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Feng Shen Ji 50

Sage King, Divine Skill

+ posted by Sharogy as translation on Dec 4, 2013 09:43 | Go to Feng Shen Ji

-> RTS Page for Feng Shen Ji 50

Feng Shen Ji Season II Chapter 12
Translator: Sharogy

Page 2
SFX: Grip

Shen Yen: This brat named Wu Geng… a bastard born from the union between a god and a human.
Shen Yen: I never took him seriously in the past, but at this very moment, he is giving off a very incisive/sharp feeling.

Shen Yen: …a feeling that makes me feel threatened!

Kong Que: What an unbelievable scene.

Kong Que: Sage Kings are the strongest warriors among the ranks of Gods.
Kong Que: But somehow, Wu Geng is able to suppress him!

Page 3
Kong Que: He is only eighteen years old, I still remember the day he first came to the headquarters, back then he had no combat experience what so ever.
Kong Que: He, who spent many years doing heavy labor in the mines, had a lot of difficulty adapting to the outside world.

Kong Que: But he was a quick learner.
Kong Que: Capable of mastering all kind of crafts very swiftly.

Kong Que: Later, he received the divine revelation, obtaining the Divine Power, and his encounter with the Great Swordsman which allowed him to comprehend the mysteries of Smelting Aura.

Kong Que: Within the matter of a short time, this slave of the mines became a warrior who could fight the Sage King as an equal.
Kong Que: All that was way beyond my imagination/expectation.

Kong Que: Using the Divine Power: Monochrome as an immovable object shielding him from all types of attacks, and his left arm, forged with the Smelting Aura, as an unstoppable force with power surpassing the limits of flesh…
Kong Que: Two types of entirely different powers put together into a single body… Perhaps, the only one in the whole world who could wield both the Divine Power and the Smelting Aura at the same time…

Page 4
Kong Que: Is him!
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Heaven’s Rebel Chapter – Part XII “Sage King, Divine Skill”

Page 5
SFX: crack x3

Box: Sage King Bai Lian kept getting the short end of the stick against Ah Gou.
Box: His opponent was not the Great Generals of Dark Ones, but one whom he always despised, an inferior monkey. For him, there was no shame greater than this.

Box: He, who was overwhelmed with anger, appeared to be surprisingly calm…
Box: As the real killing Intent had finally started to build within his arrogant/haughty body.

Page 6
Bai Lian: Brat… You, are very strong.

Bai Lian: …

Bai Lian: What is your name?

Wu Geng: I, the Great Lord am called Ah Gou, you can also call me Wu Geng.
Wu Geng: Why? Ready to surrender?

Bai Lian: Good, Ah Gou, I will remember you… I will find out everything about you… after I have killed you.

Page 7
Bai Lian: I promise you, that no matter how long it takes, I will find everyone you ever knew, and kill them all.
Bai Lian: Your family, friends, all will die a terrible death, I will not let any of them escape.

Ah Gou: Hehe, all the Gods are damn cheapskates/scrooges/(more like someone easy to get mad and throw a tandrum).
Ah Gou: I can make you a promise as well, that you won’t be able to kill a single one, because you have to defeat me first.

Bai Lian: I have to admit, your strength did astound me.

Bai Lian: But, this is as far as it goes.
Bai Lian: Because you have made me get serious.

Page 8
Bai Lian: Now, let me show you.
Bai Lian: The Divine Skill which belongs to me…

Page 9
Wu Geng: Divine Skill?
SFX: !

Wu Geng: Is it just my imagination? It feels as if the ground has disappeared from under me.

Wu Geng: Like standing on top of the quicksand!

Bai Cai: Oh!

NTEX: Bai Cai.

NTEX: Don’t get too close.
NTEX: It is dangerous.

Bai Cai: Big Brother! What is that?

NTEX: That is a display of the limits of Divine Power, an explosive burst of all of Sage King Bai Lian’s power focused into a single point, it is called - Divine Skill.

Page 10
NTEX: The power behind this move is not something to be trifled with.
NTEX: No living things can step in to its territory and escape unharmed.

ST: Divine Skill –

ST: Desolated Pool of Bloody Lotus (Bloody Lotus Pool of Desolation)

Page 11
Wu Geng: …Outrageous.
Wu Geng: He dare… to use such underhanded move.
Wu Geng: Even though my Divine Power can shield me from the damage caused by the Deadly Spiritual Aura, but it is not enough for me to break away from this predicament I find myself in.

Wu Geng: I can’t put any strength in to my feet…

Wu Geng: Impossible to jump up!

Wu Geng: Any sudden movement can easily cause me to sink even quicker.
Wu Geng: I must retain my balance, and remain composed.

Bai Lian: Somehow a brat as hot-headed as you is capable of demonstrating such exceptional composure at a critical moments like this, I do have to praise you for that.

Page 12
Bai Lian: But you won’t be able to hold out for long… You will continue to sink, into the bottomless pits of the Desolated Pool of Bloody Lotus.

Bai Lian: It won’t be long, before your body start to corrode and decay. In the end, you will become nothing but the nutrient that nourishes this world.
Bai Lian: And that will be your end.

Wu Geng: Aren’t you laughing too soon?
Wu Geng: Great God! I haven’t lost yet.

Bai Lian: It makes no difference, but let me speed it up a little bit.

Bai Lian: The bloody lotus blossoms are waiting for the nutrient that is your body.

Page 13
Bai Lian: Huh?

Bai Lian: …

Page 14
Bai Lian: … Sword Aura?

Wu Geng: Ah!
Wu Geng: This is…

SFX: Stab x 20

Page 15
Bai Lian: Fiery sword forged with the Smelting Aura…
Bai Lian: It somehow vaporized my Desolated Pool of Bloody Lotus!

