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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Feng Shen Ji 49

Unrivalled under the Heaven

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 09:43 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 49

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 11
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
Bai Cai: Ah Gou! Watch out!
Ah Gou: He! To think I get to play so soon even though I just came back from another world!

Bai Cai: …

Ah Gou: Bai Cai, do not be afraid! And stay close to me.

Page 3
ST: That was Divine Power: The Underworld..! But it is completely different than the one Gui Mui wields.
ST: Hmm… what is so special about this one?

Bai Lian: Everything that once lived in this world, will all end up dead eventually.
Bai Lian: Their corpses must go through the process of decay before they are allowed to return to the embrace of our motherly earth.

Bai Lian: Deadly Spiritual Aura is the power that governs the process of decay in this world.

Bai Lian: It is everywhere around you, and at the same time it has the power over both birth and death. Without the power of decay, the dead can not perish and new life can not be born.
Bai Lian: However, when this power catches you in its sight.

Bai Lian: You will die.
SFX: flip

Page 4
Yun ZhongZi: Wu Geng!
Kids: Bai Cai!


Bai Lian: A suiting way to die…for you two mischievous monkeys.

Bai Lian: If you let the Deadly Spiritual Aura catches you, it will start to dissolve your bodies instantly and make you disappear from this world, not even bones will remain.

Page 5
Bai Lian: NiTian ErXing.
Bai Lian: I have taken care of that little inconvenience.

Bai Lian: Shall we continue.

NTEX: … are you sure?

Xuan Feng: Bai Lian.
Xuan Feng: Watch out.

Bai Lian: ?

Bai Lian: …What?

Page 6
Bai Lian: Tch! You call that the Deadly Spiritual Aura?

Ah Gou: It couldn’t even touch me.
Ah Gou: Useless!

Bai Lian: Those two monkeys…

Wu Geng: Great God! Your move is useless, let me teach you something new instead!
Wu Geng: This one is called “Hungry Dog Eat Shit”! (maybe something more badass)

Wu Geng: A move which you can only master by lying with your face on the ground! (facing towards the ground? Or)

Page 7
Bai Lian: Grrrr!

Kids: Wow.

NTEX: Hmm… Looks like I no longer need to step in.

Xuan Feng: What a powerful Vanishing Art…

Tian Wu: …

Wu Geng: Scram!

Page 8
Wu Geng: Bai Cai.
Wu Geng: When did you learn such disappearing technique?

Bai Cai: The Dark One’s Big Brother taught me of it.
Bai Cai: He was the one who saved my life a year ago.

Bai Cai: I will tell you all about it later… anyways, Big Brother and the long-eared Dark Ones are both our friends.

Wu Geng: The Dark Ones…

Wu Geng: …

Page 9
Box: Ah Gou had read about the stories of the Dark One’s who lived in the eternal darkness in the headquarters of the fallen gods’ archives.

Box: It described them as the ruthless, violent, vicious and barbaric race of evil.
Box: But seeing NiTian ErXing for the first time, he didn’t sense any that.

SFX: Tap? (sound of palm hitting the ground, typical shonen anime sound when the protagonist survives with supreme vitality and rises from the ground)

Bai Lian: I was careless.

Bai Lian: I shouldn’t have underestimated those who have returned from the world of Smelting Aura.
Bai Lian: I will remember this lesson.

Bai Lian: …

Page 10
Bai Lian: Struck down by a monkey, that was a first.

Bai Lian: I will let you know, the cost of insulting/humiliating a god.

Wu Geng: Hehe, what, getting all mad because you couldn’t master the Hungry Dog Eat Shit?
Wu Geng: You don’t scare/intimidate me, Bai Cai, move away.

Page 11
Bai Lian: It has been many years since I last walked/visited the central plains, I don’t recall that there was ever a monkey like you who held no awe for the gods.
Bai Lian: Are you an exception? Or has the world become so twisted, that it has depraved the realm of men of its morality? (virtues? Or something else)

Bai Lian: It seems that a little rectification is in order.

Wu Geng: Hehe…

Wu Geng: You talk as if you have all the time in the world, how ridiculous.

Wu Geng: Is the lack of respect for the gods the same as depraved of morality?
Wu Geng: The delirious gods and their own way of thinking, no wonder some idiots would agree with you.

Wu Geng: But I’m not one of those people. I have seen through your lies ever since I was little.

SFX: Bite

Page 12
Wu Geng: And now I know that when dealing with a delirious god like you, just simple words won’t do.
Wu Geng: Only through my fists! Crush you all to the point of lying face down on the ground and eating shit!

Bai Lian: …
Bai Lian: I, the Sage King came here today in order to get rid of the Dark Ones…

Bai Lian: But…

Bai Lian: when I meet someone as mischievous/rambunctious/obstreperous/otherfancywords as you, I can no longer sit idly by.
Bai Lian: Just from uttering those words, you have already committed the crime of lese majesty against the gods, even if you were to die ten times over, you still won’t be enough to atone for your sins!

Page 13
Xuan Feng: Bai Lian is getting serious…
Xuan Feng: Even though his opponent was a mere human.

