse.
Xin Yue: I’m fully aware of your pain and agony caused by the Mark of Death. Few days from now will be the full moon, you should know what is going to happen right?

Page 5
Xin Yue: I’m the one who put the curse on you, and only I and I alone can lift it…

Xin Yue: Please trust me. I will help you wholeheartedly. Shi Xing.
Xin Yue: You have to keep me alive…

Shi Xing: …

Shi Xing: !

Spirits: Open mouth sound.-

Spirits: Closing mouth sound!

Page 6
Spirits: Boo-hoo… Let me feast! Don’t run away!

Page 7
Shi Xing: This is bad.
Shi Xing: High Priest! What are their weaknesses?

Xin Yue: Cough… Attacking them head on with divine power will not be effective.

Xin Yue: They are only vulnerable to the power of mantra.
Xin Yue: Unfortunately… I’m too weak right now…

Kids: Wuah! So terrifying!
Kids: I don’t want to be eaten!

Bai Cai: Run!

Spirits: Boo… Don’t leave us…
Spirits: Can I have a bite…?
Spirits: I promise, just a small bite.
Spirits: Boo…hoo…hoo

Page 8
Yun ZhongZi: Watch out for those tentacles! They are fast as hell, you are done for if you let them catch you!

Bai Cai: …

ST: Not good…
ST: Everyone was already injured.

ST: If things continue like this, we won’t be able to avoid the spirits’ attacks.
ST: I have to protect them, but what should I do. Even though I have tried it before during my training with the big brother, but still…

Spirits: Don’t run away…

Spirits: I beg of you… Let me have a bite…

Bai Cai: Wuaah!

SFQW: Bai Cai.

Page 9
SFQW: You have trained with the Grand Marshal for so long, you should know what to do.

Bai Cai: Sister SuiFeng QiWu…

SFQW: Do not be afraid.

SFQW: To survive, to protect your friends, you have no choice but to fight.
SFQW: Do you understand?

SFX: Tss Tss Tss

SFQW: Spirits of Corrosion’s tentacles will regenerate instantly when they are cut down.
SFQW: We must stop their ability to regenerate first, only then can our attacks be effective.

SFX: Kah!

ST: Man tra

Page 10
ST: Spirit Sealing Formation – Shimmering Edge

SFQW: No evil spirits will be able to hide in front of this formation.

SFQW: Rise -

SFQW: Thrust!

Page 11
Spirits: Boo…
Spirits: Aaaaaah…
Spirits: Hoo…
Spirits: Woaaah!

Spirits: Boo…
Spirits: Hoo… itchy…

Bai Cai: Wow! The black Spirits changed to red after being stabbed!

Kong Que: It seems the Dark Ones also have conjurers adept in the arts of Mantra! This particular spell doesn’t seem to damage the spirits directly, but it has successfully sealed up their regenerative power. As of now, any direct attack will work!

TXWS: Hehe! Well done, little sister SuiFeng QiWu!

TXWS: Leave the rest to me!

Page 12
TXWS: Hehe!

TXWS: The sound of your cries hurts my ears.
TXWS: The fallen souls have no rights to linger the warmth of the flesh, it makes me angry!

SFX: Metal grinding sound x6 (cling)

TXWS: Be gone!

Page 13
ST: Iron Claw Royal Rumble (Grand/heroic + Rumble/strike/explosion + Iron claw, Legendary iron claw strike/slash/cut, infinite slash of the iron claw)

SFX: Slicing sound x5

Page 14
Spirits: Booaah…

Bai Cai: Wow! So powerful.
Bai Cai: …

NTEX: Bai Cai.

NTEX: Everything is fine I hope.

Bai Cai: I’m fine, all thanks to big brother’s timely arrival.

Page 15
Bai Cai: Oh right, How did you know that we were in danger?

NTEX: Our scouts have obtained sudden intel that the High Priest Xin Yue Kui will show up here.

NTEX: I was worried about your safety, and that is why I came.
NTEX: I didn’t plan to reveal our secrets today.

NTEX: But since I’m already here, we might as well be honest to each other.

Kong Que: …

NTEX: You lots are Bai Cai’s friends… please do not fault her for being dishonest about us.

Page 16
NTEX: She only did it because I asked her to.

Kong Que: Hmm… I understand the reason why you did what you did, as we do not wish to associate ourselves with the Dark Ones.

Bai Cai: Sister Kong Que, Big Brother is one of the good guys.

Bai Cai: Please listen to what he has to say.