Bai Lian: Who is capable of such?

Bai Cai: Ah!

Wu Geng: Phew – That was close!

Zi Yu: Wu Geng.
Zi Yu: You shouldn’t have gotten yourself trapped by his technique so easily.

Page 16
ST: Zi Yu
Zi Yu: Your training has yet a long way to go.

Page 17
Wu Geng: Uncle Zi Yu, you have mistaken. I was just testing his strength, that is all.
Wu Geng: And just when I was about to defeat/crush/orsomethingelse his technique, you showed up.

Zi Yu: I understand the urge to test the limit of your strength since you have just finished your training not long ago. But your opponent is no ordinary warrior of the Gods… One small careless mistake can easily lead you to your death.

Zi Yu: Give it all and put the result of your training to use, defeat him with your strength alone, I know you can.

Bai Lian: Was there another master of the smelting aura…?

Page 18
Bai Lian: Come at me, the both of you, so I don’t have to waste time chasing down one after another.

Wu Geng: Hehe… Don’t be hasty!
Wu Geng: You have to defeat me first.

Bai Lian: Tch. Pointless boasting.

Bai Lian: Do you really think that you have already escaped from my Desolated Pool of Bloody Lotus?

Bai Lian: It still surrounds you as we speak.
Bai Lian: … You will not escape.

ST: Bai Lian. It is time to stop.

Page 19
Bai Lian: !
Bai Lian: That voice…

Xuan Feng: The voice ringing in my head…

Xuan Feng: It is…
Xuan Feng: Elder Shen Yen’s!

Box: Above the cliffs…

Tian Wu: …

TXWS: Roar!

Page 20
Box: Endless sound of metal banging echoed!
Box: TieXue WuShuang’s Legendary Claws possessed great destructive force, but Tian Wu faced him head on without giving an inch, and fought him off with his bare fists.

Page 21
Box: Several dozen of heavy blows later, the one who couldn’t keep up was the iron claw!
SFX: Crack

SFX: Wuah -

Tian Wu: Is that all you have got?
Tian Wu: Look, your claws are breaking apart.

TXWS: Tch! What does a little crack matter? I’m about to slice you up to pieces!

TXWS: Take this!

Tian Wu: …

TXWS: Wuah!

Page 22
Tian Wu: Too bad, your iron claw is no match against my kingly strength.
Tian Wu: Before you can slice me up, your iron claws have already broken down!

Tian Wu: Scram!

TXWS: Woah -

Page 23
TXWS: You are indeed very powerful!
TXWS: Able to force back my iron claws with just the power of your bare fists!

SFX: metal grinding sound x3

TXWS: But, my iron claws won’t be destroyed so easily!

TXWS: Hehe – Let’s go again!

Tian Wu: Oh… Already destroyed claws repairing themselves… So that wasn’t a weapon, but a part of your body.

Page 24
Tian Wu: That must be the Dark Ones’ Soul Gear/Soul Weapon (life/lot/fate + tool/ware/device)… Then, if I were able to destroy it, you will die as well.

Tian Wu: ?

Tian Wu: This Divine Power is…

Tian Wu: His…?


Shen Yen: Enough…

Page 25
Shen Yen: I finally get to see the true faces of the mobs (maybe other word), vulgar, rude and noisy…
Shen Yen: My patience has come to an end.

Page 26
Bai Lian: Elder Shen Yen…!

Zi Yu: …
Wu Geng: Who is that guy?

Yun ZhongZi: Even the head of Sage Hall has come!

Kong Que: He is talking to everyone at the same time through his Divine Power!

Bai Cai: …

NTEX: Shen Yen… It has been a while.

Page 27
NTEX: And there I thought I had to go through tons of trouble before I could see your face.

Shen Yen: NiTian ErXing, I have heard your speech. What was it that you were talking about…?
Shen Yen: Was it… Revolution?

Shen Yen: Naïve and foolish, total waste of time.

Shen Yen: Have you actually taken a good look on what you have accomplished so far? All you have gathered are just bunch of mobs…
Shen Yen: Couple foolish monkeys…

Shen Yen: Some stupid barbarians, and a few Gods who have betrayed their own…

Shen Yen: Do you know what you all are? You are nothing but losers!

Page 28
Shen Yen: Losers, who glorified their violent behaviors as the Revolution, in a vain attempt of overthrowing the mighty rule of the Gods, how ridiculous.
Shen Yen: However, I do not plan on teaching each of you your deserved lesson today, NiTian ErXing, feel free to come to the Gods’ Domain with your mobs whenever you wish, I will show you then, the futility in your challenge against the Gods.

Page 29
Wu Geng: Hehe, this guy looks annoying like hell. I have to teach him a lesson!

Zi Yu: Wu Geng… wait.

Shen Yen: …

Shi Xing: You can’t leave like this.

Page 30
Shi Xing: The one who sent Xin Yue Kui to the borderlands and made it in to a living hell… was you right, Elder Shen Yen.

Shen Yen: Hehe… The Gods Authority is at the stake here, and yet the only thing you cared about is something as insignificant as that?
Shen Yen: Shi Xing, Do you still consider yourself a god?

Shi Xing: Being a god or not does not interest me, I only want answers.

Shen Yen: I’m responsible for laying out punishment for all those who had violated the Gods’ commandments.
Shen Yen: You are guilty, so are the people in the borderlands… I have laid out proper punishment according to our laws, what is wrong with that?

Page 31
Shen Yen: So yes… It was my decision.
Shen Yen: So what?

Shi Xing: … …
ST: Feng Shen Ji Season II – Part XII “Sage King, Divine Skill” The End

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