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Feng Shen Ji 48

To Lead

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 09:42 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

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Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 10
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Xuan Feng: It was a nimble one.
Xuan Feng: Dodged the earthquake and the flood, and not a Dark One either.

Bai Lian: …

Tian wu: … Human?

Bai Cai: Ah Lan, you have been wounded, are you alright?

Page 3
Ah Lan: Bai Cai…
Ah Lan: Why did you save me?

Bai Cai: Because we are friends.

Ah Lan: Grr… you idiot!

Ah Lan: Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong out of your own wishful thinking!

Bai Cai: Oh…

Ah Lan: Didn’t you catch my drift? (too modern?) We are no longer friends.

Ah Lan: I’m your enemy.
Ah Lan: Even now you are trying to save me, do you want to show me how great and awesome you are?

Bai Cai: No…. I only wanted…

Ah Lan: I hate you.

Page 4
Ah Lan: I hate your pretentious warm-hearted manner, acting as if you always put other’s interest above your own. Aren’t you vexed from having to pretend for so long?
Ah Lan: Maybe there is someone who will believe in the truthfulness of your intentions, but that person isn’t going to be me… I want you gone, now, and I don’t want to see you ever again.

Bai Cai: Ah Lan…

Tian Wu: You…

Tian Wu: Are you a fallen one?

Tian Wu: Yes, but thanks to High Priest’s guidance, I have realized my past mistakes.

Page 5
Ah Lan: I had already re-sworn my fealty to the gods, but unfortunately my limited abilities were inadequate to ensure the safety of the High Priest, and allowed her to be harmed by the rebel’s ambush…

Bai Cai: …

Tian Wu: Is that so…?

Ah Lan: …

Tian Wu: So, you are a human.

Page 6
Tian Wu: Why would a girl like you put yourself in the midst of a war? How peculiar.
Tian Wu: What is your name?

Bai Cai: Hmm… I’m Bai Cai, I joined the fight willingly.

Tian Wu: Willingly?

Bai Cai: Be-because I believe the Gods have erred!

Tian Wu: Oh?

Bai Cai: I had been to the hell that the Dark One’s were forced to call home, they lived in a place filled with poisonous miasma, and ate filthy food. Many of their newborns died before reaching maturity, even those who came of age suffered from many different diseases.
Bai Cai: They are a group of refugees living under the gods’ oppression who wished for a place in the world where they could live happily ever after. Why are the Gods unwilling to grant them such a small request? Is there not a single trace of kindness in your hearts?

Page 7
Tian Wu: …

Tian Wu: Those things you just talked about, I have never heard of them. What I have heard, is the brutal violence the Dark Ones are capable of, and to allow them step in to our world is to bring disasters upon ourselves.

Bai Cai: But that is not the truth, you would know if you tried to understand them.

Tian Wu: Hehe… Now you are trying to teach me how I should conduct my business, you are an interesting human being. But I’m born as a warrior of the God, it is not up to me to decide who is right or wrong.
Tian Wu: The only thing I’m here to do, is to exact our justice.

Page 8
Tian Wu: To punish those who violated our laws, including you.

Bai Cai: …

Tian Wu: The thoughts of harming a little human girl, does not sit well with me.
Tian Wu: But since you know the Dark Arts, I can no longer let you go.

Tian Wu: How about this, if you can avoid this attack of mine, then I will allow you to leave.

Bai Cai: …

Ah Lan: Bai Cai…

Page 9
SFX: Earth shaking sound x3

Tian Wu: Something is digging its way here!

Bai Cai: Ah…

TXWS: Haha…
SFX: !!

Page 10
TXWS: A dignified Sage King like yourself would lay his hands on a little girl.
TXWS: Have you no shame!

Bai Cai: Brother TieXue WuShuang!

Tian Wu: A Dark One…

Tian Wu: Did you not get washed away by my tsunami?

TXWS: Hehe, you have greatly underestimated me, a general of the Dark Ones.
TXWS: You think you can end the fight with just one move? It is not going to be that easy!

TXWS: It is time, for me return the favor!

Page 11
TXWS: Take This!
TXWS: Legendary Claw!

Bai Cai: Wuaaah!

Page 12
SFX: Catch

TXWS: Little sister Bai Cai, no harm will come to you.

TXWS: If anyone wishes you harm, I will tear them apart!

Bai Cai: …

Tian Wu: General of the Dark Ones, TieXue WuShuang, correct?

Tian Wu: It has been many years since I last met an opponent who could injure me… I will remember this.

SFX: Drip

Page 13
Tian Wu: You.
Tian Wu: It will not happen again when you are facing me.

Bai Lian: Tian Wu

Bai Lian: Looks like we have all underestimated our opponent this time.

Tian Wu: …

Xuan Feng: He was not the only one who has avoided being washed away by your tsunami.

Page 14
Xuan Feng: A powerful force strong enough to match your own, lay within the army of the Dark Ones.

Box: Beneath the broken cliffs….

Box: The place where the harbor once stood, was swallowed by the flood.

Box: Suddenly, an invisible force of power rose from within the depths of the sea.

SFX: Buckets of water pouring down sound x4
Box: An imposing aura accompanied with this mysterious power, forcing the flood to give way to its territory.