Kong Que: Bai Cai, how much do you really know about them?

Bai Cai: …

NTEX: Bai Cai knows us much better than you ever will, because she does not have a biased heart, and she is willing to trust us unconditionally.
NTEX: Kong Que, I know about the situation with the fallen gods of the headquarters.

Page 17
NTEX: You did not wish to be part of the corruption that has taken hold of the gods, but to only stand on the sideline and do nothing about it, is useless. We must overthrow their rule through our action.
NTEX: We welcome anyone who shares our believes, including you.

Yun ZhongZi: …

Kids: Is he for real…
Kids: He wants us to join forces with the Dark Ones.

Kong Que: You only did what you did out of self interests.

NTEX: How can we accomplish anything without any selfishness?
NTEX: We are taking the matter in to our own hands, and to fight for a place that we can call home, that is all.

Page 18
NTEX: It is up to you to believe me or not… The gods’ history has branded us as the ferocious beast for a long, long time. It might be too difficult for you to accept us all of a sudden.

Kong Que: …

Bai Cai: Ah! How about this!

Bai Cai: Sister Kong Que, with everyone being wounded and you just gave birth recently, for safety sake, how about we do as the big brother suggests, stay with the Dark Ones for now till you have recovered from the whole ordeal, and decide later if you want to leave or not.

Bai Cai: Even if sister Kong Que does not trust big brother, you can always trust me.
Bai Cai: The Dark Ones are not our enemies, If you find them impossible to get along later, you can always choose to leave then.

Baby: Wah wah -

Kong Que: Sigh – very well.

Guys: Guess we have no other choice.
Kids: I agree.

Page 19
Bai Cai: That is great.

NTEX: … Bai Cai has convinced them.

NTEX: The gods have always looked at us with distrust, even the rebels were no different. But somehow Bai Cai was able to change them.
NTEX: There is a formless but potent power within that weak and fragile body of a human.

NTEX: I was right…
NTEX: This girl’s importance has yet to be fully discovered.

NTEX: She will be the key to our upcoming war against the gods.

Page 20
Box: Other side…
TXWS: I thought the monstrous spirits of corrosions were much stronger than this!
TXWS: It is all too easy! Haha…

Page 21
SFX: small exploding sound x3

SFX: Ha!

SFQW: WuShuang! Be Serious!

SFQW: My mantra can only restrict their powers for a short period of time, they are slowly regaining their power as we speak! Afterwards the same mantra will not work twice.

SFQW: We must destroy them all before that happens, or they will be very hard to deal with! Understood?

SFX: Heavy stabbing sound

Page 22
TXWS: Little sister SuiFeng QiWu is too strict with me, we have destroyed three of them already, with only six left…
TXWS: They won’t pose a problem to us.

Spirits: So sad…
Spirits: Ha…
Spirits: Ha…

Spirits: Let me have a bite.


TXWS: It is that guy…

Page 23
Best Page of my life

Page 24
TXWS: Great God?

SFQW: Is he friend or foe? I can’t tell.

NTEX: Immortal god…? His power came from his union with the divine beast.

NTEX: …This is, unexpected.

Xin Yue: Cough…

Xin Yue: Q-quickly…
Xin Yue: Take me… to Kong Que… Only she… can save me… Don’t let me… die.

Shi Xing: Kong Que?

Shi Xin: !

Page 25

NTEX: Is it time?

NTEX: … This is, expected.

TXWS: Oh…?


Kids: So bright!
Kids: What is it?

Kong Que: …Is that the Gate of Instantaneity? Yun ZhongZi.

Yun ZhongZi: Yes, connecting directly from the Gods’ Domain to here, the Gate of Instantaneity…

Yun ZhongZi: On the other side of the gate… is one terrifying divine power!

Page 26
Second best page of my life

Page 27
Shi Xing: …

Spirits: Boo…
Spirits: Hoo…

Bai Cai: Aaah!


Shi Xing: … Gate of Instantaneity?
Shi Xing: Shen Yen, What are you trying to accomplish?

Kings: Shi Xing…

Page 28
Kings: We have met before in the Sage Hall, you like to break rules.
Kings: But rules were made for a reason.
Kings: Without rules, there will be anarchy, that is something very frightening.

Page 29
Kings: But no matter what, to rebel against your own kind is just wrong.

Kings: I will have to correct…

Kings: This mistake of yours.

Page 30
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part VIII “Xin Yue Kui and Shi Xing” The End

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