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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Feng Shen Ji 47

Sage King

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 09:41 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 47

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 09
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Box: The Gods were the undisputed ruler of earth for the last million of years, one of the reasons was them having a clear set of rules, which no gods were allowed to violate. At the same time they followed the traditions of the warrior, every four years, a major event would take place in the Gods’ Domain…
ST: Great Assembly of the Gods
Box: Through fair combat, the most powerful warrior was chosen among the gods and given the title of the Great God.

Page 3
Box: Equal chance was bestowed upon every member of the gods, even without the blood of nobility, as long as they possessed real talent, they were allowed to make a name for themselves.

Box: And become a Great God.

Box: The assembly took place over the course of three days.
Box: For the gods, this was their biggest event. All gods stationed outside the Gods’ Domain must return and participate till the end.

Box: The competition rarely resulted in bloodshed, because the Great Gods defeated by the new rising stars were still well respected among the Gods.

Box: Under normal circumstances, they would be invited by the Great Elder to join the Sage Hall.

Box: And become a Great God of the Sage Hall.

Ex: …

Page 4
Box: Those who resided inside the Sage Hall were all powerful former Great Gods.
Box: But not all of them were given the seat because they were defeated by the newcomers during the Great Assembly of the Gods.

Box: Some of them simply lost interest with the work as the Great God of the Six Afflictions, and retired on their own after a few years.

Box: Some had special reasons.

Box: Yawn.
Box: Some simply didn’t want to bear the responsibilities and wished to slack so they could live a carefree life.

Box: The leader of the Great Gods of the Sage Hall, was a thousand year old God.

Box: He controlled everything that happened in the world while sitting inside the Gods’ Domain.

Box: He, who possessed infinite wisdom, was also a master when it came to wielding the divine power.

Page 5
Box: Shen Yen
Box: In charge of the Sage Hall, he should have been the most powerful of the gods… but in reality he wasn’t.

Box: The venerable elder held no real political power among the gods.
Box: The power of decision making and implementation of those decisions were all in the hands of the High Priest and the Great Gods of the Six Afflictions.

Box: It was decreed by Tian…
Box: Only those who held the office had the rights to govern the affairs of the gods, and those who had retired from the position of the Great God were not allowed to take part.
Box: Shen Yen was only responsible for laying down punishment to the Gods who had committed crimes, but no more.

Box: Tian’s will was absolute… He could only do what he was told…
Box: Several hundred years has passed since he first sat on top of the Tower of the Heavenly Shock, watching everything that happens within the world quietly… For him, this honorable task was no different than imprisonment.

Page 6
Box: He…

Box: Had already lost his patience.

Xin Yue: Great Elder Shen Yen.

Xin Yue: Were you looking for me?

Shen Yen: Yes… I have found the fallen ones’ hideout.

Xin Yue: !

Shen Yen: After our earlier punitive expedition led by the High Priest yourself, they could no longer pose a threat.
Shen Yen: But few left over survived, camping near the Tai Yin Mountain’s harbor.

Page 7
Xin Yue: I thought Elder Shen Yen was only responsible for observing the Dark Ones’ movement, how did something so insignificant caught your attention?

Shen Yen: It’s alright.
Shen Yen: You were inexperienced, not being thorough enough was expected, I would be more than willing to show you how it is done.

Xin Yue: …

Shen Yen: Only a few left over fallen ones…

Shen Yen: High Priest should have no problem eliminate them…
Shen Yen: Right?

Xin Yue: No, I have other plans.

Xin Yue: I want to convert them.

Shen Yen: … Why go through the trouble…?

Xin Yue: In the end we are both gods… Let’s give them another chance.

Page 8
Xin Yue: After our previous engagement, they have already lost the will to fight, if I were to go there myself now and offer them the chance to reconcile.
Xin Yue: We should be able to avoid further bloodshed.

Shen Yen: High Priest has the heart of a saint, but I’m afraid that they won’t appreciate your kindness.

Xin Yue: It is worth a try at least.
Xin Yue: As long as Tian Kui is with me, I will be fine.

Shen Yen: Hmm… Alright then.

Xin Yue: Thank you for your information.
Xin Yue: It must be our blessing to have such a meddlesome, oh no, I mean all knowing elder looking after us. Haha.

Shen Yen: You are welcome…

Shen Yen: …

Page 9
Box: Just as Shen Yen suspected… Xin Yue Kui was not willing to kill Kong Que.
Box: If she was to offer them peace in person, then, all he needed to do was to make sure that the Dark Ones gets wind of her visits.

Box: He wanted to remove those who opposed him through Dark One’s hand.
Box: The Great Gods of the Six Afflictions had always supported the High Priest, and often worked against the conservative faction of the gods controlled by Shen Yen…
Box: If Xin Yue Kui and Tian Kui were to fall in the hands of the Dark Ones, then, with no one leading the gods, Shen Yen would be able to logically assume her position through seniority, and lead the gods…

Box: Against NiTian ErXing’s Invasion…

Box: And Shi Xing’s rebellion…
Box: They were both powerful foes…

Box: But…

Page 10
Box: In front of Shen Yen, they were only the small wave in the boundless ocean, capable of causing a little bit of disturbance, but sooner or later the serenity would return.
Box: He, who possessed thousand years of wisdom, never took these petty foes seriously.

Page 11
Box: He didn’t believe in the possibility that anything in the world could escape his watchful gaze; everything was within his control.
Box: He had already seized the power to become Gods’ next leader, waiting patiently for the moment when he can finally leave his invisible prison and regain his freedom.
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Heaven’s Rebel Chapter – Part IX “Sage King”

Page 12
Box: At the harbor…


Page 13
Shi Xing: Just like that huh?