Page 15
Kids: Wow! The sea has been split in half.
Kids: How did he do that?

Yun Zhong Zi: …

ST: So powerful, in that instant, he shielded us from the force of impact of the earthquake and the tsunami!

ST: He even carried the wounded Great God Shi Xing to safety.
ST: This Grand Marshal of the Dark One, Who is he?

ST: Has NiTian ErXing’s power already reached such degree?
ST: His strength is not below the three Sage Kings!

Shi Xing: A Dark One…
Shi Xing: I have nothing to do with you, so why did you help me?

Page 16
Best Page of my life

Page 17
NTEX: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
NTEX: I shall be blunt, Great God Shi Xing, I want you to join us.

Page 18
NTEX: Anyone is welcome to join as long as we shared the same beliefs, it doesn’t matter if you are man or god.
NTEX: When it comes to battle, neither you nor me can defeat the Gods alone, but together, we can.

Shi Xing: …

NTEX: You held our kind in distrust… That is fine.
NTEX: You can re-consider my offer after today’s bothersome events.

Page 19
Kids: The flood has dissipated…!

NTEX: Great God Shi Xing, you must be tired.

SFX: Step

NTEX: Please have some rest.

NTEX: And leave these guys over here…

Page 20
NTEX: To me to deal with.

Bai Lian: Ready to step in yourself? NiTian ErXing, and there I thought you are going to keep on hiding.

NTEX: Yes… It is about time for me to stretch my legs…
NTEX: Would you not like to join me, Sage King Bai Lian.

Bai Lian: Your arrogance will end right here.

Bai Lian: I will show you…
Bai Lian: The true meaning of fear.

Page 21
ST: Divine Power: Underworld – Deadly Spiritual Aura of Purification
Bai Lian: My Divine Power will erase all traces of your existence and make you disappear from this world.

Page 22
NTEX: How interesting.

NTEX: With Sage King as my opponent, looks like I will have to get serious.
SFX: Grip Grip

ST: Grand Marshal is about to enter the fight himself.

ST: Sage King Bai Lian wields the most terrifying Divine Power amongst the five Sage kings.

ST: How will NiTian ErXing handle it?

ST: As the Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones, he entered the fight without a second thought, such confidence…

Page 23
SFX: ?

Xuan Feng: Mist…?

Xuan Feng: Hmm…
Xuan Feng: Not an ordinary mist either…

Yun ZhongZi: Why suddenly….

TXWS: Oh? What is this strange mist?

Bai Cai: I don’t know…

Tian Wu: …

Page 24
Bai Lian: The gate to another world has been opened, the thick mist rose from the instant when the two worlds were connected.


Page 25
NTEX: … It is “them”.
NTEX: What a timing.

Bai Cai: …

Box: The sudden thick mist came out of nowhere, stopping everyone in their tracks just before the situation was about to explode.
Box: Covered by a shroud of white, it was strangely quiet.

Box: The sound of a light foot step came towards them.

Box: Walking proud and light-heartedly, he was unbothered by the battles that took place around him.

Box: He, who drifted for so long, had finally returned.

Page 26

Real Page 26
ST: Ah Gou

Bai Cai: Ah Gou!

Kids: Brother Wu Geng!

Yun ZhongZi: Brat! (does he call him that?)

Kong Que: Wu Geng…
Kong Que: Impeccable timing as always.

Shi Xing: That guy…

Page 27
SFX: Dropping the sack sound

Wu Geng: …

Wu Geng: Can’t see…the harbor, did I take the wrong turn?

Wu Geng: Bai Cai?
Wu Geng: Where are you?

Bai Cai: !

Kong Que: Erm…

Bai Lian: …

Page 28
Bai Cai: I’m here!

Wu Geng: Ah! Thank the heaven! I was so scared when I couldn’t find you earlier!
Wu Geng: I have missed you!

Bai Cai: And I have missed you!

Wu Geng: Boohoo…
Wu Geng: Did you know…

Wu Geng: How tough my training was…. boo…
Wu Geng: It was harder to endure than the times we spent in the mines…

Bai Cai: It is all good now.

Page 29
Wu Geng: Let me tell you, I’m like, super strong right now. It is true, no one will be able to bully us ever again.

Bai Cai: Of course.

Wu Geng: Come, let me show you something.

Wu Geng: I know you couldn’t come to visit me in the other world, that is why I have brought back some of its specialties.
Bai Cai: Really?

Kids: Weren’t we in the middle of a fight?
Kids: Hmm… Brother Wu Geng made the atmosphere really strange.


NTEX: Hehe.

Wu Geng: Look, this black one…
Bai Cai: Is that a peepal tree seed?
Wu Geng: Take a bite and see.
Bai Cai: Ah it is like bananas.

Bai Cai: Hahaha…

Page 30
Bai Cai: This one looks like potato….
Bai Cai: But it is actually an orange…

Wu Geng: Hahaha...

Bai Lian: How dare you put up a farce in front of me…

Bai Lian: Inferior monkeys!

Bai Cai: Ah… Ah Gou!

Bai Cai: Watch out!

Wu Geng: Hmm?

Page 31
Bai Lian: The both of you – Die.

SFX: crack x4

Bai Cai: Ah! Under the ground… something is stirring!

SFX: !!!
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part X “To Lead” The End

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