Tian Wu: As a warrior of the God, his pride was wounded.

Tian Wu: He is going to deal with this personally.
Tian Wu: We must not get in his way.

Xuan Feng: You are right…

TXWS: Hey, you.
TXWS: Should you really be distracted by someone else’s problems?

TXWS: Did you already forget that I was still here?

Tian Wu: …

Page 14
TXWS: I was just getting warmed up.
TXWS: Now it is going to get real.

TXWS: Let’s fight to the death!
TXWS: Friend, Sage King.

SFX: Grip

Tian Wu: Hmm… the Dark One’s General was it…?
Tian Wu: Then I will take care of you first.

Page 15
Wu Geng: Shit Eating Great God.

Wu Geng: Eat this!

Bai Lian: Tch.

Wu Geng: Here I come! Great God!
Wu Geng: Get ready to have your ass kicked!

Bai Lian: You, a monkey who doesn’t know its place, will suffer a most horrible death!

Page 16
Wu Geng: Oh…? The Deadly Spiritual Aura he carried…
Wu Geng: Danced as if it was alive.

Wu Geng: Its light colored look doesn’t seem very threatening, but I’m sure it is going to be bad news if I let it touch me.

Bai Lian: Go!

SFX: Bend
Bai Lian: Shall we see how long you can avoid them?

SFX: Yee.

Wu Geng: That decaying power is no joke!

Page 17
Wu Geng: I purposely let it scratch me a little bit…
Wu Geng: Very lightly on the surface of my skin.

Wu Geng: The wound immediately starts to rot away.

Wu Geng: As expected, its poison was very potent. (or some other way to describe its intensity.)

Bai Lian: Brat

Bai Lian: No matter how agile you are, you can never escape my Deadly Spiritual Aura.

Bai Lian: Didn’t I tell you before, that my aura is everywhere.

Bai Lian: You got lucky and dodged it once before, but that won’t happen again, I will not leave another gap for you to escape with!

Page 18
SFX: !!
Bai Lian: Web of Omnipresent (or something else badass), Open/Spread!!

Page 19
ST: What a cunning bastard! Sending the Deadly Spiritual Aura after me was a feint, leading me in to a death trap then surround me was his real goal.
ST: This is bad, I won’t be able to escape this one.

SFX: Tightening/wrapping sound

SFX: !!

Page 20
Kids: Damn!
Kids: Brother Wu Geng!

Yun ZhongZi: This is not looking good! He got himself wrapped up tight by the Deadly Spiritual Aura! He is going to end up in a pool of blood!

Kong Que: …

Bai Cai: Ah Gou!

NTEX: Don’t worry.
Bai Cai: …

NTEX: He won’t die from that move even without the help of your Vanishing Arts!
NTEX: He has yet to show us his true power.

Bai Lian: !

Page 21
ST: Divine Power: Monochrome!!!
SFX: He!!!

Page 22
Xuan Feng: Divine Power: Monochrome!

Shen Yen: He must be… the one Xin Yue Kui mentioned before…
Shen Yen: The kid born from the union of a god and human.

Shen Yen: The strength of his divine power has already reached this state…
Shen Yen: Even Sage King Bai Lian’s Deadly Spiritual Aura was suppressed by it, unable to touch his body!

Bai Cai: Ah! That is awesome!

Kong Que: The way he controlled his divine power has changed!
Kong Que: Using a very concentrated force guarding his body, he blocked the Deadly Spiritual Aura’s attack! The he from before was definitely not capable of this.

NTEX: Not bad…
NTEX: But… that wasn’t all there is to it.

Page 23
Bai Lian: …

SFX: shatter X5

Bai Lian: Who the hell are you..?
Bai Lian: how can a brat wield the divine power!

Page 24
Wu Geng: Well, about the divine power, even I don’t really know how or why, but one day, I was suddenly able to use it.
Wu Geng: But the thing I have trained meticulously for, was something else entirely.

Wu Geng: Smelting Aura.

Wu Geng: This left arm of mine, is a present I have brought back with me from another world.

Wu Geng: Let I, the Great Lord grant you this punch!

Page 25
Wu Geng: Eat This!

Bai Lian: !!

Bai Lian: A monkey who is able to wield the divine power and the smelting aura at the same time…
Bai Lian: Such a thing was never heard of!!

Bai Lian: The power behind that punch…

Bai Lian: Even I…

Page 26
Bai Lian: …Couldn’t suppress (take) it!!

Bai Lian: …

Kids: Wow!!

Kong Que: Sage King Bai Lian got injured…
Kong Que: While Wu Geng… had only used one move!

SFX: tremble x4

Wu Geng: Ho… I’m sorry.
Wu Geng: Looks like I have wounded your pride yet again. As a Great God how can you walk around with your robe (dress Outfit Clothing) torn up like that?

Page 27
Wu Geng: Maybe you should go back home and change your robe first, and then come back? I will be nice and wait for you.
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XI “Unrivalled under the Heaven” The End
Wu Geng: Hehe.

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