Shi Xing: Shen Yen…
Shi Xing: Has sent the most powerful Great Gods from Sage Hall.

Shi Xing: …

Page 14
Bai Cai: What a powerful aura.
Bai Cai: They are on a totally different level from the Great Gods we have encountered before!

Ah Lan: … Sage Kings!

Ah Lan: The Great Gods who could push their Divine Power and Divine Skill to their limits!
Ah Lan: Even they have come!

TXWS: Awesome! The Gods most powerful warriors show up just in time! The Dark Ones General, TieXue WuShuang will answer your challenge!

TSWS: Huh!?

TSWS: Aww.
TSWS: Little sister SuiFeng QiWu, what are you doing?

Page 15
SFQW: You are not to act out of turn without the order from our Grand Marshal.

TXWS: Grr!

TXWS: If it is going to be a battle either way, I don’t want to wait!

NTEX: Hehe, Don’t be hasty. WuShuang, your will get the chance to show them what you are capable of.

SFX: Step

King: …

King: High Priest has been gravely injured, she is on her verge of death.

Page 16
Kings: We can’t not heal her…
Kings: We must return her to Gods’ Domain immediately.

Kings: …Can she still be saved?

Kings: Not sure… We might have been too late.

Kings: If Elder Shen Yen were to send us earlier, then… but now… sigh…

Kings: Xuan Feng. It is not the time to feel sorry about what should or should not have happened.

Page 17
Kings: …

Tian Wu: We will leave when we finish what we came here to do.

Spirits: Boo…
Spirits: Boohoo…

Kong Que: Even the Spirits of Corrosion were afraid of them.
Kong Que: Their forceful killing intents are nothing to sneeze at. (can not be underestimated).

Kings: The Dark Ones…

Page 18
Kings: You have violated the non aggression pact which we have agreed upon for millions of years.
Kings: And lay harm to our High Priest. You will pay dearly for your transgressions.

Page 19
Tian Wu: Regarding Shi Xing… You have already committed treason.
Tian Wu: By Elder Shen Yen’s order, we will take you prisoner so you can be tried.

Shi Xing: …

NTEX: Non aggression pact?
NTEX: That was forced upon our ancestors against their will.

NTEX: I’m sorry, I have never accepted those terms.

Xuan Feng: NiTian ErXing… If you start a war and cause an upheaval, it will be at the cost of many innocent lives.

Page 20
Xuan Feng: Why…? I’m not really fond of battle.
Xuan Feng: Isn’t it fine the way things were?

TXWS: Fuck you muhfucka! The Dark One’ warriors are fearless!

TXWS: Get it? Great God!

NTEX: As the way things were…

NTEX: All those oppressed by the Gods Rule will continue to live under its oppression. You will still be sitting from high above, exploiting the benefits of those beneath you.

NTEX: I will not accept that.
NTEX: And for starting a war, causing an upheaval, those are your point of view, in our eyes, it is called –

Page 21
NTEX: Revolution.
NTEX: We rebel because we believe that we are the ones who stand in the light, we are righteous!
NTEX: Shen Yen, you better listen carefully, I know you are watching.

NTEX: Our army of righteousness will invade your Gods’ Domain, and pull you down from that comfortable chair you are sitting on.

Shen Yen: …

NTEX: It is not just about us.

NTEX: Our army of righteousness is comprised of friends who came from every corner of the world.

NTEX: We all have the same goal… that is to tell you…

Page 22
NTEX: We have had enough! Fuck off, Gods!

Xuan Feng: …

Bai Lian: What a foul mouth.

Tian Wu: Dark Ones Grand Marshal… Your demands… will never be fulfilled.

Tian Wu: It is pointless to negotiate any further.
Tian Wu: Between our kind and yours…

Tian Wu: There will only be war.

Page 23
ST: Divine power: Heaven and Earth
ST: Power of the Great Earth

Bai Cai: !

TXWS: Huh?

SFX: A sharp thrusting sound, like when you drill in to a rock.

Page 24
ST: World’s Fury (Fury of Heaven and Earth)

Page 25
ST: Tremble! (Tremor, Quiver, Quake, Ripple)

Bai Cai: Aaah!

SFQW: Watch your steps!

SFX: Crack crack crack

Page 26
Shi Xing: !

Box: Waves of powerful force washed through…

Box: The first one caught by the waves, Shi Xing was shaken to his core…

Box: The shockwave had reached every part of his body through its powerful vibration…

Box: No wounds were inflicted on the outside, but his unprotected inner organs were heavily damaged by the attack.

Box: Even the powerful Shi Xing bled out instantly from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Page 27
Shi Xing: Damn it…
Shi Xing: It made me lose my consciousness for a second.

Shi Xing: My mind is totally blank… It is hard to even stand straight!

Ah Lan: !

Ah Lan: Shit!
Ah Lan: Even hiding out of sight, and still…

Page 28
Box: World’s Fury’s force kept on coming.
Box: The shockwave spread outwards from its epicenter, destroying everything in its path.

SFX: Crack crack crack

Page 29
Shi Xing: What…

Shi Xing: Is that…

Shi Xing: …Tsunami!!

Page 30
Box: Earthquake, Tsunami, the most destructive force the world possessed, came one after another!

Box: More than half of the mountain was gone.

Box: The earth was flushed…
Box: Everything was swallowed by the ferocious flood…

Box: Sage King Tian Wu destroyed entire harbor with a single strike.

Page 31
Bai Lian: Did it end already?

Tian Wu: And there I thought NiTian ErXing was stronger than this.

Bai Lian: …

Xuan Feng: No, there is one more who escaped with surprising speed.

Page 32
Bai Cai: …
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part IX “Sage King” The End

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